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Far Aldazar Din
Last Activity:
Jan 31, 2012
May 31, 2008

Far Aldazar Din

7-2 Red Devils

Far Aldazar Din was last seen:
Jan 31, 2012
    1. Ash
    2. CMarket
      Hey, mate :)

      I pretty much left the W3 universe. I just pop in now and then to see if anything interesting is going on. Pretty busy with university at the moment as well as the rest of real life. I do manage to find some time now and then to work on my Oblivion pirate project, but that's pretty much it.

      What have you been up to?
    3. Zelda.Alex
      What was the change in this map on your update at "00:26, 31st Jan 2009".
      I saw it but wasn't able to see any change. What did i miss?
    4. Ash
      100 Posts, fuck yeah!
    5. Far Aldazar Din
      Far Aldazar Din
      Well, I reckon I am back to the Hive thanks to CMarket.
    6. Ash
      You're alive?!
    7. CMarket
      Far Aldazar, you still watching my cinematics?
    8. Elenai
      Indeed, my mistake on being a stereotypical fool. ^_^
    9. Elenai
      It is simply an odd thing, and I mean no offense.

      Football players (in my area) were horridly jockish...gamers were like me or gothicesque.
    10. Huurka
      "Hey. Your chat is a piece of crap. When it loads up it asks a bunch of questions."


      Sorry, it was just HILARIOUS!
    11. Pyritie
      08:34:17* Far Aldazar Din: Hey. Your chat is a piece of crap. When it loads up it asks a bunch of questions.
      08:34:32* Far Aldazar Din: And I can't go to the link to get the answers.


      The questions are there to setup login info. Once I figure out a way to login to vB all you'll need is your username and password, but until then, you'll have to do it this way. :/
    12. MySpaceBarBroke
      Gtfo of my profile. No one cares about your preferences.
    13. CMarket
      Lol, don't. The Sect of the Holy Mother 1 was my first cinematic ever, I never even watched a good cinematic before, and look how far I've gone, a Director's Cut.
    14. CMarket
      So, how is your cinematic coming along?
    15. varsaigen
      LAWL Master Hand [IMG]
      And, da Crazy Hand! [IMG]
      And no, they are different hands. Crazy Hand helps Master Hand if you reach him in 9 mins. :P
    16. CMarket
      Sounds good, but don't give me spoilers :)

      Also take your time, you might not find it as easy as you think, take your time with it, if you see something you dislike change it, if you need help pm me.
    17. CMarket
      That sounds great. A detective story is brilliant as well as original. But you shouldn't make it all revenge like, it should be a detective story(he hides from the police, but at the same time closes in on the real murderer). Ever watch the movie The Fugitive? That should be your inspiration.
    18. CMarket
      Ah, I'm glad to hear that :)
    19. CMarket
      Yeah, it is long. Did you like it?
    20. CMarket
      Well when you watch IV, V and VI tell me what you think about them.
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