Tainted River v2.7

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CWeener Brings You

Tainted River

This is a 3 player Melee Map, featuring rivers and bridges.
You will encounter creep resistance and small spaces to build.
The fountain in the middle will provide health, if you can take it from the dragon that guards it.

"In the heart of ashenvale, something has defiled the once beautiful rivers."

This Map Contains:
gold mines for each player with 12,500 or 20,000 gold each.
1 Additional
gold mine with 20,000 gold
Hostile Units
49 Passive Units/Buildings
3 Shops
1 Goblin Laboratory
1454 Other Doodads&
The Ashenvale Tileset






*fixed start locations
*fixed object editor data to defaults
*fixed some pathing bugs
*fixed the map's melee status

*fixed holes in between trees
*fixed terrain underneath trees
*added some more hills and cliffs
*removed the ugly waterfalls
*calculated shadows *kind of a noobie mistake to forget that :X
*updated description :thumbs_down:

*major balance changes including,
adding of waygate for teal to get to extra goldmine. adding of extra creeps on bridges from blue&red to extra goldmine.
*adding of doodads
*fixed some pathing problems with rocks
*fixed item drops for low-level creeps. (one of them dropped MOD :p)

*Fixed creep drops
*Fixed doodads positions and added some shrubberies :)
*RE-Calculated the shadows
*fixed the terrain problems with random indentions :)

***If you have any suggestions please feel free to PM/VM me, or leave a comment, and please for my sake, BE BRUTAL!!!:spell_breaker:

CWeener Brings You
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Tainted River v2.7 (Map)

01:48, 26th Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Just look at pictures :sad:
Map need more balance for sure!

Red can exp to 2 mines easy + that one below can be reached easy (destroy/harvest trees)
Blue can exp to 1 mine but with best def, very easy to def and build base!
Teal is in the hardest position here, he has cliff that will block units and buildings from merging to 1 large base!
Terrain is or empty or full with trees, add some cliffs! And remove small places between trees because small units can hide there!
Fountain looks bad, remove waterfalls :p
Also tiles are bad, you can harvest or destroy trees with units easy, terrain will look poor!
Add fog (not strong one, example light green from 0 to 15.000)
Add custom light environment
Create region across whole map and add fog effect (light green/white) will be nice + rain from map options will leave nice effect!
Also pls calculate shadows and save map always before upload!

I hope that will you fix these problems soon, I will leave review tomorrow so I hope it won't be vote for rejection :razz:


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Level 16
Oct 10, 2009
will fix these by midnight my time tonight:p and as for the balancing, i have played in every spot against computers and players, and i believe it is balanced.
(see pic below)
red would have to block a lot more than teal, and has less space to build, but has a mine closer.

blue has trees which can be cleared for space, but has more entrances to block off, and his second gold mine is very open to attack as well.

teal has the most space but has a very separated secondary goldmine, but has an easy first base to defend.

Level 3
Nov 16, 2008
I really enjoyed it. And contrary to other members belief, I believe its balanced. However I do agree that the waterfalls look kind of ugly, but it doesn't affect my opinion that this is an awesome map. I'm glad I tried it.
All this reviewing has made me tired. Good night sir.
Level 16
Oct 10, 2009
Thanks for the review :)
and its okay about the waterfalls, they're being taken out when i update this tomorrow.

EDIT: 1.9 Is HERE! :thumbs_up:
featuring more trees, more doodads, more cliffs, less waterfalls, and more fun xD

2.3 is here.
changes include,
*major balance changes including,
adding of waygate for teal to get to extra goldmine. adding of extra creeps on bridges from blue&red to extra goldmine. (there you go -Kobas-)
*adding of doodads
*fixed some pathing problems with rocks
*fixed item drops for low-level creeps. (one of them dropped MOD :p)
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Well right away :D


Ok let see... Tainted River v2.3

Things that I like:

1st - Map Description
2nd - Tiles are good placed
3th - Sky
4th - Fog
5th - Global Weather
6th - Nice usage of lower and rise terrain tool
7th - Large number of doodads

Things that I don't like:

1st - 7 Gold Mines (Red can easily def 2)
2nd - Some Creeps level 3 or above don't drop items
3th - No point for Way Gate (there is no cliff and distance is small)
4th - It looks like shadows aren't calculated
5th - Fog is 2 strong (15.000 instead of 10.000 will do)
6th - That picture above

7th - Terrain leaks (picture below)
8th - Some doodads like Cattail shouldn't be placed on high ground, far from water. Also you can place a little more shrubs near rocks!

Word or 2 to Author:

*Well I have nothing to say :D I write all about map above, improve it and I will vote for approval :thumbs_up:. I will give you 2/5 for this one, items drops, shadows, gold mines and players location are main problems here! Some can be fixed easy but try to improve that problem that I pointed to already above!



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Level 16
Oct 10, 2009
okay, :)

7 goldmines... every player can get to their goldmine and defend it, and the extra one is accessible in the same amount of distance and resistance for all players.

Drops...well...whoops :grin:

Point of waygate is to help teal get to the extra goldmine in the same time as blue and red without having to face the dragon D:

wierd...i calculated shadows.

:/ i kind of liked the fog and though it added great effect. I'll probably not change that. :p

will fix doodads :p

New version to be up in ehh a day or so, I'll edit this post once I'm done.
That was old version in pic. New version is balanced i beleive.

*sigh* what is a terrain leak? i feel noobish asking.
Level 16
Oct 10, 2009
oh okay, I thought you meant like it leaked memory some how, I was like ZOH MY GOODNESS!!:) heh, new vers up within an hour or so.

And so it came to pass that the countess who...wait...wrong game...
2.7 IS HERE!!! and it brings

*Fixed creep drops
*Fixed doodads positions and added some shrubberies :)
*RE-Calculated shadows
*fixed terrain problems with random indentions :)
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Map Reviewer
Level 56
Jun 4, 2009
-the southwest mine doesn't have any guardians if the player isn't in the game from the start
-some of the expansion mines are nearer to some players than to others
-overall it has a random look; this sort of map is more suitable for campaigns