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Last Activity:
Jul 15, 2011
Jun 26, 2007


WC3 System's hijacker

YoshiRyu was last seen:
Jul 15, 2011
    1. jonhysone
      A good guy left the hive :(
    2. horneastefan
      Hi there.

      In the tutorial you posted about importing multi-skins,there is an unclear information.You mention that after replacing the texture path of the new sking in the mdx file you extracted(the original one),with MDX panther,you say that it's 'you're finished' with importing.The problem is,I don't see the replacing path quite clear/logical,and then I'm unaware of what should I do next,when 'replacing' that path in panther.I have them in a folder,now what?shoudl I import now both,new skin and the changed mdx in w3 editor?...should I just add the replaced mdx?.That is weird.either way i tried,it didn't worked.?(and yes I checked a thousand times your tutorial if that's the case).
    3. Rolmesran
      i read your tutorial about how to make a model use many skins. i just have a question. what is the right path for the skins anyway. im stuck on this damned issue. plz help.
    4. YoshiRyu
      protect your map, and post it in the "map development" section
      there is many map maker on the hive wich we be able just by playing it, even if they can't open it, to guess what it lags ;)
    5. RunBa
      thanks man. i'm worried becouse i have very lagy map which i'm trying to make compatible with all PCs and I'm frustrated 3 months allready... it's funny but it's true.
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    / YoshiRyu, french goblin engineer, map maker
    / Here are my current projects :
    / Gridwar project (alpha) : a board game with some warcraft's typical features.
    / Battle Chess 1.0 (release) : a humans vs orcs traditionnal chess game.
    / Please give your opinion.
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