World War III: Global Conflict

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Jun 28, 2008

"If we do not end war, war will end us."

H. G. Wells


I see that lots of World War III games are pretty much dead now, I really liked them, so I decided to make one as a side project. The gameplay will be pretty much like other games such as Han Han's World War 3 series. But It will be cooler because it will feature:

- More "carefully" made units and terrain, adding more professional feel to World War III games.
- The Terrain featuring East and West hemisphere of the world like James7's The World in Flames map. (I even try asking him for the terrain) giving more Global feeling, instead of only having typical Europe.
- Carefully made Balance between players, so U.S. can't blow up the world with ten million nukes they've got.

If you are dumb or just unlucky enough to never played World War maps, read this.

Easy enough, use your units to attack nearby town or city. If town or city is damaged down to certain point, it will become yours. More town or city you have, more income you get. town will provide less income per certain amount of time, but they are more vanurable. Cities can summon company of Militia and they are better fortified.

The warfare in this setting consists of modern warfare and bit of futuristic imagination. Planes and air crafts have supplies, if the planes run out of mana, they lose health and dies. The planes can resupply at the City, or Cruisers. Planes can be used to kill infantary, blow up naval units, or destory fortifications. Naval units can transport or attack across the seas, giving them good advantage.

Background Story
Year 2020, Oil sells for $900 per Barrel each, Arab League, The oil source of the world, Having its economy skyrocket up with the energy crisis, attacks neighboring Middle-Eastern Countries with modernized armed forces and Missiles. United Nations, fearing the world-wide oil power the League acquired, ignore the military request from the invaded countries.

When the Arab League reaches enough technology to arm them selves with Nuclear Missiles, United Nations warn the Arab League to cease their Nuclear programs, when the warning is ignored, United States started embargo against these countries against these countries, joined by European Nations and Asia Confederation (founded in 2019, consisting of few wealthiest countries in Asia including Taiwan, South Korea, India, Japan, and few south east nations). Russia, now being the world's second largest supplier of natural gas and oil, has its economy skyrocket up. With the Rise of Russia, Arab League lost it's business with other countries and dissolved into few small nations fighting over eliminating few competition selling the unwanted oil barrels.

Russia, the new-found power armed it's military with it's new riches. With it's new developed military, Russia attacks Georgia, and Azerbaijan U.N. once again took no action due to Russia's new-found power, and Russia invades Ukraine. U.S. soon embargo Russia, expecting assistance from Europe and Asia, but Seeing the same thing happen once again, European Nations decides to trade with Russia, Causing U.S. in anger to drop out of U.N. and founding a new organization called U.E.L (United Earth Leaders) U.E.L was soon joined by few wealthy countries in Asia.

Russia keeps expanding it's borders, erasing several countries between Russia and Poland. European Nations, finding themselves in edge of war, signed the historic treaty of Berne, seeking peace between two super powers. Which intimidated U.S. more.

In the East, China not taking part in Asia Confederate, was able to buy Oil from crumbling Arab League in cheap prices, When everyone else was buying $1400 per Barrel from Russia. China, having resource superiority among the other nations, used it's money on finding anti-ballistic missile space station. Year 2022, China launched Little Dragon boosting Chinese Pride. This angered many nations saying that Little Dragon will upset the balance of power between the Nations.

China, uniting with North Korea, soon attacked Mongolia, Nepal, and India. India, being a member of U.E.L. requested help, and in 2022, July 15, U.S. and Asia Confederations declared war on China. Russia being seen as ally of China, U.E.L. decleared war on Russia too. Russia angered, invaded Alaska and Neigboring countries to expand it's power, which one of them,Poland. European Nations soon declared war on Russia and China as a new treat of the world and declared them as "Fourth Reich" Arab League, seeing China as their only friend and costomer of their overflowing oil, joined the "Fourth Reich". And many African Nations joined the European Nations to form "Allies"

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, this is World War III.

Fourth Reich
-Russian Federation
-People's Republic of China
-Arab League

-Western European Nations
-Eastern European Nations
-Afrika Union

-United States of America
-Asia Confederate

More countries and powers are being considered.


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Dec 10, 2006

"If we don not end war, war will end us."

H. G. Wells

You spelled do wrong,
Unless H. G. Wells misspelled on purpose than correct me.
As for the map, it sounds pretty good, but you can't just "Ask" someone for there terrain, making it yourself is what makes maps special and unique.

I Wish you luck on your long process of making this map.