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Spellbook Pack

Inspired by Might and Magic VII.
Will be updated soon with Body and Mind.
Give credits if used.

remade all of them and added a bunch more.

EDIT: removed pending icons from this pack temporarily because the icons disappear when they're in the pack and they aren't moderated yet :|

the old ones are here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2443105-post58.html (although you probably don't want them, :>)

spellbook, elements, magic, spheres, spell, water, fire, earth, air, spirit, body, mind, light, dark, life, death, chaos, order
18:50, 29th Sep 2009 General Frank: Very good icons and a good pack.




18:50, 29th Sep 2009
General Frank:

Very good icons and a good pack.
Hmm, quite nice. I don't like the "spirit" though, it's hard to see what it's supposed to represent. I might aswell suggest redoing it, making a yellow\white ghost-thing instead of this snake-with-halo-and-wings-and-eye thing.
That's how I imagined a soul. I really like it the way it is.
Level 23
Nov 17, 2008
Well, the pack is actually awesome! ^^
However at least remove that nimbus - it really screws everything, and its not really original. Maybe if you make the purple smoke of the soul a bit whiter, it will look better, however it indeed is original, not soul but interesting.
Level 11
Mar 7, 2009
lol, I didn't know that existed. The only thing that inspired me is Might and Magic spell spheres names...there weren't book symbols for them. It's impressing how nowadays everything has already been made. x(
HoMM3 released in 1999? :p
"Everything has already been made" before you started making icons for WC III.

Don't worry if something's been made already. Nearly everything can and should be done at least two times. And this is a great contribution to the idea of spellbooks. The pack is great. Enough said.
Level 17
Jun 9, 2007
I love the spirit one, becouse it stands out from the rest, it looks unique, and thats what makes me love it! :D
Its not often people make a purple spirit with a big eye and wings, is it? No, it isnt, why didnt anyone make it before? Becouse they lack creativity, and you dont HC, keep it up! =)