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Challenging Spell Requests

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Level 10
Mar 19, 2010
Hi guys it's me again. I would need some essential spell on my project which I cannot make myself.
1. Necrotic Curse Passive/Aura
-Every 25 seconds cause enemy within 1200 range to receive no heals, means reduce every healing done by 100%, for 22.5 seconds.

2. Soul storm Active/Point Target
-Mark target point with Abilities\Spells\Other\GeneralAuraTarget\GeneralAuraTarget.mdl and cause it to explode after 2 seconds. Upon exploding it catch enemy within 300 range and rotates around the marked spot for 2 seconds. While rotating it's fly height and distance to the point is slowly increased. When the 2 seconds is up ti throws the catch-ed unit 200 range further away and cause it to fly down. Whole process does not damage but catch-ed unit and unit around it's impact point of 150 suffers 15% of their max Hp in damage.

3. Hungering Plague Active/Unit Target
-Inflict target with a plague, deals damage over a duration. Every second it ticks and checks:

*if target's Hp is below 25%, increase 2 plague stack
*if target's Hp is higher then 25%, increase 1
*if target died, increase 5 and bounce off to a nearby unit, enemy or ally, but cannot on caster.
*if target has more then 85% Hp reduces 2 stack but will do nothing if has only 2 stack or below.

*Bounced plague will continue it's dps and checking effect on target.*

*Starts with 15 stack.*

Total Damage dealt=22.5*PS
10 sec for 1~10 stack
15 sec for 11~30 stack
20 sec for 31~50 stack
25 sec for 51~100 stack
Max 100 stack

When reached 100 stack it will wait for another 30 second and then instant inflict every enemy within 1200 range with a 50 stacked plague which won't spread. Does inflict the target. Only the plague of the target continue to spreads.

*Once caster's Hp goes below 11% it inflict every enemy with a 75 stacked plague and stops spreading. No matter if the caster's Hp goes up again.

*Cast-able once per unit(for caster), like Huntress's "Sentinel" ability.

Guys please help me because I'm really in need of these abilities.
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