Custom Diablo UI (Widescreen)

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
All textures used in this UI are from Diablo.

I know there's a 75% freehand rule, but I have seen custom UI's being approved previously due to the lack of custom UI. If however I'm doing something I absolutely shouldn't by uploading this to the skins section then feel free to put this in substandard or delete it. It did take me almost 15 hours of non stop work to get it done, so it's not 'only' copy paste.

I made this to get some practice on making UI's as I will be making a UI for another one of my maps in the future.

There are some visual errors here and there if you look close enough, but that won't be noticed unless you're really looking for it.

Hope you enjoy.

HumanUITile-InventoryCover.blp (Texture)

HumanUITile-TimeIndicatorFrame.blp (Texture)

HumanUITile01.blp (Texture)

HumanUITile02.blp (Texture)

HumanUITile03.blp (Texture)

HumanUITile04.blp (Texture)

HumanUITile05.blp (Texture)

HumanUITile06.blp (Texture)

Level 8
Mar 28, 2008
Seems there are lots of parts that are misaligned, as well as textures being cut off.
For a cut-and-paste job, not a lot of detail went into this. Maybe spend a bit more time working on it.