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Last Activity:
Oct 22, 2012
Mar 5, 2009


Well-Known Member, from Bulgaria

Lifee_72 was last seen:
Oct 22, 2012
    1. Miss_Foxy
      Hehe I only watch K-Pop music videos though, but I do find the movies pretty entertaining as well (:
    2. Miss_Foxy
      I'm from Singapore, haha :D
    3. DEFACKTwalker
    4. Hashjie
      Check out my new profile xD
    5. FrIkY
      No, sorry, I don't make textures anymore. But what exactly do you need? Maybe I can help you find an already existing skin that could replace me. If I can't help you, you can always try using the Requests section.
    6. Hashjie
      Waterknight is right, trigger it instead of using carrion swarm itself ^.^
      Sorry, but I don't really have time to provide a more concise answer.
      I have exams tomorrow so I should get some sleep... :(
    7. Hashjie
      I see your offering some nice help in world editor help zone :D Good job man!
    8. Hashjie
      Thanks for the feedback xD

      EDIT: lol I made a spelling mistake in the title so I had to reupload it, your feedback is gone :P
      Does it matter to you? :(
    9. Hashjie
    10. Hashjie
      I'm dutch and I'm 20 years old ;)
      Lol you could've looked at Location to see where I'm from xD

      Sorry for the late respond, just had some fun on darknet ^.^

      About the terraining, I am an okay terrainer you can look in this thread if you want to see my latest terrain:

      The problem is... Time.
      I'm currently creating 2 websites, I'm bussy on exams for my application design education, I'm learning Unreal Development Kit with Zbrush, 3DSmax, C++ and Unrealscript,
      in my spare time I try to help people out on the hive, and not to mention my own map which I need to worry about :S

      I've probably took a bit too much on my plate 0.o
    11. Hashjie
      I know 9gag, but I'm more of a 4chan guy ^.-
    12. Hashjie
      I'm so bored, tell me a nice story please :(?
      I'm stressing out on exams and having a braindead moment, I need some distraction and fast! :O
      F*** I just spilled my coffee all over the place >.< Now I gotta clean that shit up -,-"
      What a mess!
    13. Thesyus III
      Thesyus III
      np :) im not new to site but new to the acc.... you were one of the few that first helped me :) thank you!!!
    14. Sin'dorei300
    15. Hashjie
      I will do so as soon as I get home. I'm at school at this moment and am unabled to open the map from here.
    16. defskull
      That is to clean Unit Group leak.
      It is cleaned right after its first use (mainly use for per use only)

      It is situated above the Unit Group Pick All Unit action.
    17. watermelon_1234
      In terms of efficiency, this loop should be better than the previous one. You'll notice there's only one loop instead of two loops this time. The second loop had been used to remove the manipulating item by checking the hero's slot. This is pretty inefficient since there's already UnitRemoveItem which works like UnitRemoveItemFromSlot but removes the item directly.
    18. watermelon_1234
      I gave you an idiotic fix to your old problem. Here's a better one:

      set check = UnitItemInSlot(u,index)
      if GetItemType(check) == itype and i != check then
      call UnitRemoveItem(u,i)
      call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetOwningPlayer(u),0,0,"Can't have more than one item of the same class!")
      set b = true
      set index = index + 1
      exitwhen index == 6 or b
      Replace it with the loop I gave you earlier.
    19. -Kobas-
      Well at least gameplay is alright, and that bug don't cause any great or game breaking errors...
      Still it is really bad :D
      I will fix that for sure, thanks :thumbs_up:
    20. watermelon_1234
      Sorry, I don't really deal with map protection. You could try optimizing your map.
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    Cult of the Damned
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