Tyrande Dismounted SD

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I was on Hive discord and I was talking to some guy and he said all these heroes have dismounted versions that match the original game style but there is not a model of Tyrande dismounted in the same style as the original game.

So I said to him:

I bet nobody dismounts SD tyrande because her face is literally a square
[12:24 AM]
4 triangles
[12:24 AM]
you can't do it faithful to the original because the way to make something faithful to the original is to make a vague cartoony interpretation that looks like garbage up close
[12:24 AM]
And that's a good thing that it looks like garbage up close, since, honestly Priestess of the Moon on a tiger is a cool hero in WC3, it doesn't need more polygons
[12:25 AM]
I'm just saying that the art here is achieving something interpretive yet good for performance rather than something made for up close
[12:25 AM]
i bet if i make a dismounted tyrande I could make something similar to what you have there in like
[12:25 AM]
10 mins
[12:26 AM]
we have the SD technology, this is 2020
[12:26 AM]
but it won't look "good" because of the source material. What's good about it would be its simplicity

And then about an hour later I had this model I made in Retera Model Studio. And it's the same style as the original Tyrande because up close it looks like total garbage.

But I was running it around in-game and actually from a distance it's not too far off the mark:

Since this model is thrown together in an hour for the sake of example and to help Azsure on Discord, I am totally okay with you modifying it in any way that you like. I have edited it to include Open Source tag. You can add a portrait also if you like, since currently it does not have a portrait. I'm not sure what that would look like since we don't even have something good to copy from. So, yes, edit the model in any way that you like. Please give me credit for this 1 hour of my time that I spent playing around having fun to make the model if you use it or if you use a derivative work. Thanks and have a nice day.

The version uploaded here is improved from the one in the video. The version in the video was off-centered.

Tyrande Dismounted SD (Model)

General Frank
A neat model, but it is merely just a very crude rework. Some people might find it useful.
Level 13
Jan 14, 2014
Ye, i remember seeing this model before a couple times, but i guess it's a different version and he wasn't aware of the other models : p

Funny, because my model of the Harpy Domain was reproved just because, following MiniMage's review: "Rejected, because we already have an almost identical map in the hive already."

And since my strong points are not editing buildings, perhaps that was a point.


Tool Reviewer
Level 27
Apr 19, 2008
Hey I looked at that above conversation on here, and I see they are talking about this model I had never seen before:

Priestess of the Moon - On Foot

Like it says in the description I was being unobservant, and I just made this with some geomerging. I totally back the decision to tag it as substandard, it's just here for if anybody wants it.

I had never seen the link above when I made this model. Seeing that this model already existed actually adds some level of comedy to the discord conversation in my model's description. I find it funny that neither I nor that other guy even searched to find the existing model made by @Rubellu Sidus .

Honestly the description on that other model probably took longer to write than the time I spent making this model here. You can tell that other model actually has a portrait. Probably more than 1 hour was spent making it. Looks good. Maybe it would look cool with hero glow on the bow? Mine is just ported from the ingame Priestess of the Moon anyway.
Level 12
Dec 24, 2008
To be fair, that model never appeared on my search results when I looked up for results for "tyrande" /shrug

Also that other model doesn't have a spell animation, the alternate version does but I don't favor that custom cloak in exchange for the original, so I still favor this version over the other one.