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The End of Battle.net

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Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
My next project after MTG, currently in the works, is named "The End of Battle.net". Ominous, no?

A map that requires up to 6 players to survive numerous events. The event is either a boss battle a la WoW, or a situation wherein the players find themselves in the middle of a miniature version of an existing, popular battle.net map.

Grey Archon has taken a turn for the villainous and is planning to destroy Battle.net once and for all. He is convinced that battle.net is a cesspool of stupidity, and has decided it is in the best interest for the future generations of gamers to end it. Draining power from the Battle.net servers through a vile piece of coding embedded within this map, he is planning a complete meltdown of the entire system. 6 heroes rise from the furthest regions of battle.net to stop him. But how do you fight the creator of the map you're currently in?

Playable Heroes:

Dwarven Ironbreaker (Tank / Melee DPS)
UnitAbility - Defensive Stance / Offensive Stance (Evasion + Armor / Critstrike + AttackSpeed Morph)
HeroAbility1 - Taunt (Taunt)
HeroAbility2 - Ironbreak (Damage over Time, -Armor)
HeroAbility3 - Concussion Blow (Passive: Stun + dmg)
HeroAbility4 - Fierce Defense (Self-Buff: +Armor, +LifeRegen)
HeroUltimate - Brothers in Arms (Summon: Dwarven Warriors)
UnitUltimate - Wrath of Khaz'goroth (Target area spell: High Damage + AOE slow)

Dwarven Elite Rifleman (Ranged DPS)
UnitAbility - Slowing Trap (Trap which, when sprung, deals frost damage and slows)
HeroAbility1 - Grenade (3-Second Delayed Area Instant Damage + Damage over Time)
HeroAbility2 - Concentration (Selfbuff: +AttackSpeed, +DamageTaken, -MovementSpeed)
HeroAbility3 - Expertise (Passive: Gives a chance to Headshot, dealing additional damage and stunning) Scheduled for Replacement
HeroAbility4 - Smokebomb (Throws a Smokebomb onto a target area. Smoke debuffs enemies with -HitChance)
HeroUltimate - Grenade Barrage (Throws 3 Grenades)
UnitUltimate - Backup (Locust Swarm: Calls for the help of a Rifleman Platoon) Scheduled for Replacement

Nightelf Archdruid (Tank / Healer)
UnitAbility - Innervate (Restores mana over time on a friendly unit)
HeroAbility1 - Call of the Raven (Calls numerous Raven to attack the Archdruid's enemies)
HeroAbility2 - Living Lands (In a target area, Treants burst from the ground, stunning enemy units.)
HeroAbility3 - Spirits of the Wild (Summons either a Spirit of the Barbs, Spirit of the Wolf or Spirit of the Oak to follow the Archdruid, adding a benificial aura.)
HeroAbility4 - Nature's Blessing (Heals a target unit and briefly boosts their attack speed)
HeroUltimate - Force of Nature (Transforms the Archdruid into a powerful melee Moonkin, with the ability Moonfire.)
UnitUltimate - Tranquility (AOE channeled Healing Over Time)

Gnomish Conjurer (Magic DPS)
UnitAbility - Elemental Orb (Surrounds a target friendly unit with a spelldamage barrier)
HeroAbility1 - Elemental Ally (Allows the Conjurer to summon either a Fire, Water, or Earth Elemental)
HeroAbility2 - Wall of Fire (Creates a Wall of Fire in a target location)
HeroAbility3 - Earth Rupture (Stuns and Damages creatures in a line from the Conjurer)
HeroAbility4 - Iceblock (Encases an enemy in a block of ice, damaging them over time.) Scheduled for Replacement
HeroUltimate - Essence of the Elements (Splits the Conjurer into a powerful Avatar of Flame, Water and Earth)
UnitUltimate - Cataclysm (Channels all three elements in a target area, creating a flood, earthquake and meteor swarm at once.)

Vengeful Pixie (Magic DPS / Healer)
UnitAbility - Phase Shift (Shifts the Pixy out of reality, avoiding damage)
HeroAbility1 - Tempest (Creates a hard-to-control vortex of swirling energies, which has the potential to deal massive damage.)
HeroAbility2 - Healing Rain (AOE targetted channeled healing over time)
HeroAbility3 - Summon Faerie Dragon (Summons Faerie Dragons with Faerie Fire and Mana Flare) Scheduled for Replacement
HeroAbility4 - Vengeful Feedback (Spawns 5 Wisps around a target enemy unit, which all attack it once, burning mana if possible)
HeroUltimate - Concentrated Magic (Channels an orb of concentrated magic in an area, which constantly harms enemy units nearby.)
UnitUltimate - Abolish Magic (Removes a debuff from a friendly unit or a buff from an enemy unit) Scheduled for Replacement

Human Grand Paladin (Tank / Healer)
UnitAbility - Blessing of Nullification (Puts a protective ward on all friendly units in a target area, which blocks out the next hostile spell cast on them.)
HeroAbility1 - Pillar of Light (Creates a pillar of light in a target area, which heals friendly units standing inside it.)
HeroAbility2 - Balancing the Scales (Heals a target unit and gives them a damage bonus and lifestealing attack for a short period)
HeroAbility3 - Blades of Light (Passive: Chance to deal AOE damage)
HeroAbility4 - Redemption (Purges an enemy unit. When the unit dies under this effect, a Redeemed Spirit will fight for the Paladin.)
HeroUltimate - To be decided
UnitUltimate - Lightburst (Targeted Channeled AOE damage)

Draenei Assassin (Melee DPS) Scheduled for Replacement
UnitAbility - Stealth (Invisibility + Critical Strike + Evasion / High Movespeed & Attackspeed Morph)
HeroAbility1 - Shuriken (Throws 1, 2, or 3 Shuriken into a target direction.)
HeroAbility2 - Shadow Dance (While active, Shadow Dance gives the Assassin a chance on hit to spawn a shadow of itself to fight for her for a while.)
HeroAbility3 - Burst of Speed (Autocast: Increases Movement and Attack speeds.)Scheduled for Replacement
HeroAbility4 - Crystal of the Naaru (Creates a Crystal on the ground. The Crystal can switch between Red and Blue mode. In Red mode, it spawns Red Runes which attack the enemy and buff allies. In Blue mode, it spawns Blue Runes which attack the enemy and debuff enemies.)
HeroUltimate - To be decided
UnitUltimate - To be decided

High Elf Battlemage (Tank / Magic DPS)
UnitAbility - To be decided
HeroAbility1 - Mana Shield (Exchanges Mana for HP when hit.)
HeroAbility2 - To be decided
HeroAbility3 - Essence Theft (Chance on Hit to restore a small amount of Mana.)
HeroAbility4 - To be decided
HeroUltimate - Infused Essence Thievery (While Active, Essence Theft has a chance to AOE restore a small bit of HP and Mana for the Battlemage and his allies.)
UnitUltimate - To be decided

Boss Encounters and Events:
Warcraft3 - Footmen Frenzy (Survive while trying to destroy all 12 barracks)
Warcraft3 - DotA (Reach the other side, fighting alongside the south-west team)
Warcraft3 - Battleships (Enter an especially powerful ship and reach the other side)
Warcraft3 - Wintermaul TD (Build towers to keep units from breaking through. If they break through, they damage your Hero)
Warcraft3 - Hero Survival (Don't let that magic icebox die!)
Warcraft3 - Angel Arena (The enemy heroes are CPU controlled)
Diablo2 - Act I - Sisters' Burial Grounds (Blood Raven has returned- powered by Grey Archon's evil!)
Starcraft - Big Game Hunters - Protoss Base (The Protoss mourn the loss of Grey Archon's sanity, but must survive the zerg onslaught)
And many others.

Boss Battles:
Grom Hellscream, Arthas and Illidan.
(Under GreyArchon's control, they wield special powers. Grom has the power of Fire (Fire in my Blood!), Arthas the power of Frost (Frost of my Throne!) and Illidan has the power of Nature (Nature of my Homelands!) When all three cast together, they create a Cataclysm, like the Conjurer's Ultimate.)

Aquaton the Waterlord
(He cannot be harmed by normal means. However, his targetted Frost ability leaves behind an Ice Lance item. When this Ice Lance is thrown at him, he begins to freeze. Freeze him three times and he shatters into miniature elementals. The more elementals you kill before they merge back into Aquaton, the more % HP he loses. He enrages at 10%, becoming vulnerable but increasing his damage)

Dmitry Dustsleeves, Master Bonethief
(Dmitry is a master Necromancer. He even revives himself! Another battle that needs to be won under special circumstances.)

Romeo Thrall and Juliet Jaina
(We all knew it. Thrall and Jaina are hot for eachother. So, let's have this couple fight together. If one dies, the other will revive him/her.)

And many others.

Grey Archon, Disgruntled Mapmaker
The final Boss of the map. It is I, LeClerc.
UnitAbility - Archonic Flame (When activated, creates a powerful immolation effect) "Feel the heat!"
HeroAbility1 - Terraining (Drastically raises or drops the terrain. If you're ontop of the peak when it reaches its' highest point, you'll freeze. If you're in the deepest pit when it reaches its' lowest point, you'll burn.) "This is MY creation."
HeroAbility2 - Copy Ability (Copies a random ability of a target enemy, giving him the Archdruid's Nature's Blessing, the Elite Rifleman's Grenade, or the Battlemage's ManaShield, for example) "Yes, that's a good one.."
HeroAbility3 - Cinematic Causes the camera to go absolutely haywire for the player of a randomly targetted enemy. "Let me change your perspective on things!"
HeroUltimate - Triggering (Teleports self and all enemies to a random location where a boss was fought before. Grey Archon assumes the characteristics of the defeated boss, but is powered up.) "Remember..."

Eternal Grey Archon, Harbinger of Battle.net's End
The real final boss. What, you expected me to not have a 'true form' ?
UnitAbility - Eternal Archonic Flame (A powerful passive immolation effect)
HeroAbility1 - Edit (Untrains all Hero Skills from a target enemy hero, and lowers their level by 1) "You're not so tough.."
HeroAbility2 - To be decided
HeroAbility3 - To be decided
HeroUltimate - Delete (Targets an area. After three seconds, everything in that area is deleted.) "I will erase your very existence!"

Storyline: 90% finished.
Music: 100% finished. No more than 3 low-quality MP3's for music will be imported.
Terrain: 10% finished.
Triggering: 5% finished.
Playable Heroes: 75% finished.

Just one picture for now, the Ironbreaker, Conjurer and Archdruid during the Footman Frenzy event.


Expect an update on the map's progress every weekend.
Help is always welcomed!
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Level 4
Jan 2, 2008
Vampirism if you could fit that in somehow, that's a popular one.
(Make your heros base together or something)
Grey Archon has taken a turn for the villainous and is planning to destroy Battle.net once and for all. He is convinced that battle.net is a cesspool of stupidity, and has decided it is in the best interest for the future generations of gamers to end it. Draining power from the Battle.net servers through a vile piece of coding embedded within this map, he is planning a complete meltdown of the entire system. 6 heroes rise from the furthest regions of battle.net to stop him. But how do you fight the creator of the map you're currently in!

Id like to say elvis is dead, as you just described battle.net as it already it. Anyways, good luck with the map though, and hope it obtains true bnet popularity!
Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
brilliant idea, i'd love to play this. although your idea of battleships is a bit off. In battleships you pick a ship and buy weapons that automatically fire (phoenix fire) so if by stronger ship you mean a ship with better cannons then that will fit perfectly.

Aye, also more HP than the ones found in the real map. It's all up for change of course, I was also thinking along the lines of moving the Heroes from island to island in an attempt to reach the other side- lest they drown when their ship is destroyed.

Id like to say elvis is dead, as you just described battle.net as it already it. Anyways, good luck with the map though, and hope it obtains true bnet popularity!

Needless to say the inspiration came from my own aggravation of witnessing battle.net stupidity... (if you write a complete english sentence.... they wont know what you said, since their attention span doesn't exceed 10 letters) or seeing a full list of hosted games with *only* Dota and Footies. We'll have to see. :)

All-Warcraft-cliches-in-1-plus-more Maps ftw!

Fun part of it being that it breaks the fourth wall. The characters on-stage know that they're actors, as it were.

Sweet, I've always wanted to destroy DotA.
And I hate footies, but I don't know why I keep joining it...
I'm a trigger junkie so if you want a helping hand PM me.

Will definetly keep it in mind. :)

And yeah, gotta hand it to footies... despite it's 90% idiot playerbase, the 100's of edits of which 99 are rigged, the heroes dominating the game despite it being called footmen frenzy... it's a very easy-to-grasp game that appeals to a lot of people.
Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
This sounds like some insane huge map which will never be finished.. something compared to War3:WoW but then all put together in one map XD

Fun. I will host once... if i can host again -___-

It wont be terribly huge. Remember; all the 'events' that mimic existing battle.net maps only have to *mimic* them. They wont actually be exact copies of the map. It's less work than you could imagine.
Level 6
Dec 13, 2007
this is a very creative idea, you open to boss ideas? because i got some realy insane ideas. for my example (DONT COPY HIM HES MY IDEA AND IM PUTING HIM ON MY MAP!) i have a firelord the has infernal stones that crash into random areas of the fight, and at certain parts of the fight, he explodes and flame strikes go out in all directions, they are dodgable by the way. and when hes almost dead four volcanoes will spawn around him and flame strikes again in random areas to add to the choas! And i am gonna make him with no JASS scripting!!! Heres another of my ideas that you can create, Chris the Panda! model is the paneran brew master of course, and when hes 75 or 50% dead, he does earth fire and storm, wech have there own formidable abilites and do crazy things, to add to the choas make a tornado the patrols random areas of the fight. just giving ideas out, and i got alot more 8 )
Level 15
Aug 18, 2007
aah an event? what about Samurai VS ninja? it was pretty popular once. Very very very VERY!!(1-hit KO) high damaging spearman throwing at you while you are running like a rat in a maze of the forest.
So: ok tearrain is a big forest maze, on the "walls" theres standing spearmens who are throwing dodgeable spears towards you, reach the plains before all dies :)
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Saw something about a Spammer hero...If your heroes only get to 1000-2000 hitpoints at their final levels,maybe the Spammer could have a Pocket Factory-type ability with maybe...a cap on how many "Noobs" or 'Mini spammers' it can create,but create like 10-50 really quickly (30-60 hp(5 units per 1 second,factory life of 5-20 seconds) those megaspawn abilities piss everyone off,and everyone hates spammers so...Spammer Hero is a must :D
Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
Found it:

Primary Stat: Agility
Spam: sends a target some spam email making them take damage with no cooldown.
Spam meat: spams SPAM at a target healing it of damage with no cooldown.
Spam kit: increases spammers mana regeneration to insane amounts.
(Ultimate)Spam the world: Warstomp that stuns and damages every unit on the map.

I swear I thought I made it xD
Level 7
Dec 17, 2005
Maybe a game based on uther party and every so on the minigames flip to something else, while the heroes have to try and survive the chaos or win the games, w/e.

I really love this idea.

Maybe as an ability for your true form,
Import/Export: I cant really think of something for it to do but maybe have it alter icons, models, size of things, etc (green and purple boxes, anybody?) Or maybe it summons an "importeD" monster to fight
Level 15
Aug 18, 2007
heyy dont forget my Magical Kodo :D
Magic Kodo

A Kodobeast that once devoured an Archmage. The Kodo got so many magical powers that it turned blue andwas able ato cast magics.

Magic Devour:
Devours the target whit a spell, draining the targets mana very fast, but if the target moves too far away the effect will stop. -Short Ranged Siphon Mana-

Magical Kodo Yummic:
Spits up womic on the target, slowly damaging it unitil the target is dead or the effect is dispelled. -Shadow Strike whitout intial dmg and low damage over time, but 999999 duration-

Magical Flying Kodo:
Creates a kodo and lauches it in the air. When the kodo hit the ground it will die and deal large amount of damage in an area. -Cluster Rocket whit 1 Missile count and kodo as missile art-

Ulti: Massive Explosion of the Magic Kodo
Creates a gigantic explosion around the kodo, damaging all units in the world and permanently slows their movementspeed and attackspeed by 10%
-Thunder Clap :p-

Yea, i got loooadzz of ideas, just say if u need some :p (just say what kind of
heroes so i dont end up whit my hero from my cartoons: SUper Baby!! :D)

btw, the thread i typed in this hero would not have trigger spells, just say if they are alowed too :)
Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
Sorry, but... Magical Kodo is a bit too... silly.
Spammer Hero is included as one of the bosses.
And yeah, I do include triggerspells.

Also, announcing the update for this weekend; the inclusion of another old frequently-hosted map on battle.net...

"Don't move your Tauren."

I'll leave you to imagine how that map could possibly be an event in this map... I'll give you only one hint.

Level 15
Aug 18, 2007
ok, then what about my Undieing Void? its not silly :p
Undieing Void

A void trapped in an eternal time warp. The Void has lived for over 100.000 years driving him crazy. A day, the void broke free from the warp, and now wants revenge over the human race for trapping him.

Void Blast:
Blasts an area whit time magic, stunning all units inside it and deals damage.
--Cluster rocket--

Eye of the Storm:
Speeds up the void by using the powers of the time warp, making him move faster and attack faster for a short period.
--Frenzy, bloodlust or Berserk--

Reverts the time and draws an old version of the void out, the new void will take bonus damage and extquinch to its own time after a period.
--Mirror Image--

Wars of the Time:
Summons all of the Voids old allies by using the time warps powers.
--Dark Portal whit the Detonate model--


Slows all nearby units movement speed by X%
--Slow aura--

you might want some more stragety spells or something, just say then ;)
Level 23
Jul 18, 2004
The idea of a void boss (using that quite neat Shadow Golem I saw submitted in the model section) may be a cool one, but those spells would all need to go.
These boss fights will be highly triggered by events and timed events. You must get into a World of Warcraft-state of mind when you think these things up. For instance:

The Void Boss seems completely invulnerable to attack. He perfoms dark attacks that you must dodge, and sometimes, he creates a Black Hole that sucks up everything it touches. (including destructibles like trees and rocks).

But if you, the player, does the *seemingly suicidal* thing of *letting* themselves be sucked up, they appear in some "negative" version of the area, where a vulnerable version of the Void Boss (a completly white version of the standard black original) awaits. Damage him enough and the seemingly invulnerable Void Boss in the "positive" region is damaged, and you re-appear in the area you started in, continueing until it dies.

It plays into the theory of all matter sucked up by a Black Hole is expelled by a White Hole in another region of the multiverse.
Level 7
Dec 17, 2005
Just random ideas but there might be some nuggets in this trashbin of dust.

Agrazul, The Elemental

This guy is basicly 5 different units.
At the start, he is a single neutral elemental, able to cast very basic spells, after he takes 25%, he uses (pandaren split) and becomes 4 different elementals. They can't die but once they reach very low hp, they stall and become invulnerable. After all 4 are stalled, they fuse and move back into the main elemental. Which now has about 25% HP left. He obtains some wicked strong magic and this is how it finishes off.

Gorgon boss:

Periodically uses an eye of the gorgon ability, stunning everybody that is staring at her (facing her) for a long period of time. The summons swaths of tornados that basicly require you to spend all your time dodging or else be ripped apart. Obviously stoned people take the big damage.

Skeleton Bosses:

3 skeletal bosses, that have a great ammount of hp. (one swords, one magic, on archer)
After they die, they revive 10 seconds later with a 0 cd reincarnation. The only way to beat them is to kill them all within 10 seconds of each other.

The Battleship

A giant flying airship that bombs your heroes from above (assume you cant see it). Heroes must dodge the bombs. Eventually, it will be forced to dock (or something else makes it land) and you get to attack it. Enemy soldiers will come out though and turrets will attack you.
Level 15
Aug 18, 2007
ok, if you would like boss spells then you get boss spells (the heroes i posted before was from a hero map idea thread thingy :p)

Void Boss:
--My description for the Undieing Void--

ok, first i drawn a painting of the arena hes on:

Ok, the corridors dont got units but traps. Like there might be a thing throwing fire in the air everey 3 sec, if you cross it when fire is on, you loose life, Indiana Jones rocks :D, lasers, Short: traps from every centuries.

The boss:

Part 1: Start--
when the heroes past through the traps and reachs the boss spawn, a door behind them will close to prevent fleeing. The void will charge them and start fireing bolts (maybe black arrow or corruption missile) against them, whenev a hero moves 1000 yards away from him, the void will warp the time back, restoring all of the heroes position and life from 5 seconds ago, but also the void bosses life will heal.

Part 2: First Warp--
When the void boss life goes beneath 80% he stops time! (pause hero animation and stun) he walks through the warp behind him and moves to the Time 1 area. The area here looks like a ruin, old statues and such. Now, all heroes walks through the warp too and ends at the Time 1 area.

Part 3: Time 1 Fight--
When the first hero enters the time 1 area the void starts talk, all heroes get paused and cameras are pointet to him. He says: Hah! you little wreched animals think you can defeat me? I cannot die, i can manipulate time, i can kill
you before you ever was born!
Heroes goes unpaused and void starts exploding the position of the heroes every 5 sec (flame strike, a thing shows where they hit before it explodes)
The void himself is invulnerable for 30 sec. When the 30 sec has gone, he stops exploding, teleports to the middle of Time 1 and starts launching shockwaves around him. When he got hit, he yells something on void speek (just a sound from them) and starts teleporting to random points in Time 1 while he shoots at the heroes.

Part 4: Warp 2--
When the voids life drops below 60% he warps to Time 2 and the heroes to their start area. He says: HA! You will never defeat me, i can control your fate!
The heroes now has to walk to the Warp 2 (which pings on minimap :grin:) and avoid traps.

Part 5: Time 2--
This area looks like something from the middle age.
When heroes enter, he doesent say something but starts launching the bolts AND cast explotion thingy, WHILE he moves around the Time 2 area.

Part 6: Warp 3--
Life drops below 40%, he warps to Time 3, heroes to spawn, they got to move to Warp 3.

Part 7: Time 3--
This area looks like our time.
He starts bombarding the ground whit time bolts (starfall model)
if a hero is hit, the void regenrates 2% of his max life and the hero is moved to a random point in Time 3. When his life drops below 30% he stops "starfalling" and does like in Time 2

Part 8: Warp 4--
Life drops below 20%, he warps to Time 4, heroes to spawn, they got to move to Warp 4.

Part 9: Final Battle!--
When the first hero enters Time 4, they pause, cam pan, he yells: Wrecked mortals! You cannot defeat a master of time!!
he starts going crazy, teleporting around, launching shockwaves whitout aiming, exploding the heroes position, starfalling AND every 30 sec he starts loading up powers, if he got hit whithin his 5 sec casting tim, he gets interupted, if not, he moves all heroes to random points in Time 4 and damaging them.

Part 10: FINALY!!
When hes life is 1% he pauses all heroes, cam pan and he says:
Tha..nk.. y..you...
He dies and loads of effecst from he body starts: Undead dissapate, terrain deformating, NE death, and the Undead death.

Gratz u killed him :D

was that a boss that could be used?
Level 5
Dec 31, 2007
Boos idea - DotA creators, at the end of DotA the creators wont let go and you have to fight them.
Level 7
Dec 17, 2005
lol, yea! Eul, Guinsoo and Icefrog (incarnate) start atatcking you at the end of the dota game lol, that sounds good :)

You could also have a swarm of fanboys (children, male villagers and female villagers) run towards your heroes to attack you, though they have 1 hp each and do 1 dmg each.

After the swarm attacks, Eul strikes, with the classic heroes from dota abilities (furion tree, stealkth assassin death ward etcc lol)

Eul dies, Guinsoo appears and attacks (no ideas)

Icefrog attacks after guinsoo.

ive got no more ideas :p
Level 15
Aug 18, 2007
damn lord of sausage, thats good, i hope he puts it in! the thing i dont get though is why does he thank them when he dies?
maybe he was suffering, eternal pain from his abilities. it adds to the depth of the game.

yup, wouldn you thank guys who kills you after you spent 100.000 years in a timewarp and got driven insane? i think i would :p
Level 5
Dec 10, 2007
Nice work

Hey great idea GreyArchon, i love all the ideas that everyone is posting up too. If you need any help with your map (triggering) just let me know.

Also another idea for a boss is any of the bosses from Impossible Bosses?

Idea for another part of the map could be something like a riddles map? I see alot of those being created, could be useful to break up from all the fighting.

Anyway, good luck with your map, im really looking forward to playing it when its released. :infl_thumbs_up:
Level 3
Nov 15, 2006
How about a Card Shuffle event, and an idea for the final boss ability is...lag, really lag is a major part of most games. Another common map is LoaP but dunno how you can do that.
Level 7
Dec 17, 2005
I really like that lag idea, its surprisingly good.

Things you could implement with him is random hero pausing and just general stuff pausing/happening. You could make it where soemtimes heroes will run super fast to an area (dont you hate that) or or just freeze.

He could have an ability that actually causes lag and he just attacks as normal (lol)

He could also have an ability called disconnect or server split. Disc kills a hero while server split spreads all the people to different areas of the stage you're fighting in (doesnt really match what it really does but...)
Well you could always add in some sort've random hero "Bad Admin" basically a total douche abusing his powers as an admin,probably give em these abilities:

Turn the hero into a sheep or a noob or something and name it "banned"
Overpowered "Stampede"
Create five invulnerable tentacles to trap the hero (yes a bad admin would taunt a player during the trapping)
Big Bad Admin:
(If this hero is as annoying as I hope, with its low cooldowns and high hp,this ability should give the players a chance to deal with the admin)
The admin rallies himself into a frenzy (set the size increase to about .90) and such, probably just make him damage himself (damage area) for about 80% of his hitpoints (just enough to get in a kill before his health regenerates)
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