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Uh... hey everyone.

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Level 4
Apr 6, 2011
Uh... okay... Um... is this thing on ? *touches microphone* Well,guess it is now,huh ? Well... first thing... my name's Victor,and i'm posting an introduction because when i registered i was told to... Hope i'm not doing anything wrong,eh ? I'm Brazilian and i like doing Skins and messing around with game content. Haven't ever done that to WCIII, however.
I'd like to make friends with people who know a lot about modeling and animating,you know,so maybe i can learn something about that too.
I've been playing Warcraft III for some time now but never actually got to make a map,i'm looking forward to making a campaign,or maybe an RPG map.
So... um... i'll see youguys around... sometime... i suppose. Well,anyways,thanks for a minute of your attention and have an awesome day.
Welcome to the hive.
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