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Unexpected Event

Submitted by Redhawks34_
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
The First in a possible Dwarf Campaign which will be set in Khaz Modan/ Stromgarde/ possibly Loerderon....download the map for more information

Dwarf, Campaign, Redhawks34, Dwarves, Khaz Modan, Stromgarde, Warcraft

Unexpected Event (Map)

This map had been examined by Alexis Septimus. If you think this map review is not accurate or require another review, feel free to contact Alexis Septimus. But, map would only be review again for second time and also for the last time unless under...
  1. Review
    Notice & Contact
    This map had been examined by Alexis Septimus. If you think this map review is not accurate or require another review, feel free to contact Alexis Septimus. But, map would only be review again for second time and also for the last time unless under certain circumstances. It would be selfish to request constantly a mod/admin to keep review your map as there is many other maps waiting for approval as well.

    However, if you still insist of another review after it had been review for second time. Feel free to contact other admin.

    To contact Alexis Septimus, please click this [​IMG]Visitor Message.

    Map Review

    [+] Author & map name
    [+] Map description
    [+] THW rules & regulation
    [+] Map in English language
    [+] No Error/Crash/Fatal error
    [-] Quality are acceptable
    [+] Not stolen/hack/de-protect map

    Status : Review
    Condition : Average
    Review : 1

    Note : The spawn trigger cause a main concern to me, the leak trigger could cause a serious lag to the game should it been play for a long duration. I give this sources 2 weeks to fix it.

    If there is no update by the user after 2 weeks of notification, I would set this sources to rejection.

    The map might not be fully tested, if any user of the map found bug/error or anything else. Feel free to contact Alexis Septimus by clicking this [​IMG]Visitor Message.
  2. Templarion


    Jun 11, 2008
    Cute little map. I liked the theme and the athmosphere.

    I also encountered some problems:
    1) 6 ghouls were spawned for my control. I guess this was not purpose.
    2) In the end cinematic the great demon is speaking but his name is "???????". This is a style prolbem. Rather than naming an unknown evil as "??????" you should name it as: "[unknown]" or "[?]" or "[mysterious shadow]" or something like that.
    3) I completed quest "Kill Crypt Lord" but I never actually got it. It should be easier to get the quest or there should be no quest for him at all. Just bonus items if this bastard is killed.
    4) Killing that Felstalker Demon (ice golem or whatever it was) was bugged. After the big icy demon was slain appeared some blue lines on the screen that was not supposed to be there - at least that is what it looked like.
    5) I never figured out where can I train more peasants. Why to restrict it? After some waiting I get my upgrades anyway so restricting peasants was just slowing. I hate it.
    6) Sometimes I got friendly spawns at the Dwarf Base but they seemed to spawn different locations. I recommend to make one spot where all reinforcements come and somekind of timer to see when they come.
  3. CMarket


    Apr 21, 2007
    I agree with Templarion on most points.

    - The ghouls that attacked the barracks at the start were just spawned behind the barracks meaning they must have sneaked in, which I don't see happening

    - The ice inferno's bug, Templarion mentions, is a model bug, nothing you could have done about that except maybe remove the unit before it has a chance to decay

    - You should add optional quests, so we know that we need to kill the golem, the crypt lord and the guy who was responsible for that village slaughter.

    - You should add a timer to inform us how long must we wait

    - The mini cinematics you have in this map are pretty low quality, the cameras don't move at all and are usually standing at a bad angle. Your spelling could also use a touch up.

    - I love the dwarfish atmosphere, makes you feel like you are really controlling a new race, however, I would recommend using some custom building models as well.

    - Oh, I forgot to add that you will obviously need a level cap if you are going to make this a full campaign.
    Overall - A pretty good map, you have a lot of potential. I suggest you continue working on this and make it a good campaign. At it's current state it's a 2.5/5. However, seeing as how it's somewhat of an alpha version if no update is made after a given amount of time it should be rejected.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2009