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Demon UI - Widescreen

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.
Original UI by Unwirklich here: Demon Interface
For SpellEffectCircle, cursors, inventory covers, etc you need to download pandaUI rest.zip from the link above.

If you are already using the UI and just want to update it, you simply have to update Tile01 and Tile04 and add Tile05 and Tile06.

DemonUITile01.blp (Texture)

DemonUITile02.blp (Texture)

DemonUITile03.blp (Texture)

DemonUITile04.blp (Texture)

DemonUITile05.blp (Texture)

DemonUITile06.blp (Texture)

Great work for updating this for the widescreen peeps.
Level 1
Apr 25, 2021
How do i put the tile05 and tile06 im trying to find tile05 and tile06 in gameinterface in editor advanced settings
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