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[Spell] - Two spells

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Level 8
Jun 21, 2009
Hello, I'd like to request two spells, preferably in JASS or GUI, but not in vJASS. The spells don't need to be MUI or MPI, as they will be used by only one unit in the map.

Spell 1
- The caster shoots a projectile at the target
If the target has a specific buff:
- The target is disabled/paused, and explodes after 2 seconds
- The projectile travels back to the caster, healing X% of the target's max health or Z HP, whichever is higher.

If the target doesn't have that specific buff:
- The target receives damage every 0.5s for 2s or until the target dies, and the total damage done is stored in a value
- After the 2s pass, the projectile travels back to the caster and heals it for the total amount of damage done in the 2s.
- Creates a dummy unit that afflicts a buff to the target.
Spell 2
- Shoots a homing projectile at an enemy.
- The projectile damages every enemy it passes through, and deals more damage to the target upon impact (or instantly kills if it has below X%HP)
- Afflicts all enemies hit with a buff.

If the target has a specific buff, the projectile gains a "stack". Upon impact with the target, it will detonate, dealing AoE damage over a small area. The damage is <number> * number of stacks. Also removes all positive buffs from the target.

Optional: The "stacks" are capped to 5(+1 for each level of the spell).
The damage of both spells would also depend on the spell's level.

Credits (in the map and on the Hive) and rep will be given if anyone helps me with these spells. ^^
Not open for further replies.