The Temple of Azoren

Level 11
Nov 29, 2008
I'm uploading my entry for the Mini Contest here in the hopes of getting more comments/criticism.

"Deep within the Northern forests, there lies an ancient temple, dedicated to the natives' chief god: Azoren, lord of the four sacred elements. While it was not the grandest temple in their civilization, it was considered the most sacred. It was said that on this hallowed ground, the priests of Azoren conjured up fire in their hands, caused water to leap out of the fountains in great waves, made the earth rumble beneath their feet, and called forth great storms, bringing rain and an abundant harvest. However, since the Eastern Empires invaded and conquered the native civilization, their religion has faded, and their culture has merged with that of their conquerors, just as the temple, abandoned, has begun to merge with the forest around it. Still, even though no more miracles have yet been performed here, there are those who still believe that this place is sacred, simply for the beauty it holds."



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