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  • Yours is half done I haven't gotten any work on it because I have been away from my computer with it for around 6 days now but still working on it unless you don't want me too.
    hey. do you still need theese spells?

    Name: Mororai
    GUI please
    I would like a skill that levels 6 times
    Description: After a 1 second channel the caster shoots a spell in a straight line healing all allies and dealing damage to all enemies it passes through, the spell should shoot globally.

    I would also like another spell

    Name: Shatter
    I would like it to level 6 times
    Discription:The caster shoots a skill shot in a straight line dealing damage to the 1st thing it hits.
    The damage is equal to 20/30/40/50/60/70 + the attack damage of the caster.

    If they're needed i think i can do them.
    Hmmm I would like the fall side to have the tileset matching the cherry trees and the summer could be green. the boss areas should be winter though.
    Instead of a summer terrain mind if I do do a more green terrain it will still have that summer feel but most tiles don't look summer like is all.
    Nope that isn't too long at all. I am just thankful you are doing it for me. I dont put time restrictions on favors. :)
    L2Love is working on a terrain for me after he finishes his current project. Once i get the terrain i will begin implementing all of these codes and putting up a concept map with like 2 heroes just to get a feel for the game play. Since i am only really good at designing characters feedback on gameplay in the early stages is vital to a maps survivability. Currently i am working on characters with the Dota Template, as well as learning the Triggers and what not. Thank You everyone who is helping me in any way and there will be a quest and Possibly an item/character in honor of the people who help me out.
    I've finished your surrender system, and posted a demo map in the thread.

    For your end game stats, I'm also done with that. A demo map will be posted in the thread about it aswell.
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