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The Thing (Recruiting!)

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Nov 1, 2008
Hey, the true story is that last night i had a dream about this, pritty scary it was. Me and my mates were running from this thing, it could shape shift in to anything but its main shape was very large and very hard to beat.

But what if i make this in to a warcraft III game?

The thing is, the humans would start with a big base? Something the thing can't destroy at the start of the game, lets say he needs to level up. But the humans job, either a builder or so is to kill this thing. And ta da? game ends? No, killing one thing for the game to end is very boring. But this is the job for you to give ideas to make this happen!

Think you have what it takes? Outside the main fortress deadly things will happen, such as a huge storm? So we need some good triggerers and terrainers.

Just reply to this post if you want in! All is welcome, for the making of the map we could use MSN, Facebook or Dropbox which is a good program.


Sample Terrain

Also an idea forum! http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/idea-factory-462/thing-ideas-other-205504/
Map Development http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/map-development-202/thing-205511/


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