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Mar 21, 2016
Oct 18, 2008



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Mar 21, 2016
    1. Misha
      ..can i know why you want to again join the "elders" group? You pretty much quit us for good Oo

      and.. the RP is pretty much dead..
    2. Mike7742
      Merry X-mas!
    3. MasterHaosis
    4. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Well, it's obvious. You can play a strategy game on console properly, especially RTS (you can, but it's much lamer). But why such hate of PC games in Japan? I heard somewhere because rivalry with Koreans (and Chinese).
    5. sacridshadow
      Okay, I know you've had some problems with my character, but there are some reasons for that. 1. You haven't really been attacking me with your demonic magic. I was expecting a lot more than clones, crossbows, and knives.
      2. My character was hiding, and has now absorbed the shadows from the surrounding area, making her a nice protective shield. If you have a way of getting rid of the shadows, use it.
      3. The energy blasts I used do take up power, and for this case, I'll use the shadow energy surrounding her, meaning it'll get thinner.

      You may find this battle annoying, but it's both our faults. We're both playing defensively, and neither side is winning. Would you like it if Misha came in and forced us out? It could get the plot moving again.
    6. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      As I predicted. For some reason, in Japan no one plays games on PC (VGSatomi when he was in Japan he was like the only who were playing wc3 there). You and your jap consoles.
    7. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Were you playing blizz games also when you were living in Japan (if you ever lived there)? It may sound a stupid question, but I know why I'm asking.
    8. Boris_Spider
      Thanks, it's deleted now.
    9. Boris_Spider
      Wasn't supposed to DP. The forum keeps 'hiccuping' on me. If it's any consolation to you, I already reported it...

    10. varsaigen
      lol true. I notice my plot, and sacrid's plots tend to find a lack of participants as everyone else leans towards what more directly affects their characters, like your plots. :P It becomes hard to reel tem in, and we have to take it to them, like with Misha's cities :P He may not want war, but since when did the victim invite it with open arms? :P
    11. varsaigen
      ah! Well then, I look forward to it even more! The more avaliable plots, the merrier, as long as Misha doesn't have complete control of the RP. :P We have to have some sort of freedom in creativity, right? :P
    12. varsaigen
      I'm wondering who, in the Elders RP, that your knights are sensing. :P It sounds like a variety of characters, from sacrid's to mine, to even Misha's. :P But perhaps it is something else, something equally sinister and menacing? I will look forward to this! >:)
    13. varsaigen
      I sense Kalek will have some skirmishes with your knights at one point. He does have demons under his command. And Hellion has a LOT more. :P So, despite teh obvious, I don't think it'll happen because of a single reason, but because of a chance encounter with a unit or two of demons with him. :/

      ... This is going to be harder to battle with if I'm using arcane... hmmm...
    14. Misha
      happy new year ^_^
    15. lord_ken
      I just have this thing in my body called 6'th sense.
    16. lord_ken
      Hmm... ¬_¬

      Are you sure your Infinite-chan?
    17. Misha
      if you want :3

      btw in new chapter there are no involvements with overkill chars of old.
    18. Misha
      oh well..
      nice that we could chat a bit :3
    19. terradont
      Pretty good, apart from all the school work xD
    20. terradont
      Yay! I've missed you xD
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