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  • I'm never on here. To be honest I'm not too good myself. I can't animate either. Try some of the users that make models you like.
    well, gmax for example is a free programm for modelling but I am not aware of the need and sort of the converter for it!
    Well, you mostly need magos and a modelling program, depending on which modelling program you use, you need several tools like converters...
    just felt great with a horny man's fanfiction about ponies, lol I'll change it soon :)
    ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬
    -- ground unit --
    movement type: ground
    movement height: 0

    --- air unit---
    movement type: air
    movement height: 300 (this is a standard value.. use whatever you need)

    then use storm crow ability when in game
    ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬ ¬¬

    no, I dont use skype
    Ma ide nekako, studira se, zeza se i tako...
    Brate trebao si da mi se javiš mnogo ranije za modele i za WC3, nisam ja godinama pipnuo ni jedan model, niti mapu, ne radim više to.
    lmao! no I mean I wasn't force to join but rather I chose to join it because of the show. its hilarious really :)
    that screenshot doesn´t help in nothing.. xD

    i´ll send you my msn via PM.... when i finish teaching you, i´ll add you to my "not admited" contact list..
    nothing personal, it´s just because people keep asking me to help them and that really bothers me..
    I recently discovered a great Aura effect, by selecting your target in the picture, and clicking the Filters Tab. Go to the bottom, and click "Alpha to Logo". Finally, click Alien Glow. You can pick the color of the glow, and how many pixels wide you want it to be. It works great. :)
    I use Milkshape, and Magos Model Editor for my modeling. Milkshape is something one buys, however, a superior, and just-as-simple User Interface, would be 3ds Max. (One can get a student account and get the product for free, for 2-3 years on all Autodesk products)

    As for Gimp, I suggest looking up tutorials, and tinkering with different effects, such as crystals, and leather. In addition to Gimp tutorials, I find going onto Deviantart, or some other site to search for Gimp Brushes adds to the versatility you will have, and the sheer number of effects you can create, from smoke, fire, water, and even lightning and cracks in rocks and metal

    Other than that, I suggest studying how certain effects are achieved. How are glows or auras on eyes achieved?
    now i know whats wrong! it was put in as a ground unit i just double checked the animations on my editor and i see that it wasnt air unit mode or something

    now how do i turn it from archer to alternate model and animations?
    add the same storm crow based ability in normal and alternate units.. it should play alternate animations automatically

    i prefer a very long message than 5 shorts messages.... ¬¬
    yeah something is up with my object editor it has been weird for over a year any way i can show you a screenshot?
    take a screenshot with "Impr/Pant/PetSis" key on your keyboard or use a program.. open paint and press "Ctrl+V".. save the picture and upload it to imageshack.us/ or www.photobucket.com.... finally copy direct link and paste in your message

    and can you help me with modeling?
    yes, i can.. but i´m argentinian and i´m not sure if you are gonna understand me....

    i also opened the model in model viewer and its way different than what it shows on my editor and it was also in a game...still different than in my map
    have you tryed it in game? it should look ok
    I tested my model (again) and found no problem! i think that something is wrong on your object editor.... you should use 2 unit type.. one for land and one for air.... then use a storm crow based ability
    lol! I was watching megas xlr yesterday and so uhm I got impressed in that show again, so yah want an illidan avatar? :D
    Okay, I need you to make a terrain of anything(though preferavly environment or indoor)
    AoS= Aeon of Strife. The very first game of that style, which is pretty undescritible, so it took that name. Examples of AoS goes from DotA to Naruto Ninpou, Battle Stadium D.O.N, Churchill and so on. And they're not mushrooms... They're muffins. Or when it is a bigger +rep, piece of cake.
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