Ultimate Dragonball V5.8

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A project led by ForTiNeRo & Ayraclus. Original by Avarize.

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Jump into your favorite character and take control of your own destiny. Play in the Dragon Ball world, fight for survival, destruction, or infinite power!

Pick 1 out of 12 of the characters of the anime. A hero arena map where you train against creeps but also has an RPG element to it where you go through quests, level up and complete extra sagas based on the DBZ/GT anime. It can go up to a 6v6 battle between Z Fighters and Evil Forces, but also acts as a free for all somewhat where you don't have to -necesarily- comply with your teammates to win, just become the strongest.

Everyone competes to obtain the highest power level in order to beat the enemy's team. The power levels are displayed in the board along with the game mode and saga you are on. If your character is killed you are sent to the afterlife, a place where you can train without the hassles of your enemies attacking you, however it's harder to gain power in the afterlife, which is it's handicap. If everyone from the enemy's team is sent to the afterlife, you win the game.

There are also side quests you can go for, such as applying for tournaments, collecting the Dragon Balls and make a wish, fighting secondary bosses arround the map, training in places such as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, unlocking secret characters, look for hidden easter eggs, and more ... !

Every playable character and their transformations have custom models, the map also has custom models for many doodads and neutral units, custom UI, a very realistic dragonball-like spell system (collision system), to offer the player an unique gameplay sensation, like with the recently added AI for sagas.

Even more, it's community keeps growing every day, with high (and increasing) competitive skills!

- Realistic Dragon Ball gameplay sensation.
- Dragon Ball world like scenario.
- Main and Bonus Sagas/quests following the Dragon Ball storyline.
- Unique spells system featuring colliding spells. (watch videos!)
- Customizable and versatile Stat Training systems.
- Challenging Sagas that come with an AI system to use all kind of spells.
- Custom UI, sounds, doodads, spells, models, icons.
- Custom models for each playable character and their transformations.
- 3 different gameplay modes.
- 2 teams: Z fighters against Evil forces. 6 players per team.
- Each character's gameplay is deferent from the rest, offering a great variety.
- Secret/unloackeable characters.
- New/changed easter eggs for every new version.
- New and better strategies can be developed all the time.
- No suggested players amount, 1v1 can be as fun and challenging as 6v6 games.
- Map's gameplay encourages teamwork startegies.
- Lots of features and system for a better and enjoyable gameplay.
- Supportive and easy-to-contact map developers, open to any suggestions.
- Project under continuous development, working for it's community.
Z FightersEvil Forces
Future Trunks
Android 17__


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dbzubbs.uuu9.com (U9论坛)
DBZU by Ayraclus & ForTiNeRo since v5.0 (original by Avarize)

Avarize, thank you for trusting us your map.

Models: Orgrim, Jarri, Fantoche, Hubcool, BZRebornMaker's Friend, kkqqpp, Zerox, Tatsuma. robot-dude, Valkemerie, DerReaper2, DoomArchDemon, AlienAtSystem, Trollschnitzel, chilla_killa, Scythy Dervish, lowpoly-workshop, paradise.engineering, sPy, reek39, EbonyStallion, Soul Life, alltigoobadmajor, Avarize, ESF\ECX team.

Important and supportive people: paradise.engineering, Endear, Sorairoday, Prillin, Darth_Jhan, SoulEater, KoRyUhA, Siamky, Shako, Yeran, 2good4ujoo, xylum, Ak1995, Valkemiere, EbonyStallion, and people from the dbzu community that always contribute to the map.

Modeler & Animator: EbonyStallion
Loading screen: Fantoche
Dragonball UI: Speedziarz
Author's notes
- Map is protected.

- Warcraft 3 patch (version 1.24b or newer) needed to play this map.

- We are currently working on a new release, I will be uploading our WIP right here.

To reviewers and moderators: not sure if it's necesary to prove it by now, but for the new ones to the map, yes, we do have Avarize's permision, consent and approval. This can be checked on our site, where Avarize is still a moderator and has a subforum for his new and current project.
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Ultimate Dragonball V5.8 (Map)

22:10, 2nd Apr 2013 Orcnet: nice map with models, UI, and much of the spells replicating the DBZ franchise, this game is great with friends or online, although the map would be better if it has interacting AI. Map approved




22:10, 2nd Apr 2013
Orcnet: nice map with models, UI, and much of the spells replicating the DBZ franchise, this game is great with friends or online, although the map would be better if it has interacting AI. Map approved
Level 2
Jul 23, 2011
Awesome map ^^
Highly Recommended To All Dbz Fans!!

This map has alot of great aspect.
Every Character has is very well made, both their spells and Skins.

So Much Content, and yet so Organized!

I give it a strong deserved 5/5
Level 4
May 24, 2008
-The board has 3 extra 0 , to make it more dbz like as you say. You can read "xxxx(str) 000"

-relying on ki is relative, it's more about the strategies you can come up with along the game. And no, it has nothing to do with DotA.

-Zanzoken doesn't suck, it's bugged, you know, that happens every now and then. That happens when you want to travel more than the distance you can reach with your current Ki (mana). However, it has already been fixed and v5.5 should be out within a couple of days. This bug appeared after reworking the old zanzoken, that one really sucked.
About the suggestion, it would be ridiculous if you could be able to jump walls, clifs or structures such as buildings.

-The spells have been reworked from scratch for 5.3, so it's quite new after all, but all in all they are very well balanced. That being said, after releasing v5.5 we will start reviewing-reworking every characters spellkit.

About the "super saiyan combat/fights", I didn't get the idea... what's that supposed to be?

It's a bit laggy for low-end computers, yes. It doesn't leak, but with so much spells and systems running at the same time, this is pretty much what happens. Although we are always improving this issue since we got the map in our hands. If you play older versions (like 4.9 or 5.0, from map archive), it was almost unplayable.. too many systems had to be reworked, fixed, and improved.

Finally, about the triggers, I should have to ask anyone, since I'm editing the map along with Ayraclus, however I'm not shareing it. Too many work (and years) put in here and too many haters out there.

PD: the DB Budokai map has been released already. Check our forum, DB Budokai section, there you will find Avarize and his crew.
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Level 3
Mar 19, 2010
The power level board could be altered with an equation so power levels could be over 9000 like a true DBZ game should be to follow the show/movies.

The powerlevels are there to inform the player of the other player's capabilities. I don't care about putting them close to the show since not even Toriyama knows (or even CARES about) the "real" values.
Too much relying on Ki and spells, feels like DoTA.

Not a DOTA player, but the last time I played that map had ZERO stat-scaling spells. I don't really see the comparison here. Also, what are you asking me to do? turn the map into a brainless Right-click to fight map?

Zanzoken sucks,collides with anything in the way even yourself sometimes.
No super saiyan speed or combat/fights?

Zanzoken is slightly bugged. Doesn't work when you try to jump more than what your mana allows. Otherwise, works perfect and as intended.
Still laggy, maybe some leaks left still?

No, there's no leaks in my spells. The lag comes from overuse of certain effects. That's all.

If you want a rated/marked review, ask, however the unprotected copy/version I need to fully review otherwise it is a zero for the triggers/code category.

Sorry, but you are a joke. No.
Level 4
May 24, 2008
You are not paying atention here, zanzoken IS bugged, we both teold you, good thing is that it has been fixed for the new release already.

Spells are working as you suggested and yes, they load as soons as the game starts.

About the "hater" thing, I never referred that to you, but I know how internet spreads all kind of things, and I also see crappy deprotected dbzu maps arround there every now and then. That's why I said "nothing personal". It's our "policy".

Any kind of review or suggestion, 5/5 or 1/5 will help, as long as the user has some knowledge, sure.
Level 3
Mar 19, 2010
Oh, and it is warcraft, I don't care for your code or whatever you put in your project. I can easily do whatever I want in Wc3 so there is no point to being a "hater" and stealing your map. I could do it without having a unprotected version. Just saying there is no use being hostile here.
As well I took my OWN time to review and comment on your map. It is rude to reply in such a manner. You barely have anyone here that has commented so far as well I even attempted to help because it lags a little when it shouldn't. [...] The real joke is you, sorry. I won't post here on this ever again so bai.

I'll answer to you anyway in hopes that I don't have to repeat myself:
The purpose of the map is to entertain. It is not a work of art and it's not rocket science. Most of the spells work properly and the ones that do not will be fixed soon. I only care about improving what the player gets off this map, which means improving both performance and adding depth to gameplay and visuals. Since we already improved the performance of the map to "More than acceptable", the focus is on more important things.
And if you truly are capable of doing something great with war3, do so. There's no sense in doing stuff nobody but you will ever play or enjoy in any way.
Level 4
May 24, 2008
Seems somebody raged and deleted his posts, not cool.

Anyway, v5.5 is out! Enjoy the map, see you arround.

v5.5 changelog
#Reviewed Mana costs for every spellkits, changed/adjusted several values.
#Elapsed Time Clock added in the W3 User Interfase.
#Slightly increased Hell's Ticket probability.
#Characters will no longer revert at 0 Ki(mana).
#Goku Blast/Dragon Fist reworked. Target to ground.
#Uub armor upgrade every 10 levels, along with his multiplier.
#Moved the HBTC Core outside the Chamber.

#Imperfect Cell multiplier upgrade at level 40, or at certain amount of humans absorbed.
#Semi Perfect Cell multiplier improved.
#Perfect Form Cell's new multiplier upgrade.
#Fixed Cell human absorb stat gain.
#Cap for Humans Absorb stat gain.

#Weighted Cloathing with no speed decrease.
#Dr. Gero Brain grants Ki regen instead of extra Ki.
#Dash now available in Heaven and Goz/Mez arena.
#Increased Tournament contestant's accquisition range.
#Reduced Goku SS3 mana drains (1 and 0.75 Ki/sec).

#Fixed Zanzoken travel/distance bug.
#Fixed Gohan stat lose bug.
#Fixed Cell Android Bomb recharge.
#Fixed Piccolo's stat reduce when using Zanzoken.
#Fixed Majuub Majin Madness.
#Fixed Broly's armor bug, removed extra armor.
#Fixed Uub Ki Cannon Ki(stat) gain exploit.
#Super17 Ultra Sensitivity no longer detects Power Up and Zanzoken Abilities.
#Dabura Honoo fixed. New SFX too, used to be too laggy.
#Removed Frizeas passive HP gain from Turles.
#Less SFX for Bebi Fire Breath, runs smoother.
#Cell Jrs and Lord Slug Henchemen disabled in Yenma's room.
#Reduced Broly Energy Shield's Ki drain.
#Reduced Cell Perfect Barrier's Ki drain.
#Fixed Panty Ki(mana) gain.
#Fixed Broly's board icons.
Level 4
May 24, 2008
I just figured out, since you said we had been rude to you or somthing like that, and after that the posts were gone. But again as I told you, ot was nothing personal, and there is no such thing as "bad reputation" posts, there was no need. See you arround.
Level 4
May 24, 2008
I see. Then was it Tal0n right? a.k.a. K-I ... say it, I'm good :grin: sure, I remember those players.

By the way a hotfix was needed.

v5.5b (hotfix)
#Fixed Vegeta and Gohan Oozaru revert bug.
#Fixed Olibu respawn.
#Removed Krillin from Heven.
#Killing humans won't give stats.
#Humans absorb cap slightly lowered.
#Fixed Janemba Saga bug.
Level 4
May 24, 2008
Some quicky fixes, and a big ass file size optimization. From 7.9MB, now 7.18MB, keeping every file.

#Lowered required souls for Heaven tickets.
#Slightly buffed Goku's Fist DMG/AOE ratio.
#Casting Goku's Fist gives only Power(agi).
#Nerfed Bardock Saiyan Spirit.
#Fixed/added Bio Broly armor bonus (Biological Mass).
#Fixed Android 17 Accel Dance jump exploit.
#Fixed Olibu issue.
#Fixed Vegeta auto-reverting with low mana.
#Added and changed some few icons.
#Yet another huge file size optimization, without removing a single file.
Level 4
May 24, 2008
A project led by ForTiNeRo & Ayraclus. Original by Avarize.

You will find that all over the 1st page.

there is also this on the "Author's notes" section:
To reviewers and moderators: not sure if it's necesary to prove it by now, but for the new ones to the map, yes, we do have Avarize's permision, consent and approval. This can be checked on our site, where Avarize is still a moderator and has a subforum for his new and current project.
Level 4
May 24, 2008
Hi Vengeancekael,

Our models were done by amateur moddelers/animators from wc3unlimited, lowpoly workshop, and chaos realm, some few were taken from here, and some others were made by moddelers just for our project.
Most anime maps like dbz tribute, battlestadium don and many many more use the same models, from the same sources.. sadly many of them are not available for download because some of those forums have been closed.

Anyway when we took the ownership of the project I took the time to review every model and give credits to all of them, because I noticed that a few credits were missing.

Hope you like and enjoy the map.
Level 4
Sep 27, 2012
Unbalanced though.
Hehehe forti....Y u should try a steam engine or smth.Heard although that this is your dream after all.
A stand alone dbz game similar(?) to this project.
Also don't get offended by the "Unbalanced" thing.None of you is professional.Balance will never take place.
I would say though that is a quite nice map to spend some hours but beyond that...
Before you say anything , remember that even dota is not 100% balanced.
Anyway , as about the optimization.
You think that you can compress your whole project that is a work of years? U'll face and STACK to 8mb wall that blizzard have set soon or late.
U'll have to choose ( as u already are in that situation i bet ) what will you keep and work on , models , balance or triggers!?Even if u try all your best ( you and your "Crew") for nice triggers , + balance , i doubt that u'll ever succed (imo always ;) )
Before responsibilities knock your door and you dumb the project (unless you are rich) and since avarize is bothering with his own project and cannot reclaim the onwership i bet , you should try to make what ever you can to attempt a stand alone ( with steam engine always ) dbz.Even if you are not rich , that will mean that u're about to end your "relationship" with this project since u working already alot and uni or job or any kind of stuff will force you to "Flee" from it's leadership and while ( i repeat , in case u're not rich ) your forum have plenty of donations ( MORE than your ClanPomelo...Thingy bot requires ) you should with that money hire some "professionals" and make some better job in a stand alone format.
As long as you push this map to it's limits with any kind of optimization and stuff is another one time that you waste YOUR time.
A stand alone game cannot be easily forgotten ( in case also that it'll be even half of what we see at wc3 version ) but be sure that when you'll not be available any more on working to dbz (wc3 version) there won't be anyone to take your place ( and u'll always have the doubt if he'll be that good ( as u think that u are )) and the same people that now playing your game , when u give up , the same exactly people will playing green td , legion td and other bullshit. : )
Level 4
May 24, 2008

Well I read a lot of nonsense stuff so I can't decide where to start now..

-Balance, yea.. of course is not balanced, 99% of the games I ever played weren't either, and I'm not talking about WC3 maps.. so I can't find the point here. However, we always focus on balance, systems and bug fixing before anything else. I was a player before editting this map, and I can tell, the balance is more than acceptable.. otherwise you wouldn't find players with more than 2000 played games or so.

-Optimization.. I really didn't got you here. The map was at it's limit (7.9mb) when we took the ownership.. so far we've added arround 50 models, lots of new icons and textures, sfx, and the last one a big ass sized UI. The map is at 7.18mb. We have 800Kb left and not any other model to add right now. Have we done it well? Hell yes.

-Avarize stuff.. check on our forums mate. He's active and checking in every single day. If you have any concerns you better contact him to make him all the questions you want, I don't know about what tho..

-Project's course from now one: I really don't have to take any hard call. Forget models, we don't make them, we request them. Forget new chars, not a priority right now. Balance and triggering/systems comes together, and don't worry, cause we are 2 map mekeres here, easier that way, see?

-Donations and bot. Well, I don't know wich numbers have you seen, but you should be taking that math class again. I was about to post you my numbers but lets do somthing here: I understand that posting under another name makes you say any kind of things so... You will post the amount you think we have left on our paypal donations account, and how much we pay for the bot each month.. and later I will tell what we actually have (that's public tho).

-My personal life's hard decitions.. well we have gone too far, right? Let me handle this by myself, okay?

and the last one.. since we are writing down all this statements, have about a name I can recognize? I sure you have it.

Stay cool.
Level 4
May 24, 2008
Orcnet: nice map with models, UI, and much of the spells replicating the DBZ franchise, this game is great with friends or online, although the map would be better if it has interacting AI. Map approved

Thanks for approving the map, I'm also glad you enjoyed our game. About the AI, many many people ask for it, always, however it's imposible to code a competitive AI for this kind of game with the WC3 engine, and a dumb AI would be as bored as playing alone.
Level 4
May 24, 2008
1. At this point Goku SS3 transformation will drain less ki than between levels 80 and 99.
2. It is posible to fuse since level 100, that's what the Help says. You will get SS Gogeta.. or you can find how to unlock Vegito (permanent), this last one is kind off a secret/bonus character, that's why you won't find any hint on how to.
Level 4
May 24, 2008
v5.6 changelog
#100% more badass sagas. A lot of changes that won't be spoiled in this changelog.
#Changed stat gains from stat items, applies for Boss/Hero/Sidekick Power, Yenma Fruit, Chocolate.
#Hero powers won't drop, only the killing unit will take the stats.
#Stats system re-written from scratch, Stat gain rounding removed for every character.
#Many terrain changes (City, desert, Snowy region, etc)
#Hiperbolic Time Chamber reworked. Stat gain was reduced, but trains the 3 stats at the same time.

# "-multi" command available
#Vegito reworked. Now requires level to unlock SS and SV forms.
#New Spirit Bomb system.
#Changed starting stats for Gohan.
#Gohan gets SS2 at level 50.
#Map gets revealed 5 minutes after making the Ultimate Wish.
#Dr. Gero's machine will shut down after overheating.
#Spellbook closes automatically after using any ability from it.
#Increased the cap for Goz and Mez stat increase.
#Countdown Timer for characters abosrbed by Super Buu.
#New Candy Beam for Evil and Super Buu.
#Delayed Lord Yao first spawn.
#Slightly nerfed Vegeta's Gravity Chamber, also adds a debuff after training inside there.
#Slightly reduced Broly's stat gain over time.
#Uub can move while casting Lightning Arrow.
#Uub Lightning Arrow "target to close" will return 15 ki points back.
#Uub's Ki Cannon will travel a bit faster now.
#Cap for Super 17 Absorb Barrier damage against sagas.
#Kid Buu Rocket Attack targets ground, works like Blast Fist.
#Gohan's Rage for Adult Gohan was removed.
#Buu Innocence Cannon with propotional knockback distance.
#Units under Buu Wrap Attack won't be able to use Zanzoken.
#Bebi's Minions can cast Egg Plant without delay like Bebi does.
#Flare Gun removed.
#Changed/nerfed Gohan's Rage buff.
#New spell for Gohan's Oozaru form.
#Added a little base HP bonus for Oozaru forms.
#All Great Saiyaman spells scale with Power now.
#Bebi gets an armor bonus at level 90.
#New armor bonus for Future Trunks transformations.
#Increased cooldown and Ki drain for Super 17 Hellstorm.
#Added Genocide attack to Kid Buu.
#All Power scaling spells will give you Power.
#Giganctic Press and 17sW (whateveritscalled) now sclae with Power.
#Many (a lot) other minor changes, tweaks and balance jobs.

#Fixed Goku entering Tournament while being dead.
#Fixed/Changed Mystic Training cutscenes.
#Fixed Uub's casting multiple spells issues.
#Fixed Dabura's Honoo damage.
#Fixed Dabura Darkness Sword getting Dabura stucked.
#Fixed Bebi Fire Breath damage over time.
#Fixed Gogeta Stardust Breaker damage.
#Fixed Super 17 Flash Bomb clashing with spell beams.
#Fixed Goku getting Potara Rings while being dead.
#Fixed Evil Buu cutscene during a Tournament fight.
#Fixed Spirit bomb glitches.
#Fixed Cell counting as dead after using Android Bomb.
#Fixed Observer unit control.
#Fixed Pause glitch for Piccolo's fusions, Unlock Potential, and Majin Vegeta cutscenes.
#Fixed Tien Spirit Rush attack speed.
#Fixed Pikkon stats bug.
#Fixed Piccolo armor bonus.
#Fixed banished observers.
#Fixed Bio Broly bug.
#Fixed Bojack's Tyrant attack exploit.
#Fixed an exploit involving Burter.
#Fixed killing Olibu from the Snakeway.
#Fixed Future Trunks Shining Sword and Heat Dome exploits.
#Fixed Goku Turning Kaioken when typing r or revert.
Remember you can play this map on our bots 24/7 :D
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Level 4
May 24, 2008
Quick little hotfix needed, enjoy.

v5.6b Changelog
#Fixed Dragonballs exploit.
#Nerfed Cell Human Absorb.
#Fixed Frieza's Death Saucer.
#Fixed Goku Instant Transmission bug.
#Fixed Super Buu spellkit after Dabura.
#Fixed (hopefuly) Kaioken being suddenly triggered.
# -spellbook command. Toggles on/off the auto-exit function.
Level 4
May 24, 2008

New trailer, enjoy people.

Nevermind, don't get upset, no one really cares. He's just a user who got banned for being so annoying, and now he has found a place to post after all... let the guy be mad for a while, not a big deal.

Level 4
May 24, 2008
v5.6c changelog
#Reduced tournament rewards.
#Reduced stats from Wish for Power.
#Delayed the tournament start.
#Furute Trunks gets SS at level 15.
#Piccolo's clones are not able to train stats anymore.
#Cell's Absorb reworked, now doubles up as a nuke.
#Cell's androids now chase him to hell.
#Broly's megaton punch reworked.
#Buffed broly's innate stat gain.
#Increased Transformation Exhaustion duration.
#Nerfed Olibu, Goz and Mez stat scaling.
#Spellbook auto-exit ON by default.
#Fixed Frieza's ki gain.
#Fixed Vanishing Ball.
#Fixed Vegeta's glitch with some items.
#Fixed Mystic Training items issue.
#Moved an inaccessible dragonball spot.