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  • sorry for letting you wait, I'm having too much orb effects that doesn't stack in my status right now lol if you what I mean, I'll be rating it by tomorrow and hopefully its done
    oh wait forget what I said, its functioning now I can't believe some weird issue occur from me, I'll be testing it right away :p
    Does the colour font need to be changed at all?
    Oh and thank you very much man. :3
    I'm looking forward to Mists of Pandaria so that's why I have my Pandaren Profile.
    Why hello there man.
    Could you check out my profile and see if I need to change anything for it?
    Please and thank you and how have you been?
    Well you deserved it. But I am still not done with it though. Now I know how it works and since I am working with high quality here you'll be able to read it without trouble. I basically just need to know what to write and I'll make it and edit it to fix. Also I made slight moderation on this one, but if you want me to make it more blood looking or something do tell. :wink:
    Hey man, sorry for chatting with you for a while, because I have been really busy and stressed, and I'm totally not ignoring you.
    Well anyway what are you into with the World Editor? I could use the help with my project.
    hey i found a few bugs in the system you sent me like when i circle the vehicle it selects this small vehicle
    Hey what do you think of the whole Mists of Pandaria, Heart of the Swarm, and finally BlizzardDOTA?
    Hey, here are some people that might help you out.
    1. Spartipilo

    2. kleinerhauck

    3. Bugz

    4. alexdragon1111

    5. ashbringer753

    6. puver

    7. crillepro
    No I won't. Ever since I released my first stargate you have been at my neck, wanting me to make stuff for your project and telling me what to do with my models.
    It's getting on my nerves since I barely have time for my own stuff anymore.
    Reason I am asking if you are using NewGen World Editor is because it will allow you to do many many things and access the new tiles that I have added. Also, I only want you to edit the map if you are going to use NewGen World Editor.
    This is where you can download it:
    and your computer may say it has a virus, but it is only because it modifies world editor. It really isn't a virus, so you can ignore that.
    No no, PRE-Cataclysm. So don't use the cataclysm map as a reference, use the map before cataclysm occurred as a reference.
    And I already have the basic layout done, I just need you to make it even better, move stuff around, move regions around, etc etc.
    And please refrain from using imports. The filesize is large, and I would like it if you didnt use them. But if you insist, please show me what it is before you use it.
    Go to the original SoA thread to download the map to begin work on it =)
    btw, are you using NewGen World Editor?
    Oooh, right. Okay, well Ill just tell you here.
    So, the only thing on the map right now is the terrain that I have already done, and buildings. The buildings are capitals or waygates. As you terrain, do NOT delete those. Just move them out of your way and then put them back. It is very important taht you dont delete them because they are triggered. If you find units or anything else, do not delete them. I probably left them there for a reason. Again, just move them out of your way and put them back when you are done.
    So, I want you to make the map resemble WoW (pre cataclysm) much more.
    Do you think you could do that?
    Okay perfect!! Well, I have a very specific job for you, if you are ready for it. I would like you to make the map much more accurate to the world of Azeroth in WoW (pre-cataclysm).
    You won't be starting from scratch, but I am allowing you to change stuff as you see fit. Id like to talk about this on chat, if we could do so. Are we on the same timezone?
    Free account?
    No paying?
    Just login to the server and make one?
    That's too easy..
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