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[Altered Melee] The War of Worlds

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Hello Every one ! (I use my poor-frenchy-english :p)
I'm new at this community and i present to you my custom strategy map. Its a sort of WW with custom races called "worlds". I work from 2 years now (I've just started to work seriously from 6 month) and it remain just the balancing and some little debugs.
The map is quite different than a WW at these points :
-No Heroes
-All stats by 5
-Income of gold with the supply
-The armor is subtractive (not by %) also by 5
-Limit of 200 of supply.

Now, the more important thing of the map : Worlds !

Heroic fantasy

The world of Dragons, wizards, elf who fight to protect their kingdom. Good for beginners. Best world for attrition.
+ Cheapest units of the map
+ Very versatile world

- Average defenses
- Weak at early-game


The world of Technology with an add of strange powers of abyss. A sort of Naga-Protoss World. Dangerous at mid-game.
+ Powerful units
+ Best defenses

- Expensive units
- Slow economy


The world of gun, oil, capitalism and Tanks. So cool. They focus units, not the economy and defenses.
+ Very good dps
+ Best AA of the map

- Weak infantry/Slow vehicles
- Average defenses.


The world of apocalyptic steam machines of death and poisoned humans. Dangerous at late-game.
+ tough units
+ Best Air units

- Slow units
- Slow technology


Fanboys of Age of mythologies will like this world, because you don't need to pray your #%@& citizen at Temples. Like the Heroic fantasy world for the attrition, but use more wood.
+ Very versatile world
+ Useful temples

- Average DPS
- Poor AA and air units


The world of Primitive bulky lizard-mans which ride mother#%$@ing dinosaurus slaves. Not for beginner. Can rush at early-game. less dangerous in late-game.
+ Very fast economy
+ Strong units

- Defenses sucks
- No armored units


Like Night elf, without elf. Just Ents, golems and Ancestral spirits. Not for beginner. Use many non-automatic spells. Dangerous at late game.
+ tough units
+ Good economy

- Slow units
- poor air units


The world of giant insectoid aliens. Like Zergs in starcraft, without organic buildings. Good for rush, but a-bit-slow technology. Also, they are dangerous at mid-late game.
+ fast units
+ Good Damage

- Expensive Buildings and Technologies
- Average Air units

The Starwars-Startrek like universe. High Human technology, but expensive.
+ Very Powerful units
+ Good ecconomy

- Slow tech
- Expensive units

Now i work for a better terrain (more balanced) and for 3 new worlds. I'll add features gradually. You can join me at beta-tests at this skype account :

Download the map : http://www.epicwar.com/maps/253007/
Play the map : http://makemehost.com/ (search from "T")

i'm open to all suggestion (without add heroes or goldmines, i'll never add that, i don't like to make a "War3" like)
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Somehow, i feel like primitive vs modern would be a very short and one-sided battle. Tanks versus clubs - not very hard to spot the winner. Seems like a cool concept though.

The primitive world don't need technology, fire, electricity to live. They are brutal and have big Dinosaurs. And with an hardened skin to protect from injuries.

Of course i balance to make this map playable.

Each World have their power.
Heroic : magic
Modern : guns
Atlant : Technology(+ magic of light and abyss)
Steampunk : Apocalyptic technology
Greek : Myth and gods
Insectoid : number
primitive : strength
Somehow, i feel like primitive vs modern would be a very short and one-sided battle. Tanks versus clubs - not very hard to spot the winner. Seems like a cool concept though.

Pretty much versus any other really, not just primitive. Because realistic modern is pictured differently than fantasy.

To me, it reminded me more about Rise of legends theme.
Level 10
Aug 30, 2007
ok, as I already wrote in the inwc thread, you should try to speed the gameplay up a bit. I was mostly sitting there building things that increase income for ~10 min at the start ... thats a bit 'boring', no offense here please.

A way for this would be to change the way income is generated, or at least make it (a bit) different for every race (keep in mind I only played this one time but what I heared from the other players they had the same experience).

Also you could add some objectives aside from building your base. Examples would be shrines/temples that buff your army while you are holding them, or give you access to powerful units. Also things that generate additional income/resources would be nice and could encourage players to expand a bit (still some races should be better rushing than others).

Is there a difference harvesting the trees or the stones? I did not see one. Another way to encourage fighting early would also be to, instead of gold (income) and wood (trees/stones) you make the resources gold and X (e.g. crystals). The second resource should be found often on the map but not everywhere and on special spots (like mines in normal wc3 or minerals in SC/SC2) so there is some fighting over resources.

Another idea would be to take a small step back. What I mean is reduce to what is really needed, pick a smaller map size (e.g. fitting for 1v1,2v2, as they are played mostly in meele) and try to make the way the races work really unique, at the cost of less and smaller races for early versions (on a side note I have an idea here).

I've played the insect race. For this race I had the idea, instead of training units the normal way, they are trained as 'eggs' really fast (e.g. 1 sec) but then have to get from 1 health to full before they hatch from the 'egg' (a bit similar to how zerg work, the time it takes to hatch is their actual time needed to be trained). So you can train multiple units at the same time. Also they can train 'broodmothers' which have a 'hatch' ability making the chosen 'egg' hatch a lot faster, at the cost of resorces (e.g. training the 'egg' only costs gold, hatching it faster costs the second resource). I think you could achieve this with a changed 'repair' ability. Also you could make these 'broodmothers' be important for the income gain.

Keep in mind that this is YOUR project and this are only some ideas I had, so if you like some, keep them, otherwise ignore them^^
Thanks for the feed-back,
I know the gameplay is a bit slow and special, but if i speed up the balancing will be very hard to do.
For capturable buff-buildings that's not a bad idea, but my map seems more like an Age of empire for the base side.
Next, for Wood/rocks Wood can be harvested in all the base but fall down quick. That's why stones are there to give a bit of more longer wood resource. (Trees -> 500 Rock-> 1500-2000 Golden rock->10000)

For the very (very very) first version each world have different gameplay but it unbalance everything. So i based all world from a similar gameplay to be easy to balance.
New version
► General changes :
- Workers harvesting is faster (0.8 instead of 1.1)
- All income buildings give more income (+2 to +4), the income bonus is now precised on these buildings.
- All Main buildings give less income.
- The tech tree is now more sophisticated
- Some little misspelling fixes
- Income is now 2x the max food - 3x the used food
- Unit transport size fixed
► Atlants :
- Promethean divide only in 2 instead of 2 and 4, divided Promethean have +50% of health
- Sentinels deal bounds shots against air, they are bigger, tougher but more expensive and more limited ( 64 instead of 96)
- Teleporters are not longer limited, the cost is reduced and the reloading is shorter ( 1mn instead of 3)
- All units globally cost a bit more of gold and a bit less of wood
- Add of a new ability for the support drone.
► Heroic fantasy
- Fire wizard tougher.
- Many Model changes (replaced by default war3 models for some)
- Flying knights can now transport units (1)
► Steampunk
- Tesla tower attack faster against air
- flying fortress can now transport units (7)
► Modern
- Infantry have less dps
- Tanks are faster
- Helicopter can now transport units (4)
► Primitive
- Diggers are now automatic spawned and slower and more limited (8 by buildings)
- Hunters cheaper
- Main building model fix (tier 2 and 3)
- Shaman stronger
- Pterodactyl can now transport units (1)
- Burrows are more expensive and give less income
► Insectoid
- Many model changes (replaced by default war3 models for some)
- Transpercer, mastodon and mastodon nest nerfed
- leviathan can now transport units (8)
► Mythologic
- Mythological units have now a expiration timer of 4 minutes
- Airships can now transport units (6)
► Spirit
- Tower attack stronger, with more targets but slower.
- Earthquake stronger
► SF
- Medivac can now transport units (6)
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