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Pandaren UI - Widescreen version

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.
Original UI by Unwirklich here: Panda Interface - Wc3C.net
For SpellEffectCircle, cursors, inventory covers, etc you need to download pandaUI rest.zip from the link above.

If you are already using the UI and just want to update it, you simply have to update Tile01 and Tile04 and add Tile05 and Tile06.

Download the full UI here (zip): Updated Pandaren UI

PandarenUITile01 (Texture)

PandarenUITile02 (Texture)

PandarenUITile03 (Texture)

PandarenUITile04 (Texture)

PandarenUITile05 (Texture)

PandarenUITile06 (Texture)

Level 4
Aug 9, 2012
~Nightmare said:
Is Tile05 and Tile06 alpha removable? I really think it will give more vision to the map.

Nope, they aren't. I've just tried it, but it seems that black bars are still engine-forced or something.



Site Director
Level 62
Jan 1, 2006
It seems that all efforts to contact the original author has been fruitless. As such, we will allow this but keep in mind that if the original author wishes to have this taken down we will comply.

Regardless! It's awesome that you added support for widescreen for this great UI. Great job!

I hope to see more great UI's getting the same love to support widescreen.
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Level 7
Jul 21, 2019
Do any of you guys have a backup of the original files from w3c.net? i really want to use this as it fits prefectly for my map, but it has some missing stuff and i haven't been able to find them anywhere