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  • yep cheapass tax rate, btw how did you make your profile pic? what site did you use? :)
    I already got a ps3 just last year's eve :)

    its original price was php19,000 and since it was christmas that day their retailed it into php12,000 plus a controller yayy! :D

    although I still think its overpriced, but hell my earnings did it well lol
    yoh your awake now man, lol I signed in hordestudio but somehow everybody is asleep D:
    At this point it would be was* Beef_is_back, however the results he showed me took a long time to produce and the results although good, was not matching the quality of the original terrain.
    The area he had shaped was interesting and was perfect size, but lacked sufficient detail.

    I contacted Daredeamon who appears to be willing to give it a shot. Just waiting for his screenshots to determine if he has the skills.
    I mean, waiting for a extremely long time and not getting the results is kinda frustrating. XD
    Yo, got a terrainer working on the terrain. Code is basically done, once the terrainer is finished, I'll be able to input the data that I had on another map.

    (I didn't trust the terrainer with all the code. XD)
    Go and GOOGLE the DDS's a very common format.
    Supporting the whole format is quite hard since, like I previously wrote, it supports numerous compressions and byte orders, so you might want to ask them to support / support it yourself only the specific settings SC2 uses.
    Also I forgot to mention, DDS is actually a pretty hard to support format, since it allows you to save the image data in countless internal formats (all sorts of compressions, byte orders and such), so you might want to check what SC2 typically uses and only support that.
    Just google dds, it's a very common file format for game developers, I am sure you will find specifications, tutorials, and plugins for common painting tools in no time.
    Oh and SC2 uses the DDS image format (Microsoft's DirectX format which has tons of documentation online) as far as I know.
    Attention: Contacting of players will now start. Please proceed to Garena: Server 3: Philippines: GCA Web iCafe Room or just find my name The_Weird_Human and just trace me.
    (I dont know if you got the PM about our first P.R.S. tournament but its starting today at 1:00 pm. if you wanna come and face other PRS members then go the Garena now)
    I checked out that site, there's basically no one there and those who were seems to frequently visit this site. :O
    Goblin Dominator Squad. Consider it the successor to the Goblin Exploration Squad series. As for what you can help with. The question I need to ask you, what can you do? Can you code? create terrains? models? ect?
    Uh yeah, depending on what you know how to do, the easier it would be for me to ask for help in those areas. xd

    Come to think of it, something that I am in need of help with. Ingredient requirements for the tech tree, for example, hydraulics, what items do I need to successfully complete that tech? Or electricity?

    Since you would need to see the tech tree to do this, the tech tree is in the album that I've set to only be visible to friends. That's about it for stuff that is time consuming rather than hard. Ideas is appreciated as well. ^^
    Ah, I've been good. Well considering annoying stuff in life that I have to deal with somehow. The map is doing pretty well though. I added stuff to markets and started adding ingredients and stuff like that. I got a lot of fancy stuff now, doughnuts, pies, cakes, white and dark chocolate, berries, lolipops, bread, soup, different kinds of meat.. Uh yeah, a lot of shit. :D

    Using the Werewolf transylvania growing system, you grow herbs and bushes. You then harvest the herbs and shove them into the Goblin Crushinator. You then get spices. Or, you could use the herbs in combination with other items to research alchemy. ^^

    Btw, wanna help with the map? I'd appreciate any help I could get.
    Ive kinda busy studying, 4th highschool is coming up and i need to study for an entrance exam for UP....such a bother..:C


    I see your pic there in battlenet >>>>>>> damn even you for having the money to get 1 of those cool accounts.
    I am about over Horde, I keep losing admin, and it is starting to piss me off. It seems that every time I turn around, that I am no longer an admin, and I am really not given a viable reason as to why.
    about Crayon's post? hahaha!
    nah I just like horde stuff, I'll check horde studio by the way :)
    Create a black outline around the angel, to distinguish the angel from the background. That should help a lot.
    JPEG format does`t support high quality. Just save ur image as .psd file. Create a black outside line round the object represented, to distinguish the object from the background.
    Add some highlights to keep the quality of the icon when it is resized. That should help a lot.
    you should just resize after the whole icon is done. not add the finishing touches after resizing
    Hey, im still new the whole messaging system here, so im just gunna upload it and then take it down when you have it ok

    Edit: or if you like, you could tell me how do to so
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