Twisted Protector

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'When the Old Gods started mingling with the Emerald Nightmare, sleeping ancient within began showing symptoms of madness. Many began to succumb to the Nightmare and in their twisted perception took to the aid of the Nightmare Lord, Xavius.

Their appearance was warped as a result.'

This skin is inspired by the Nightmare Ancients and WoW Legion expansion nightmare theme. The roots seen in the screenshots are included in this bundle as well.

It also comes with an icon.

BTNTwistProtector (Texture)

DISBTNTwistProtector (Texture)

DISPASTwistProtector (Texture)

PASTwistProtector (Texture)

Roots (Texture)

Twisted Protector 256 (Texture)

Twisted Protector 512 (Texture)

Another great texture, it looks a little dark in-game but there are plenty of other assets out there that also are dark which this could fit well with. Approved!
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
This looks really good!

Are you thinking of making skins like these to all Sages for some Emerald Nightmare maps?