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Okay , so guys , this is my terraining map , you might find it useful for terraining. Well , sadly im not a fan of UTM 4 , maybe because theres a new high quality models mixed with low quality models [Sorry , flad :( ] . Also , for your information , this is just the expanded version of my "Construct with Pieces" Terraining map , remember?.

Textures are optimized [From 1024x1024 to 512 x 512 , from 512 x 512 to 256 x 256 , from 256 x 256 to 128 x 128. Also , they are BLP Lab-ed , reduced the quality by 50% , dont worry , textures dont look boxy pixelated in editor]. If you want to use high quality textures , just replace the textures in the map to more high quality (the original quality) , you can download the original textures in the original thread/sources, i already posted the links below (See "Contains" category)

"I am actually s'pose to submit this as UTM 4 but since there's already a UTM 4 , i named it "SZTM" This terraining map is really old , i've been using it for almost 1 year and i always update/upgrade my terraining map every month .Im not able to upload this in UTM 3 thread , im too lazy, "Remember the time that we're looking for new UTM?".

Note : Files are in 7z archive file. Hive dont allow me to upload .w3x map higher than 20mb.
Also , take note that i removed (Not actually removed , they are just hidden) the Blizzard models , if you want to use them , then you should change/edit the "Editor - Tileset" , just check the "All". "We're now on the new generation of terraining , we must use the new models , no more cheap and s^ck%ss blizzard warcraft dude-dads , move on!"


Hey Strydy , wheres the uberclouds? You can see them in "Units" category.


It contains everything you need except Blizzard models. (Again, all blizzard models are hidden , if you're going to use them , just edit the "Editor - Tileset" then select / check "All".

Warcraft 3 Forum / The Hiveworkshop / XGM / WC3C

-->Stones And Sword [S&S]
-->Modular Kingdom [S&S]
-->Refuge in Ruins
-->The Ruined Pack
-->Modern and Futurustic Buildings Pack
-->StryderZero's Flares and Glows Test - Model Pack [Unreleased]
-->Top Down Fantasy Pack
-->Fantasy Environment Pack
----->Goods/Market Stuffs
----->Wooden Stuffs
-->Ultimate Terraining Map 3.0
-->Asian Garden [Models Pack]
-->Slash Test [Models Pack]
-->Hunting Pack
-->B2M Medieval Pack
-->Nerubian Pack
-->Stone House Kit - Part 1
-->Stone House Kit - Part 2
-->Framework House Kit
-->Log House Kit
-->Naboo Buildings Pack
-->17th Century Doodad Pack

And Many More

Pack from other Forums
-->GTA Modding [IMFX Flares]
-->Stalker Call of Pripyat Mod [Nikikin Stalker Pack]

It also contains Flares and Stars (You dont need to spam glows to make a stars and galaxy, you just simply place the billboarded stars plane and you finally saved doodad count.)



-->JNGP 2.0 / JNGP 1.5
---->(Extension of JNGP) Grimoire *Enable ''No Limits'' Extension*
---->(Extension of JNGP) Extensions *Edit Tileset*
-->Modified MiscData.txt *Download the MiscData and place it to Warcraft/UI Folder*[Right Click the link then click "Save link as/Save as"

Whats the changes in the new Misc Data? This.

// terrain parameters
// Maximum slope in degrees, (86+ will disable slope limits)
// Global height limits
// 0 = low ground, each cliff level = 128


  1. Talavaj
  2. Ugre_ / _Ogre
  3. Xialinghua Studio [Also , Longbowman for Converting the pack]
  4. Nano
  5. Born²Modificate
  6. Tobyfat
  7. Manoo
  8. Illidan(evil)x also know as Sourc[e]x
  9. Klarnetist
  10. Black Sebastian
  11. Kofi_Banan
  12. Blood Raven
  13. Nasrudin
  14. xXm0rpH3usXx
  15. Punisher_X
  16. Celestea
  17. Daelin
  18. Ket Golosov also known as Ket
  19. olofmoleman
  20. sc_freek
  21. Mc !
  22. oBs3rv3r
  23. Deolrin
  24. Teaspoon
  25. Yayoi
  26. stonneash
  27. Verdun
  28. Строгги ---> "Strogg"
  30. П4ела ---> "P4ela"
  31. Доктор ---> "Dr"
  32. Искатель ---> "Sakh_badboy"
  33. Michael O a.k.a. Manufactura K4

Credits are still incomplete.


♦Friday , June 06 2014 - Released the SZ Starters Terraining Map
♦Saturday , June 07 2014 - Released the SZ Terraining Map
♦Sunday , June 08 2014 - Removed all the blizzard models , fixed the tinting color of the models , fixed the light environment etc.
♦Monday , June 09 2014 - Removed the SZ Starters Terraining Map

For the next patch/update , im going to :

-Add the Fantasy Library pack
-Add the fantasy trees by Talavaj and also the trees from fantasy pack by Michael O a.k.a. Manufactura K4
-Add the Church and Library Pack
-Add Starcraft II Pack by Tobyfat
-Add only the useful models from UTM 3/ 4
-Fix the tinting color , looks like i forgot to re-tint them.
-Reupload the models from Ruined Pack by Tobyfat
-Reupload the "Pack to Build a House" and "Pack to Build a Castle" by oGre_

This terraining map has not been approved in the terrain section and is not guaranteed to be working.

Download the SZTM Advanced [Full Version] v1.0 (Latest)



  • SZ Terraining Map [Full].7z
    26.1 MB · Views: 122
  • SZ Terraining Map [Full] v1.0.w3x.7z
    26.1 MB · Views: 321
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Flares and stars are nice but why exclude the library pack?

Im going to include the pack in the next update/upgrade. If im not mistaken , this was last updated February or March.

Those flares:)

Just to clear everyone.
Glows are made by Toby and i just retextured it , made a lot of variations of glows , flares , fire etc (I get the textures in Warcraft MPQ , some glows/flares are not yet seen anywhere like snowflakes , bubbles , and STARS! , so i made them). You can now control the FX of your terrain like fires , snowfall , watersplash etc :)


Updated the thread :)
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Another one created by Stryder... Good job on this :D ! Somehow, file size is so big.

The filesize is better than before , its actually 85 MB overall filesize. I just optimized the textures but i still failed to reach 10 MB size (which is impossible) .

Guys , you must download the v1.0 , it's the latest , dont download the first one.
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