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BLACK: The Swamp

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Level 23
Jul 18, 2004

Ah, the Swamp. Home of doom and gloom, necromancers, monstrosities, shambling corpses and festering flesh. To play black well you must be both ruthless and cunning.. and not be held back by any morals or dignity.

Basic Spawns:
Plague Rats
Weak melee attack creatures, meant for swarming the enemy. Can be sacrificed in the Death Pit.
Serpent Warrior
Medium mid-ranged attack creature.
Black Knight
Armored Melee Rider. Has Unholy Armor, which gives it Armor and Melee Damage Return.

Sengir Bats (x4)
Flying Kamikaze Creatures. Sengir Bats cannot attack. However, they are fast, have 50% evasion, and can suicide into enemy flying creatures, dealing heavy AOE damage upon death.
Apprentice Necromancer
Ranged creature. Can cast Raise Dead, which raises a Skeletal Grunt from a corpse.
Undead Warchief
Heavy melee creature. Has Unholy Charge, which increases movement speeds in an AOE around it. Can Cannibalize.
Royal Assassin
Invisible melee Creature with Haste and Assassin Strike, causing it do deal heavy damage to Legendaries and Wizards. Can Vanish.
Mana Skimmer
Ranged Land Creature with Feedback and Mana Flare. Can cast Impedement, which causes enemy units to miss.
Return of the Nightstalkers
Summons a Brutal Nightstalker and an Abyssal Nightstalker. Brutal Nightstalkers have Critical Strike. Abyssal Nightstalkers have Evasion. Both have the Nightstalker's Touch ability, which can heal another Nightstalker or deal damage to an enemy creature.
NOTE: Starting 1.46, both also have Pact of the Nightstalkers, which devours another Nightstalker for HP and mana.
Lord of the Pit
Heavy Assault Creature. Has Howl of Terror, Unholy Armor and Cleave.
Legions of Lim'dul
Flying Swarm Creature. Has Tendrils of Despair, which causes its attack to hit multiple creatures. Has Call of Lim'dul, which causes zombies to rise from the ground, attacking anything nearby.

Lim'dul the Necromancer - Legendary (Ranged) (Intelligence) Creature
Ability 1: Reaping the Graves. Summons Skeleton Warriors and Skeletal Archers.
Ability 2: Plague and Pestilence. Causes all creatures, artifacts and walls in a target area to lose 3% HP every second.
Ability 3: Touch of Darkness. Adds damage to Lim'duls attack, and causes a Skeletal Mage to rise from the corpse of an enemy dying to it.
Ability 4: Rapid Decay. A heavy single-target debuff on a target enemy creature.

Death Pit Offering
Creates a Death Pit in the north-east of the Swamp. Plague Rats may be sacrificed here in return for mana.
Bad Moon
Causes the skies to darken. All black creatures in the middle of the map deal 100% more damage as long as Bad Moon lasts.
Invokes Terror, which can instantly kill a target enemy non-legendary, non-wizard creature.
Worms of the Earth
Causes invisible, stationary Worms of the Earth to spawn infront of Blacks Land, the Middle of the map, as well as inside enemy lands.
Animate Dead
Animates all dead units on the map. Animated Corpses are invulnerable.
Intimidates all enemy units on the map, causing them to move slower and be unable to attack.
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