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The 11th Vampire TE

Submitted by Titanhex
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

The 11th Vampire was a PvP non-save RPG that first began in RoC. It had a compelling storyline along with fun gameplay elements similar to that of Against the Darkness.

It defaults as a 5v5v1 map with an optional storyline that focuses on the Lieutenant (The solo player). There is a max level of 26, and a handful of quests to be done that provide various rewards, and the goal to eliminate all competition by killing them til their lives reach 0.

The Storyline:

The Fang Squad and The Blood Pack are in a war by night. The town guard unable to stop them has allowed a dangerous procedure to take place. A naive young Lieutenant has taken a non-lethal dose of vampire blood. Will he bring the city salvation or damn it for all eternity? The 11th Vampire has risen.

What's the purpose? How do you win?

You win by PvP. Simply be the first to eliminate all opposition and your clan will reign supreme. Other modes currently include a King of the Hill option, and a blood orb collection mode is next.

Is 5v5v1 the only team choice?

No, not anymore. I've installed a 2v2v2v2v2v1 mode and a 3v3v3v1v1 mode, both of which are compatible with King of the Hill and the Default modes.

What are the quests and how do they work?

Quests are optional and driven by a plot. Some however can be considered merely sidequests or fillers.

They will typically give Vampire Blood to vampires, which is used to purchase valuable artifacts. However they may also yield a few other rewards a vampire may find useful.

For the Lieutenant, you recieve level up scrolls and weapons, but some quests may yield useful items to help you defeat the vampires. Some high level quests can expand the plot, and allow you to side with certain NPCs and alter gameplay.

So how does the gameplay work. I mean, how do you level and get items?

Leveling is done by killing civilians for blood, which allows you to purchase level up scrolls from havens. As you get stronger, you can start killing guards. This will allow you to level up without spending valuable money.

For the Lieutenant, doing quests earns you paychecks and items, all of which allows you to purchase level up scrolls and slay Vampires for EXP and gold.

You can purchase weapons from NPCs, buy transportation that lets you get to and from areas safer and faster, and kill enemies for equipment.

Be smart when playing. You can't go out of the safety of a haven when day breaks, or you will die. You can gain vampire blood by slaying vampires. Vampire Blood can be spent on artifacts. Getting close to key locations on the map, such as the Palace, Vault, or Castle will most certainly get you killed. Avoid this.

As the Lieutenant, it's important to know that taking on any one vampire is pretty easy, but taking on two is far harder. Don't be afraid to run. Dying to a vampire will result in you joining the ranks of their clan. Still, you'll retain all your power from mortality.

So what else? Are there events?

Scripted Events
Every few nights a new event will take place that will alter gameplay. The events are increased blood from strong specimens, the release of two Vampire Hunters and their watchers into the city, and a small handful of others that I haven't mentioned such as stronger guards coming out, and new quests made available.

Boss Fights?

Boss Fights
Right now there are no real "Boss Fights." You may fight certains NPCs for items, and some NPCs are more important than others, but they hardly qualify as "Boss Fights." However with the right balance, this may change and the key NPCs may put up more of a fight.

At present, a lot of units have A.I. for their spells, including the Homunculus of the Alchemist.

So how does the Player interaction work, like PvP and Cooperation

Teamplay and PVP
Well your team will start out on one side of the map in different Havens, and the enemy will start out on the opposite. Rushing into PVP is as easy as creeping over to the other side of the map and searching for enemies, which can be done in a single night.

The Lieutenant can and typically does go right into PvP. He may do one or two first level quests, but he knows he's stronger than any one Vampire. If he obtains NPC Tynan or Cassidy on his side, this goes doubly so.

If you choose to play with your allies, you'll be surprised at how helpful they are. Each hero can hold purpose on a team. With teammates, you can kill guards at lower levels and reap the reward from it. You'll also have a buddy system, assuring you that any one vampire or lieutenant who runs into you will be caught off guard.

What modes are currently available?

Modes & Settings
Most of these can be combined to set your modes all at once. There's also packaged commands like easy mode, and individual set up like guard strength & time speed.

-em, Easy Mode changes the duration of Night to be longer and Day to be shorter. Sets guards to weakest.
-nm, Normal Mode puts daytime and nighttime on default. Increases the strength of guards to rank 3 after mode selection ends.
-hm, Hard Mode puts daytime and nighttime on default. Increases the strength of guards to rank 5 after mode selection ends.
-2v, Fight against one another in a 2v2v2v2v2v1 mode.
-3v, Fight against one another in a 3v3v3v1v1 mode.
-5v, Fight against one another in a 5v5v1 mode.
-hc, Haven Control allows you to play for control of Havens to win.
-rm, Will toggle Rogue on death for the Lieutenant on or off.

-ts, sets the time speed based on 3 setting you must type after ts, very slow, slow, and normal.
-gs #, sets the guard rank from a scale of 0 (Easy) to 11 (Insane).
-vlives, sets the life count for Vampires.
-llives, set the life count for the Lieutenant's Vampire.
-slives, set the life count for Vampire Slayers.
-ct ###, Sets how long in seconds you must wait in a Haven before you control it.
-gt ###, Sets the length in minutes the game will last before victory is called.
-en/in, Sets the language mode. Currently English and Francais (French) is supported.

What heroes are there?

Each hero will play a role in the map, and have their uses and disadvantages. Moreso they will all have 4 spells consiting of 1 ult and 3 regular spells. The formula for spell levels is commonly 5/5/5/3. However some heres may have a variant, such as 5/5/5/2/1 or 3/3/4/5/3.

Currently the heroes and their finished spells are:
Hero List

Vitae Warlock [5/5]
Vitae Spells
Foul Blood
Replace enemy blood cells with your own violent cells. It deals 65 damage, and 40 more damage per level.

This spell will consume 10% of your current blood currency, so long as it's 10 or more, to enhance the damage. Enhanced damage is affected by INT.

Six Feet Under
Units around you willl be drug deep into the earth and pulled to your location. Any enemies in the way will recieve 50 damage, and upon the target reaching you it will recieve 30% of the distance drug in damage.

Each level increases the radius, max targets and damage of this spell.

Rain down fire and brimstone upon your enemies, showering an area in burning basalt.

Each level increases damage of rocks and amount that falls.

Blood Accumulation
Every few kills you will recieve an extra surplus of blood.

Summon Demon
Using a summoning ritual, call forth a mighty demon after sacrificing an innocent villager. If the target isn't a villager, it is simply immobilized for 10 seconds. So long as you continue to channel the spell, the unit will take 1% of it's current HP in damage every second. Any attack made against the target will break the channeling.

Each level increases max demons summonable and the cooldown of the spell.

Gangrel Vampire [4/4]
Gangrel Spells

Every attack made will increase your damage slightly for a short period of time.

Duration and damage bonus depends on level.

Rend - Only available in Gangrel form. This ability gives you a 10% chance to steal life when dealing damage.
Each level increases the life stolen.

Drink - This ability is only available in Bat Form. Recieve a permanent lifesteal bonus.
Each level increases the lifesteal bonus.

Hunt - Only available in Gangrel form. So long as you keep this ability active, your move and attackspeed will steadily increase. However each second consumes more and more mana.
Each level increases maximum move and attackspeed.

Flurry - This ability is only available in Bat Form. Blink automatically to any enemy and damage it.
Each level increases damage.

Bat Form
Gain the aspects of a bat upon transformation, becoming a powerful visage of destruction.
Increases your max hitpoints and damage, and gives you your extra abilities. However, you can no longer hide, and your body begins to consume itself.

Each level lowers the manacost and cooldown.

Vampire Assassin [4/4]
Assassin Spells
Assassin in the Night
Teleport over an area, striking each enemy in range. Enemies cannot be hit more than twice, and are targeted at random.

Each level increases damage.

Assassin's Leap
Blink from one point to another, taking off and landing with a spray of daggers.

Distance teleported and cooldown depends on level, while damage from the fan of knives is determined by Poison Daggers.

Poison Daggers
Send a flurry of knives outward to strike multiple foes. Each one is tipped with deadly venom. A maximum of two daggers can hit an enemy.

Each level increases damage done with each knife and number of knives thrown.

Swift as Shadows
When this spell is active you will slowly become one with the shadows until you're shape is difficult to see. As well you will move faster and faster, and become more and more evasive.

Each level increases the cap on your transparency, movespeed, and evasion.

Fallen Slayer [4/4]
Slayer Spells
Sun Glaive
This chakram is a powerful tool against Vampires. It will slice through anything in it's path, damaging it. It will also do bonus damage to any vampire it hits, even if it's the one who tossed it.

Each level increases damage.

Blade Spin
Slash enemies who dare to get too close with a whirlwind of your blade.

Each level increases damage.

Force an enemy to start attacking you. The enemy will not be able to stop for the duration of the spell. Your damage will temporarily be increased and their armor decreased until they stop attacking you.

Each level increases the armor reduction and your damage bonus, as well as the duration.

Using the prowess he once had in his mortal life, the Fallen Slayer discerns the location of his enemies, and sorts them by their strength.
Allows you to pinpoint the location of nearby enemy heroes and units.

Each level increases radius, with a powerful boost on the third level to gain temporary sight of targets.

Returned [5/5]
Returned Spells
Throw enemies away from you with a mighty thrash. So long as you continue to thrash any enemy near you will be tossed away and dealt damage.

Damage and radius increase with level.

Devour an enemy unit, slowly digesting it in your stomach. As you consume the unit, you regain hitpoints at a faster rate, but are visible the enemy you are devouring.

Each level increases the damage done during devour and hitpoints regained.

Grow enormous and gain a boost to attackspeed and damage.

Each level increases duration, attackspeed, and damage bonus.

Flay Flesh
Tear the flesh and blood from a fallen victim and devour it, replenishing your hitpoints equal to it's max hitpoints.

Each level increases the amount healed.

Spit Bile
The Returned will spit out bile and bodily fluid, which will damage and slow the first thing it hits. Consumes some of the Returned's life to use.

Each level increases damage.

Vampire Alchemist [4/4]
Alchemist Spells
Launch a vial mixture of several flammable components, including alchol, at a target area.
Causes initial damage and burn damage over time.

Each level increases damage and burn damage.

Create and Concoct
Create a random item in your inventory to assist you, give to allies, or sell to a shop. Casting depletes your mana depending on level.

Each level increases chance of an item being created, the chance of a rare item, and the amount of mana left after casting.

Alchemical Mastery
Your damage spills out over an area behind the target.
Transmuting items will have a chance to duplicate a rune twice.
Homunculi gain boosted damage and life.
Concocts Item pool includes more items.
Molotov does damage over time in an area.

Each level increases the strength of these bonuses.

Create and Concoct
Create a random item in your inventory to assist you, give to allies, or sell to a shop. Casting depletes your mana depending on level.
Each second of concocting drains your mana by 10%

Each level increases chance of an item being created, the chance of a rare item, and the cooldown.

Change an item on the ground into a beneficial rune. However there is a chance a highly hostile and dangerous mimic will be created.

Each level lowers the chance of a mimic and increases the number of beneficial runes that can be created.

Succubus [4/4]
Succubus Spells
Take control of an enemy unit for a period of time. Upon release the enemy will temporarily have shared vision of you.

Each level increases charm duration and cast range.
Puts allies near the succubus into a blissful state, regenerating their hitpoints slowly over time.
Drains mana until deactivated.

Each level increases the amount of hitpoints healed.
If the Succubus is attacked she will heal all those around here, and if she attacks those around the target will be hurt.

Each level increases the damage and recovery.
The succubus can sink her fangs into an allied unit to drain half it's hitpoints and recover her own with it. That unit will slowly heal back it's life if it remains out of harms way.

Each level increases the life healed and lowers the cooldown.

Talmascan Turned [4/4]
Talmascan Spells
Gorgon's Gaze
Slowly petrify an enemy. Should they no longer be able to move, they will turn to stone until the effect wears off.
Lasts 10 seconds.

Each level increases the speed at which their movespeed lowers.

Ether Shield
Creates a shield that absorbs damage by using mana. Any enemy who attacks the unit will be repelled by it's nether energies.

Each level increases the damage of the shield and the amount of damage absorbed per point of mana.

Brilliance Aura
Gives additional mana regeneration to nearby friendly units. Also gives them a 5% chance to deal 125% damage from either a spell or attack.

Each level increases the mana regeneration bonus and aura size.

Blood Knight
Summons the Ancient knights sworn to gather blood and fighter for their masters.

At level 2 the duration is increased, and at level 3 two knights are summoned.

Pureblood Vampire [4/4]
Pureblood Spells
Blood Star
Create a deep, blood red star with powerful qualities to heal allies and drain enemies. The more who stand within it's emanating rays the more damage it deals and the more it heals.

Each level increases the radius and duration.

Telepathic Crush
Concentrate your telepathic energies on an enemy, ally, item, or area. When targeting an ally or item, you will move them a short distance. When cast on an enemy, you will shove them back and deal damage to them. When cast on an area, you will deal low damage to the area and push everything away from it.

Each level increases damage and cooldown.

Latch onto and attack an enemy while you drain them of blood, replenishing your life. If you should kill with this spell, it will permanently remove 2 strength and give it to you. However if the target isn't a hero, that strength will be removed after 5 minutes.
Enemies cannot move or attack during channeling.

Each level increases duration.
Sanctuary of the Haven
Dissappear to the Havens that protect you and your clan from anywhere on the map. You will slam the ground as you leave, stunning enemies nearby.
Passively allows you to take less damage from the sun which can never be fatal.

Each level decreases cooldown, sun damage and cast time.

Nosferatu [4/4]
Nosferatu Spells
Ghast Strike
Send your claws into your enemies flesh, drawing sustenance from his wound.

Each level increases the damage.

Double Attack
Gives the vampire a chance to attack twice in rapid succession.

Each level increases chance.

Life Blood
Gives nearby Vampires an innate ability that increases their life replenish rate.

Each level increases the amount healed by Life Blood.

Soul Eater
Every attack under the effect of Soul Eater will deal amplified damage. However, a portion of that damage will be dealt back to you.

Each level increases the amplification.

Osirian Vampire [3/4]
Osirian Spells
Call forth deadly carrion scarabs from the corpse of an enemy. While not particularly strong alone, in large droves they can tear an enemy to pieces.
This skill gives you "Gold Scarabs" which are consumed to enhance other spells.

Each level increases the max amount, how many are summoned, and their attack power.

Magi Dust
Spray a wicked plume of deadly nethertoxins that deal damage to all units in an area. Amount of plumes determined by golden scarabs.
Golden Scarabs are consumed to enhance the dust's damage.

Each level increases the number of Scarabs used, the base damage, and the scarab damage multiplier.

Carapace Aura
Increase armor of all nearby units in range.
The number of Golden Scarabs under you control will increase the level of the aura.

Each level increases the base level and how far the Carpace Aura will increase.

Carrion Beetles
Each level increases the burrowing capabilities of the Golden Scarab. At level 1, the Carrion Beetles can burrow into the ground and create a minor dust storm that damages nearby enemies. At level 2, the Scarabs can also burrow into corpses and cause them to explode. At level 3, the Scarabs can burrow into enemies and slowly devour them.

Vampire Knight [0/4]
Mortal Vampire (Dave) [4/4]
Mortal Vampire (Tynan) [4/4]
Tynan Spells
Spell Absorption
Use to absorb the skill an enemy has just used.

Each level allows more and more uses before the spell reverts back.

Master Vampire
Allows you to create a vampire army, with a 5% chance of creating a vampire slave after every kill.

Each level increases the power of the Vampire summoned, as does the killed unit.

Vampiric Aura
Nearby friendly melee units gain hit points when they hit enemy units.

Each level increases life stolen.

Allows you increased blood flow, which in the hands of the Vampire equates to superior-vampire strength with permeated the senses.
Slow time for several seconds.

Each level increases the duration.

Cassidy [0/4]

As for spells, they're pretty much all Triggered spells, and all main heroes will have all of their spells be JASS enhanced.

What if I actually have a FAQ and don't like your stupid, made up FAQ?

Then please submit your Question on this thread and I will answer it. If it's something that should be added to the FAQ I will definently add it.


Here you will find a list of things I would currently like to do to the game the game:

Future Ideas to Implement
Fix a few bugs on quests and optomize the dialog.

Add a low level and high level restricted quest that allows you to denounce your Vampirism and join the City. Only available once by two questgivers on the map during 5v5v1 play.

Add a quest that allows the Lieutenant to switch allegiance to a clan of his choosing.

Deepen the storyline.

Add additional quests.

Scale the computer's units by the number of players currently in the game.

Add a number of set items that will have a special effect if you hold all pieces.

Create dynamic battles with high-priority NPCs that require teamwork.

Improve on the items available to be purchased.


Add a Blood Orb collect mode.

Add a capture the flag mode.

Add a survival mode for the Lieutenant.

Add a mode to kill as many villagers turned Lycan as possible.

Create a Clan Leader mode with Akasha an Vladmir on opposing sides.

Change Log

Added some functionality to the Palace Wizard, so that as a buyable unit he's more valid and can be upgraded.

Fixed the issue with Keeper Statue FoDing the selectors for the Fang Squad.

May've fixed desync on color game.

Fixed a bug with Tynan's door not opening.

Fixed Euphoria so it returns your used skill point when you try to level it up on active.

Fixed Seduce so it works properly.

Added more French translations.

Made it so when -havens is typed they are also pinged.

Added a -lives command to check your current lives.

Enabled shared allied vision per request.

Fixed Amulet of Office description.

Changed "Old Man" to "Lucas" in Lucas quest.

Fixed Dave Burning when he sides with Tynan.

Fixed Adrenaline's movespeed bug and attackspeed bug on buildings.
v01/26/11]Fixed a few bugs with the Tynan and Queen Archs of the Lieutenants story, as well as balanced out Tynan during the boss fight. He's now much harder. Removed debug mode that was accidently set. Made Santino a harder fight in the offchance you decide to battle him.[/HIDDEN][HIDDEN="v01/24/11
Reverted the Slayer back to Grom model.

Fixed up a few bugs with Adrenaline for Tynan.

Added a display for the end of King of the Hill to show a few awards like most hills captured or most lost.

Added a chance for Soldiers to drop the Vault Key if you're doing the Queens quest.

Added in a few French Translations for the -en francais setting.

Finished the Witch Hunter set.

Fixed up a few of the minigames.
Added a Bat Minigame.

Finished the Witch Hunter set and added in two new items for it.

Fixed bugs on Movespeed abilities, such as Swift As Shadows, Hunt, and Gorgon's Gaze.

Changed how Blood Leech Boots work.
Minor bug fixes.

Added all the items for Hero Specific selling to Khyannon.

Added dynamic item changing to Khyannon.

Added two more Minigames, a Color game and a Word Game.

Fixed a bug with alliances not being set up.

Fixed up Tynan's Master Slave skill.

Reduced Return's EXP gain from devour.
Added AI for Citizens.

Added a Minigame, the Number Guessing Game, for Vampires waiting for Night.

Made Bloodstar stronger at the center.

Replaced Life Blood with Blind Touch.

Increased the influence the killed unit has on Vampire Slaves.

Changed Telekenesis's name to Psychokenesis.

Removed a bug with Double Attack.

Made it so Hero Selection doesn't start til 10seconds into the game.

Made it so the Fallen Slayer's Blade Spin goes in a line towards a target point.

Alchemist gets Homunculi at level 6 instead of 11 and they can farm blood. Decreased their base life and damage and increased their growth to compensate.

Moved Ring of Amara to Alchemist Den and Blood Rite to cult shop.

Made the Mayor drop his amulet.

Fixed a few bugs you probably never would noticed :D

Fixed a bug with Swift as Shadows setting movespeed to 0 after casting Assassin in the Night.

Fixed Tynan Quest

Balanced Bloodstar and Nerfed Voracity.

Caused Telekenesis to pull enemies to you on single target.

Added information to the Quests in F9.

Added a message for -help when you select a vampire.

Added Step Here beacons for Barracks.

Increased the Assassin stats and growth, and allowed 3 max strikes for Knife Toss and Assassin in the Night instead of 2.

Multiboard is in place to show who is winning Haven Control.

Fixed respawn triggers for Mayor and Slayers. Haven't fixed the Amulet drop.
Converted from one bonus mod system to another, as it was bugging.
Gave Tynan the Spell Absorption, Vampiric Aura, Master Vampire, and Adrenaline abilities.

Added -3v mode or Teams of 3, as well as -2v or Teams of 2. In Teams of 3, Tynan is a playable hero for DG.

Added "Dynamic Shopping" to Khyannon the Alchemist. Depending on what you sell to him and who sells it, he may add new items to his stock.

Fixed up the Royal Coupe set so that the items together allow you to cast the Peace ability from the crown.
Finished the last of the Quest Dialogue.

Fixed PureBlood's telepathic crush so it works on items and allies now.

Added the Player Roster quest to show who is playing what in game.

Fixed up the Special Thanks section so it shows the players.

Added Barracks interior and changed the target destructible to create the City of the Damned.


*Current Credits List*

Royal Queen, Hearts FX - Dan Van Ohlius
Giant Bat - ArchonClock / Archonian / Grey Archon
NetherMage - PyramidHe@d
NetherMage skin - Hueter
Mimic - Ribenamania
Fallen Slayer, Arabian Vampire, Gangrel - Dionesiist
Talmascan Vampire - TheReaper
Guard Captain - FrIkY
Mortal Vampire Tynan - shockwave
BloodElf Mage - X.e.r.e.X
Mortal Vampire - Dentothor
Vitae Warlock - Big Dub
Pureblood Vampire - 13lur

Knockback, TerrainPathability, GroupUtils, Last Order - Rising Dusk
TimerUtils, xe - Vexorian
BonusMod - EarthFury

11th, Vampire, Titanhex, RPG, PvP, King, of the, Hill

The 11th Vampire TE (Map)

17:03, 8th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Approved
  1. Moonglum


    Jan 30, 2011
    Hey, first of all I'd just like to thank you for remaking this game so it is half decent. I noticed quite a few bugs and some are even game breaking.. I'll just start listing off what I can remember.

    -Key to Tynan's prison dropped by Mysterious Woman didn't work
    -Gangrel is bugged; Hunt will sometimes cripple his movement, bat form ability switches are messed up
    -When the guard set transformation times out, you get sent to the middle of the town region (which happens to be on a wall...so no moving)
    -Pureblood's abilities sometimes stop doing damage and his ultimate, Sanctuary of the Haven or w/e can be used within a haven or inside, the ability just doesn't cast but the effect goes off
    -The blooddrinker boots appear to lower the movespeed to about 15 after the effect wears off or something, not 100% sure, and it is irreversible
    -After you complete the Molok quest from Salamar, he gives out Orbs of Osmosis if you walk up to him over and over

    That's all I can remember for now, if I find more, I'll let you know.

  2. Tanasren


    May 14, 2008
    this is shit !! we shouldn't be able to escape Slayers !! they are noob hunters xD you gotta be prepared ! When i first played i kept dying on them but then i saved 8g and got them in havens.
  3. SasuhKun


    Jul 30, 2009
    If they're the same lvl as you are, they'll propably pwn you, even with a Hellhound.

    That's what happened to me at least. And I was using a STR hero. Besides, Hellhound's effectiveness wears off as we get more leveled. At least, with that same STR hero, lvl 6 (as the slayer) and with a hellhound, he couldn't beat me. If you were in lvl 3, with a hellhound, and the slayer was still in lvl 1 (no skills, or just a really weak one/didn't lvl yet) then he is killable. Aside from that... Also, he still is hard to escape from. But now it is possible at least.
  4. Tanasren


    May 14, 2008
    i said it's a noob hunter so if u always die on him then ur not well prepared... at the time he find you, you should already be lvl 5 or 6 or just buy 3 potions instead one of level, don't complain about that o_0
    it's made on purpose that they can kill u easily if ur not doing good
    and he is leveling with time, u should get him before he is lvl 8 kill the watchers
  5. SasuhKun


    Jul 30, 2009
    I don't always die on him, sometimes people are not prepared. And then, as you say, carrying potions is the solution? No. You must OVERLEVEL him.
  6. Titanhex


    Jul 26, 2008
    Slayers level up fairly quick, but they also don't appear until someone reaches level 4 and learns a spell at that level. They are level 1 too when they pop up.

    It's wise to take them down quickly though. At level 6 they get a rather powerful spell. It's a tricky business, hunting them.

    Anyways, I'm working on a lot of the bugs mentioned by Moonglum. I've irradicated most of them but some of them happen rather randomly, and I'm never sure if it's fixed or not. He does seem to have rather intimate knowledge of the map though, which is odd.

    Anyways, I've decided I hate how buggy Hunt and Swift as Shadows are, so I'm removing them and adding new spells for their respective heroes.
  7. Moonglum


    Jan 30, 2011
    I'm glad you looked into those bugs, a lot of them actually ended the game for me, since you couldn't really do anything. :p

    Also, I've played many many versions of this map, even made a little one of my own..so I know this map pretty well. I'd be willing to help with ideas or bug testing if you need any.
  8. Titanhex


    Jul 26, 2008
    Newest version updated, hopefully with proper fixes. You tell me :)

    Lol I can always use more people telling me what bugs they may've uncovered. I just wish some of them weren't so "Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't"

    Enjoy! unfortunately I forgot to update the map description and load screen :X I'll get around to it later.
  9. Tanasren


    May 14, 2008
    almost done with translation :p
    and what the fuck with swift as shadow !! it worked when we tested long ago everything worked (yes now it doesn't work but if it worked why giving up ?)
  10. Titanhex


    Jul 26, 2008
    I might put it back in. I wouldnt mind getting an idea on what people prefer.
  11. SasuhKun


    Jul 30, 2009
    Hunt and Swift as Shadow were indeed really sweet skills. Aside from some buggy occurence once. If only you could fix'em...
  12. Titanhex


    Jul 26, 2008
    Have you tried the two new skills:

    False Assault - Move into the shadows and create images to assault your enemy. So long as you don't get too far away, every second an image will spawn and attack your target.

    Each level increases the strength of the images and lower the cooldown.

    Hunt (v2) - Detect the weakened and injured, which increases your thirst for blood. All units nearby with low hitpoints will increase your attack and movespeed, and you'll be able to percieve their location.

    Each level increases the % life lost you will detect, the range at which you'll detect, and the duration of shared vision with them.
  13. SasuhKun


    Jul 30, 2009
    Transparency? Who cares for that? Alas, what is Swift as Shadows? I do not remember.
  14. Titanhex


    Jul 26, 2008
    Yeah it's pretty much just for subterfuge and effects.

    Swift as Shadows is the Assassin's ULT, which allows her to move fast and have up to 55% evasion.
  15. MR.Tricky


    Apr 10, 2010
    I was playing this game with a friend and everything was going well until we fought these 3 guards..we won of-course but my character became so damn slow as in like a turtle.
    Character: Slayer Lvl 13
    Item: blood Leech Boots
    Skills used: sun glaive then 2nd skill then sun glaive again
    Enemy Guards: 2 normal ones and the red one.

  16. SasuhKun


    Jul 30, 2009
    Titanhex, I was being ironic.

    The new skills seems pretty good.
  17. Gamefreak-


    Jun 25, 2009
    Really great game, I love it. :thumbs_up:

    I did notice one bug though, it has to do with brown.
    I've noticed when anyone playing as brown dies on their first life, it says they have -1 lives left and gives them a bat.
    I've tested this a few times to make sure and it seems to happen every time.

    Ever since I discovered it I've been playing 4v4v1 games. I hope you can fix it soon.
  18. SasuhKun


    Jul 30, 2009
    You actually manage to fill 4v4v1? Lucky bastard.
  19. Titanhex


    Jul 26, 2008
    The boots have been fixed by just giving a solid movespeed bonus. It seems the movespeed system I'm using is really buggy.

    Also the problem with brown was fixed. It no longer has 0 lives at start.
  20. Beuregard


    Feb 4, 2011
    i registered to the hive just for this map. love it and keep going dude.

    however i have been experiencing some bugs:

    - pureblood bat form sometimes gets stuck INSIDE the human barracks making it impossible to continue playing.
    - sometimes (very rarely 2 out of 15 played games) the blood star does no dmg and never disappears. random places

    and also im wondering what is the world ender set?
    where do i get more of it? all i have is the candle i get from the cultist store.

    oh and the haven control mode, is it required to own all havens? im asking because i play with my friend and he's in the starting phase and i dont want the game to be over after 5 - 9 deaths. i tried setting vampire lives to more than 9 but it diddnt work, i would like to know if its a bug or intended.

    id really like a mode that lets you play infinite. keep up the good work