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What is it about you
that makes my desire
an open wound

sealed with
compassionate touch alone..

Why is it
I wince,
haunted by thoughts
adorned and quelled only by you.

Paint me like a master
With traces of your stained hands
along my gaping silhouette.
Heal me with finger tips tainted by mine own blood.

Draw me into your murderous self,
Love me back to life.

Taint (Icon)

Tainted Flame V2 (Icon)

it's a bit difficult to tell what the icon is depicting, but otherwise it's a fine classic san-style icon.
Level 12
Jun 20, 2017
Awesome icon, you could use this in an immolition type spell where if the unit takes enough damage it gets "tainted" and the caster takes control of it, just my idea, excellent artwork 5/5
Level 4
Jan 12, 2014
If "Also, please, set as (...)" was replaced with "Also, please, would you set as (...)" it would sound more like a suggestion or request, to me it sounds like a decently polite order. If San had the same feeling, then no reason to be surprised of the reply.

About the icon itself, just like many people I do as well enjoy this theme of icons, they're so characteristic it's already obvious who made them!
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Level 12
Mar 24, 2011
I must have made at least 1 comment before rating :|

This looks fantastic.

The only way to improve would be to make a full icon set for a hero.
I guess one could compliment with the other icons like Poison Rain and Death Swipe, but I don't exactly feel the connection between. Maybe make the poison rain fall down with tiny skull-shaped droplets ? Or more interesting, make a variation of the Poison Rain = Death Rain or Fel Rain or Taint Rain ?