Tophat Attachment

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Well, I was testing Triggerhappy's map today and I was inspired. So I got a top hat attachment for you all.
Will be making a full attachment set.

The set will consist of.
- Hat (this Top Hat)
- Armor (Suit, without arms)
- Wristguards (May be the arms, depends on the limits of the animations)
- Boots

May make a snobby staff, but I'll see if I am in the mood for that.
Will not be making pants because of possible derps.

Please note. The hat is designed for this model. Villager
To attach it correctly. Simple attach it to "head".

Anyhow, enjoy.

Tophat Attachment (Model)

Attaches fairly well to the villager, horribly to anything else. Still a stylish and fancy model though!