Updated Pandaren UI

So with patch 1.29, UIs now have two new 512 x 512 tiles (named Tile05 and Tile06 for the left and right side of the UI, respectively) so that they fit with widescreen resolutions. At Kam's request, I modified Unwirklich's Pandaren UI so that it now has a Tile05 and 06, but you will also have to import Tile01 and Tile04 since those have been altered to fit with the new tiles.

This took me an ENTIRE day, so I probably won't be extending any more UIs any time soon. Anyway, enjoy :)

PS: For the spell effect circle and cursors and all that other stuff, you will have to download those at the original location as they remain unchanged: Panda Interface - Wc3C.net




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Jan 1, 2006
This is in danger of gathering dust here in the Texturing forum. You really should upload this to the resource section. Remember to include a link to the original and a statement that you have tried to contact Unwirklich.
We can add Unwirklich as the author and you as co-author for your adjustments to support Fullscreen.