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Ultimate Dragonball V4.9c

Submitted by Claudz
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Jump into your favorite Dragonball character and take control of your own destiny, fight for survival,destruction or just simply for power.


basicly what it says, you choose between your random Dragonball characters and fight it all out in a huge but pretty boring world :p (i suck at terraining lol)

Free mode - Just free do whatever you wil mode, with no Ending
Normal Mode - Battle it out, and first to have all heroes on the team dies looses
Versus Mode - same conditions as normal, just without dragonballs and without sagas


iknow u all hate anime maps here but meh ;p

v4.9c changelog
#Crushing nerfed
#Brolys energy shield nerfed
#Fixed tooltip for Stamina chip
#Nerfed endgame creeps damage by about 1\4

v4.9b changelog
#Turtles now have piercing damage
#Mana cost of Brolys Energy Shield increased
#Powering up now removes Brolys Energy Shield
#Crushing hits wil no longer cancel patroll
#Added Stamina chip

v4.9 changelog
#Shining Sword Attack should no longer trigger dragonballs
#Oozura works fine again(monkey still dont got spellbook tho)
#Android 16's Box now only got one charge
#Bebi can again plant egg in creeps
#Cell can no longer die while Hiding
#New Multiboard wich shows wich saga and bonus saga the game is currently on
#Buffed Angry Explosion damage by 50%, but it now also damage Buu for 10% health
#Innocence Cannon now push enemies back
#Fat Buu gains a minor powerup at lv 10
#Goz and Mez max Stat Integer raised to from 8 to 15
#Bebi's Minion Limit decreased to 30
#Bebi gets a 2x stat boost at lv 20
#Bebis Transformations now requires lv
#Zanzoken now costs 10 mana to use
#Cells powerup at lv 15 increased to 2x stats
#Cell now get Absorb at lv 40
#Absorbation Barrier now lasts 1.5sec down from 3sec
#Frieza can no longer die while stubbornness is active
#Stubbornness Duration reduced to 5 seconds
#Respawn tickets now costs lumber instead of gold
#Healing added to Fat Buu
#Brolys energy shield now works likes Stubbornness except it drains mana
#Ticket Bug fixed
#Creep damage trippled
#crushing damage increased
#Wild senses now only lasts one charge
#Unstable Acid damage for Bio Broly increased with 400%
#Unstable Acid explosion damage doubled
#Deleted "CRUSHING" text
#Big Bang nerfed
#Final Flash buffed
#Uub Rage Fixed
#Bosses now got true sight
#Vegetas Super Saiyan nerfed to 2.5x stats down from 3x stats
#Gokus Kaioken health drain trippled

v4.8b changelog
#Fixed Garlics Bottle and Energy Container
#Fixed Blast Fist and Dragon Fist
#Made a small walkway from Piccolos start area into the dessert

v4.8 changelog
#Piccolo now correctly gains bonus armor
#Piccolo can now fuse with Kami at 70 down from 80
#Piccolos last powerup is now at lv 100 down from 110
#Piccolos last powerups is now x7 stats up from x5
#Gokus Kaioken is now +x1 stats up from +x0.5
#Gohans Chou Makouhou cooldown increased to 4sec up from 1sec
#Vegetas super saiyan is now x3 stats up from x2
#Vegetas super vegeta is now x4 stats up from x2.5
#Vegetas super saiyan 2 is now x5 stats up from x4
#Vegetas super saiyan 4 is now x7 stats up from x6
#Uub now gains an armor boost at lv 30
#Cells Absorb can once again be used on villagers
#Cells hotkey for big bang crash changed to T
#Bebis plant egg can once again be used on villagers
#Bebis minions wil no longer gain massive stats in versus mode
#Buus Candy beam can no longer be used on players
#Buus Candy beam can once again be used on villagers
#Buu wil now automaticly gain Kid Buu at lv 90 in versus mode
#Buu wil now transform to Evil Buu at 30 up from 25
#Vegetas Big Bang Attack damage doubled
#Friezas Imprisonmnet Ball damage nerfed
#Friezas Death Storm damage nerf
#Friezas Death Storm knockback halfed
#Turles Pulse Driver damage buffed
#Turles Kill Driver damage buffed
#New SS3 aura x)
#Melee damage slightly buffed
#Goku no longer get Dragon Fist animation on Blast Fist in SS2
#Majin Vegeta can no longer get Majin vegeta (in free mode)
#Transformed Vegito now correctly got Saiyan Pride
#Dimenstion Sword and Bojacks Earring no longer grants Ki
#Bardocks Saiyan Spirit should again trigger the cooldown
#Bio Broly is now x7 up from x6
#Bebis last transform is now x6 down from x7
#Gekiretsu damage now x1 ki down from x1.5
#Gekiretsu range now 200 down from 300
#Soumasen damage now x1 ki down from x1.5
#Trunks Heat Dome Attack damage Doubled
#Trunks Heat Dome Attack now stuns for 3 seconds
#Trunks Ultra Super Saiyan is now x3.5 strength up from x3
#Broly Unfrozen is now x2 stats up from x1.5
#Xelus now Sells a movementspeed item
#Daburas Stats now x5.5 down from x7
#Dabura is no longer a permanent Hero
#Uub wil now get Stat bonus on every powerup instead of every second powerup
#Majuubs stats is now x5.5 up from x5
#Majuubs Rage is now x6.5 stats up from x6
#Solar Kame Chargetime down to 2 sec
#Solar Kames damage increased
#Players can no longer transform inside the arenas, Remember to do it beforehand from now on
#Vegeta now gets Crimson Galick Gun in Super Saiyan 4
#New Icon for ss3 Goku
#New Icon for ss4 Goku
#New Icon for for Blast Fist
#New Icon for Warp Kamehameha
#Big Bang Crash damage increased
#New Shining Sword Attack animation for Future Trunks
#Some slight terrain changes to the forest
#Tien wil no longer use Multi Form and Solar Flare at the same time
#New item drops from Babidi
#New item drops from Android 16
#All creep health doubled
#Arena creeps buffed drasticly

v4.75 changelog
#Double Spirit Blast Bug fixed
#Neutral Hostile bugs fixed
#Arena retriggered
#Pikkon Fixed
#Evil Spear now works on bosses
#FT and Pikkons names Fixed
#Gigantic Press is now named Correctly

v4.7 changelog

v4.65 changelog
#items no longer gives ki
#Cooler saga text fixed
#flare gun cooldown added
#recalculated shadows
#Spirit Burst cooldown increased + mana cost increased
#Rocket Boots cooldown increased from 20 to 30 seconds and duration nerfed from 3 to 2 seconds

v4.6 changelog
#Vegeta got Maximum Flasher
#Goku got Angry Kamehameha
#Goku got Instant Super Kamehameha as SS3
#Powerups Nerfed
#New items for Vending Machine
#New items for Eighter
#New Bonus Saga
#Bonus sagas got shorter downtime
#New Hero Dummy in Heaven
#Buus Dimension Scream Changed
#Added Majin Madness to Majuub
#Added Super Masenko to Gohan
#Energy now only reduces 50% movespeed instead of 100%
#Health Increased
#Spell Damage increased
#Buu's Regeneration changed
#Omega Slightly Nerfed

v4.5 changelog
#Terrain is about Double as big
#Namek added
#Gero's Lab added
#Cell Arena Added
#Goku now Starts on Earth with Gohan
#Spells now moves instead of Instant
#Alot of Spells remade
#Vending Machine in Geros Lab sells 3 new chip items
#Android 8 outside Muscle Tower sells Chicken
#Uub got a new spell to Change Stance
#Zarbon and Dodoria added to Frieza Saga
#Added PuiPui to Buu Saga
#Android 16\19 and 20 now patrols the city
#Rildo wil now Transform
#Winner of the Item Contest's Item added
#Added a mist spell to Hirudegarn
#Added spell set to Omega Shenron
#Namekian Dragonballs added to Namek Bosses
#Lots of saga locations moved
#Buus Stomach Remade
#Powerups now Shares stats with your allies

v4.4 changelog
#Gohan now starts with Oozaru
#Piccolo now gains a stat boost at lv 15
#Piccolo now starts out with Antenna Beam
#Vegeta's Saiyan Pride now also increases Speed and Ki
#Kid Buu buffed slightly
#Crushing blows now also affect Bosses
#Lord Slug Added
#Secret hero added
#Super 17 now has Absorbation Barrier
#Super 17 now has Flash Bomb
#Broly's Paragus' graps denies him hes overwhelming power
#Hercule Soda now restores 30% hp(down to 3 charges)
#Gokus Blast\dragon fist and super\true kamehameha fixed
#Burter Buffed cause you narbs tought he was weak xD
#Androids for Cell made easier to absorb
#Bebi's minions can now sacrife themselfs to give bebi stats

v4.3 changelog
#Versus mode Changed drastically
#Repeating Sagas in Free mode
#Alot of redone spells
#SS4 Gogeta Fixed
#Spirit Bomb Abuse Fixed
#New loading screen lol
#Start Stats Increased
#Vegeta's Inniate now works on powerups
#Brolys Inniate buffed
#Broly got a New Ability
#Myuu's Clone abuse removed
#Piccolos Heaven Training Nerfed
#Bio Broly Fixed
#All hotkeys changed to QWERDFC
#Otherworld Tourney Added
#Changed Buu's Genocide Attack

v4.2 changelog
#Secret Hero Android 18 added
#Loads of sound effects
#Kaioken for Goku now usable in any form
#added Super Kamehameha, True Kamehameha and Warp Kamehameha for Goku
#added Galaxy Breaker for Vegeta
#Frieza second form model
#Frieza third form model
#Broly reverted model
#Double death beam and Death Storm added for Frieza
#Stubborness changed
#17\super 17 and 18 regenerates energy
#some new icons for items
#Broly now gets stats every 30 second
#Added Solar Kamehameha for Cell 100%
#Buffed Broly
#Shortened Snake Way
#Loads of Bug Fixes
#Hell Flash no longer gives Ki
#New Vegeta Models
#Gogeta now working agein
#Loads of Saga Items added
#New Mystic Gohan model
#Bulma now heals you properly

dragonball, ultimate, dbz, bawls

Ultimate Dragonball V4.9c (Map)

01:17, 22nd Jul 2009 Linaze: Lacks a proper description. 01:46, 27th Jul 2009 Linaze: Still lacks a proper description, just adding a big changelog doesn't make the description better. Add screenshots, information about the gameplay, story,...
  1. 01:17, 22nd Jul 2009
    Linaze: Lacks a proper description.

    01:46, 27th Jul 2009
    Linaze: Still lacks a proper description, just adding a big changelog doesn't make the description better. Add screenshots, information about the gameplay, story, heroes, objective etc.
  2. krisserz


    Feb 28, 2009
    Please write the description. Changelog doesn`t count as it.


    Apr 26, 2009
    kk im new to this website and this is my first comment in this game

    the characters are very good better den the DBZ tribute
    der is so much better characters

    so i will give dis map a 4.5/5 or 5/5
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2009
  4. Murcky


    Aug 10, 2007
    Could use a little better description but it's good for now. I have tried this map before a long time ago. So this new version is a must try for me. :p
  5. matudele


    May 4, 2008
    i tryed almost every character and the one who seems to be the one with more bugs is gohan.
    the bug is that when you have an item in your inventory and you are in ss mode and then you revert to normal form for some reason the iem or items dissapear. the same happens when you enter into mystical training in ss mode becouse then he reverts and he loose the sword and you are trapped inside i suggest you try fixing this
  6. ShiroiSenji


    Mar 19, 2008
    Great for a dbz map, try it out
  7. ZODD


    Feb 21, 2008
    a very well done map, It also has the proper moves from the anime's and the moves actually look good unlike other dbz maps.

    i give it a 5/5
  8. Bumkt


    Aug 19, 2007
    I think the dragonballs probably shouldn't be able to be gotten so many times. It is easy for somebody to just leap ahead by gathering them over and over again.
  9. Narrat0r


    Jul 24, 2009
    Expect review soon
  10. Saber94


    Aug 29, 2008
    I'm not a DBZ fan but I'll try it.
  11. LemonsDaBest


    Jul 17, 2009
    okay its like... there is this bug where the dballs , or any item.....disappears! when your character transforms while holding those items i think for example like freza.. when i was holding 2 balls, and rader, when i transform, they are gone.
  12. weeld


    Aug 2, 2009
    NICE WORK MAN I LOVED IT I really liked, man very organized nice nnice work lots of good things to say but those u already know i gonna say some sugestions then.

    i got some sugestions >>> at epicwar.com go dbz tribute 2.2 and in that map lots of good skins for sagas and big monkey(can use for bubbles too lol, just reduce his height) also golden bebi monkey and some other things take a little look plz those skins would fit very well in this already marvelous map.
  13. foo_sharp


    Oct 5, 2008
    First of all, I really liked the map. But it still has a lot of bugs and balancing issues.
    1.) Items disappear after transforming (already mentioned)
    2.) The Tournament's gate is destroyable enabling it players to walk in while a fight is going on
    3.) Gohan's training is somehow buggy. You do get the increased powerlvl but the training itself doesn't really work.
    4.) In the tournament, players from the same team often stay allied during the fight meaning they can't use skills on each other
    5.) Cell's perfect form is too weak. The energy shield skill is too effective. The suicide bomb attack (no idea what the real name is) is way too weak
    6.) Goku's Genkidama sucks. It does little to no damage and it's range is too short
    7.) Bebi is absolutely overpowered. Within Minutes, his powerlvl is so high that it's bigger than the power of all other characters of his or the enemy team put together
    8.) Leveling in heaven is too effective. As soon as you one-hit Yamcha you can easily push your stats to unknown heights.
    9.) Leveling in hell is far more difficult, especially for weaker charakters which have no chance of ever getting out in the late game. Also, gaining stats is far more difficult in hell than in heaven.
    10.) Adding more Sagas would really add a lot to the fun factor. As of now, endgame really is not that much fun as many players either farm stats in heaven or aimlessly roam around looking for a challenge. Also, most of the current sagas start in the first 15 mins of the game, which makes it really (!) difficult for the weaker characters to lvl as the creeps gain too much strength in too short a time
    11.) Adding a -duel command to duel single players would be cool
    12.) Maybe add some secrets which are not too hard to find as for example an item allowing you to supress your powerlvl in order to deceive enemy players
    13.) If you fuse, you can take away the shared control via f11
    14.) There seems to be a problem with the mode selection. Sometimes, the games does not seem to set the mode properly, meaning that about 10 minutes after it started it says "normal mode" (not sure whether it applies to the other modes aswell) selected, but the dragonballs never spawn
    15.) 17 is quite strong at the very beginning of the game (as soon as you actually have 17, powerlvl is almost definately higher than that of any other character)
    16.) If Piccolo uses his mirrorthing skill, he can gain stats in heaven abnormally fast (one guy I was playing with boosted his stats from 5k to 10k within 6 minutes or so), also that skill seems to be bugged in general (some problem with the powerlvl skyrocketing which makes it possible to reach a powerlvl so big, that it doesn't fit in the index anymore).
    17.) Adding a healing spot for the evil side would be nice. Caps corp and lookout are both spots controlled by the good side which kind of sucks for the other team
    18.) Super Buu's Absorption doesn't work properly. Even if the absorbed person makes it to the end, nothing happens (this does not seem to be always the case though).
    -> that's it for now, if I remember more stuff I'll post it.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2009
  14. legendz411


    Dec 26, 2007
    How the hell do you even use bebi? I just played a game with him, trying everything i could think of and he is horribly underpowered.

    How is he at ALL imbalenced?
  15. foo_sharp


    Oct 5, 2008

    -> you have to use the plant egg skill (or whatever it is called) to get creeps. Use the created unit to kill more creeps and steadily expand your "army". Then let them patrol the map. The thing is that you gain stats for every kill your units make. That's why Bebi is overpowered.
  16. N00B5600


    Feb 27, 2009
    I'm not sure if anyone's realised, but when Vegeta goes SS4, there's no energy drain.
    ANd Gotenks sucks. Way too weak.
  17. Papawhiffle


    Sep 8, 2009
    Good to see a model-experted map :) The terrain for the greenland could need some work. And lots of things gotta be nerfed I'll review the heroes someday.

    No, no. Goku's, Vegeta's SSJ4 form DOESN'T use energy source. Being a SSJ4 was a very hard one from start... Goku became Golden Oozaru then reverted back... It's basically a formation after reverted back from oozaru.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2009
  18. Papawhiffle


    Sep 8, 2009
    Okie!!! As I said I'll review this thing!!! Just to start off I'll go with the Z fighters then the Villains.

    Our hero, Goku:

    He just seems to be so weak. I know you balanced his starting base damage cause he couldn't fight along the way to King kai. All I noticed is that, I never knew he unlocked ssj4, in the mountains. I suggest to become a golden oozaru first. Then the timer starts for Goku, and when the timer finishes, turns back to normal but ssj4.

    Our 2nd hero, Vegeta:

    He kinda seems to be imba, with the gravity chamber... First thing is that, Vegeta isn't the only one who trained inside the chamber, Goku also did. Vegeta became more stronger than Goku along the way. Cause I saw some noobish guy using ssj4 vegeta with full inventory of senzu's and is inside the gravity chamber. You may change the balancibility to make Goku train in there too, or make senzu's unavaible in the chamber. And if possible make the damage gaining a little bit of buff.

    Our 3rd hero, Gohan:

    Mmm, my favorite character, :p Okay to start off, there is no word at start saying "Guru wants to unlock your potential" It's kinda disappointing. If a nub/noob had joined and didn't know when he unlocked his potential. Then the guy is "toast". Absolutely failure. And also I saw Guru's name is "Elder Saga" I prefer to change it into "Elder Guru" more specific. And for his mystic saiyan model. How about changing it? Into an adult model of Gohan. I kinda see it too short and all.

    Our 4th hero, Gotenks:

    One of my favorites. To start off, he's just TOO WEAK, I recommend to make him start with higher damage or at least higher life. I loved the way you made the "perfections" for Gotenks, so we can make him stay as the form for very long time. I love the model of him too. Great job on him.

    Our last hero, Piccolo:

    For Piccolo, oh god... It's a lot. I spotted lots of glitches from him. Stat glitches, kyokidan glitches and etc.., I'll start off with his basic "kyokidan" I like the way you added this thing, but the problem is that his kyokidan can be seriously op. I was playing Piccolo, and actived kyo at the time around the base damage of 200-220, I see I got a 700 stat boost, I was just like "Holy f**k?" And have been owning lots of villains. And at the last, I see I have 100k+ stats. Which isn't related with "kyokidan" it was with the "multi-form" I multi-formed and spreaded myself into 1. But everytime I kill something with my image I get 80+ stats a kill. I was just laughing my ass off the whole time, then realized, ahh. Lots of bugs in this.

    Now let's move on to the next, spells:

    The spell arts are fine, but what's up with ssj4 Goku having ssj4 Vegeta's "final shine" I thought it was the ability that Goku uses but once i aimed at a villain, it didn't do nothing(from I thought) then I look at Vegeta he was raising his hands up with far seer's lightning sfx on his both hands(almost like final flash)That was the problem. As I saw Buu's "Genocide Attack" Maybe I haven't seen it right, but it didn't do anything to opponents around me. It didn't do ANYTHING. And for one thing how about having Vegeta having a spell called "Final explosion" at level 70-80. Art of flashing, then making an explosion around it. Sort of like Perfect Cell's suicide.


    -The terrain of the greenland needs some more work.
    -There was some typo's found.
    -Lack of description(This map @THW)

    No ratings for now.

    Edit: I'm not a great map reviewer but I've tried my best +REP
  19. N00B5600


    Feb 27, 2009
    Yeah...Its just like a footman (make him stand still and do nothing) and idle footmen sheath their swords then drink beer...Gotenks does the same except there's no sword...no beer....and blood for some reason..(SCARY).....