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Spell Idea gather Thread

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Level 7
Dec 10, 2003
im back!!

another mortar spell:
-Still dont have a name-
this spell will allow the player to pick every time one of various bombs. every level will include another pair of bombs, offensive and defensive.

Level Data:
level I - Grenade: low damage, big splash
(visual effect: fragments)
- Flash Bomb: stunts enemy units for X time

Level II - level I bombs +
- Dynamite: modert damage, medium splash
- EMP: drains mana, hurt summoned units

Level III - level II bombs +
- Phosphorus Bomb: high damage, no splash
(visual effect: green glowing liquid)
- Smoke Screen: blinds all units in the area
and reducing their armor

thank you and good night!

maybe you can give us another status report about chosen spell ideas?
Level 1
Jul 18, 2004
Ultimate spell

Tides of war:
Brine calls a huge wave that makes a good critical hit.
Enemy troops that got killed by the wave turns into parasite and when the parasites do damage it will heal Brine.

Shield bash:
Choppy is focussing for a while. Then he does swift attack that goes through his enemy it will couse some damage and enemy will lose some armor. :D
Level 3
Apr 24, 2004
For Blasty you could make an ability like the one in ff open rpg of metior but it has flare (going up rtgen coming down) and then explodes the steam tank impact mdl.
Level 3
Jul 7, 2004
Here's a bunch of spells I thought up for Brine.

5 water tornados are created around Brine. He shoots them out from him, and any enemy unit hit by one gets caught in it and takes 10 dmg/sec for 8 secs. After those 8 secs it is launched out in a random direction and stunned for 3 secs on impact. The whirlpools dissipate after 20 secs. Number of whirlpools, damage per sec and stun time all increase with level.

Tital Wave:
A tital wave is shot straight out from Brine, and any enemy unit hit by it is knocked back, takes 75 and stunned for 5 secs. After a very short time (I'm thinking 2 or 3 secs) the wave collapses and shoots many smaller waves out from the point, and any enemy unit they hit get knocked back, take 10 damage for every second they hit them, and slow their movement speed for 30 secs. Every level brings up initial wave damage, range the smaller waves travel and damage smaller waves deal.

A tital wave is shot straight out from Brine, and any enemy unit hit by it is taken into it. They take 15 dmg/sec until is collapses (About 10 secs). When it collapses, any units caught in it have their movement and attack speed reduced for 20 secs. Every level brings up damage per sec, time until wave collapses, and duration of slowing.

Brine fires a bubble at a target unit, dealing 100 damage. The bubble pops on impact, and fires 6 smaller bubbles, which deal 25 damage to whatever they hit. Those bubbles pop on impact, firing 3 more smaller bubbles, which deal 5 damage on impact. Each level increases damage of bubbles and quantity of bubbles per pop.

Brine spits out a ball of water at the target enemy, dealing 100 damage. It bounces to another enemy unit dealing 1/2 damage, then bounces to another dealing 1/2 damage again, then bounces back to Brine, healing him by 1/2 of the total damage. Each level increases damage of the initial hit (which does increase every bounce's damage) and number of units it hits.

Brine begins channeling, immobolizing and inflating himself, until you either choose a target, 10 secs pass or he is attacked-

1)Choose a target- He fires a water spout from his mouth at the target, knocking it back and dealing damage to it. How far it is knocked back and how much damage it deals depends on how long you channeled for.

2)10 secs pass- If 10 secs pass without choosing a target he will fire the water straight infront of him, hitting whatever is in the way, enemy or not.

3)He is attacked- He is forced to abort the spell and takes extra damage from all the water he must force out at once.

That's it for now, hope at least one looks good to you, Darky.
Level 6
May 5, 2004

Hi there I' m back! With a 56K computer using the phone line, but I' m back... Lol. Great spells are being posted there. I have ideas too, don' t forget! Here we go!


Aqua Wall
Creates a wall of water around the hero, blocking every missile approaching from him. The wall also damages enemy units inside of it.

Level 1: Lasts 5 seconds, 10 damage per second.
Level 2: Lasts 7 seconds, 20 damage per second.
Level 3: Lasts 10 seconds, 30 damage per second.
AOE: 350. Required level: 1.

I can' t add more for now on, have to take the phone for a bit... I' ll add more in a few hours.


Ahoy, it didn' t take as much time as I thought! (^_^x). Well then, let' s carry on. I' m still on Brine' s spells. I' ll do his abilities later on.

Aqua Wall
I already described it.

Salted Water
Calls upon the powers of the sea, causing each unit near Brine to suffer from thirst, draining their attack and movement speed and inflicting minor damage to them.

Level 1: 10% speed decreased, 5 damage per second. Lasts 20 seconds.
Level 2: 20% speed decreased, 10 damage per second. Lasts 30 seconds.
Level 3: 30% speed decreased, 15 damage per second. Lasts 45 seconds.
AOE: 500. Required level: 1.

Water Stream
Based on the very power of water, this spell allows Brine to summon a mighty torrent that strikes at his ennemy, taking the shap of a deadly spark. The water bounces on ennemies and inflicts greater damage to the next target.

Level 1: 50 starting damage, 10% damage increasing, bounces 5 times.
Level 2: 100 starting damage, 15% damage increase, bounces 8 times.
Level 3: 150 starting damage, 25% damage increasing, bounces 12 times.
Range between targets: 300. Required level: 1.

Ultimate: River Flow.
Calling upon his greatest powers, Brine is able to summon deep water by creating a breach trough the earth, allowing water to pass in. The units that were where the hole was pierced die inside of it. The water spot is permanent.

Level 1: 5 seconds casting time, AOE: 400.
Level 2: 4 seconds casting time, AOE: 550.
Level 3: 3 seconds casting time, AOE: 700.
Required level: 6 or 7.

I' ll add more soon enough.

EDIT:: 2::
I' m back again, this time with thrilling ideas, not for spells, but for Brine' s abilities! I will start just now:

Mud Creature
Brine is able to summon little creatures made out of muddy water from a corpse. Those swamp beings live underwater, hidden from mortals. When a human comes near them, they jump out of their hideout and eat them alive. Up to 4 Mud Creatures may be summoned, each of them staying alive until they are killed.

The Mud Creatures have 550 hit points each, do 17-21 melee damage.

Shimmering Water
An aura that give speed, life and damage bonus to allies. Brine' s aquatic skills are powerful, and even able to summon water for his troops to keep their strenght.

10% speed, 15% life, and 5% damage bonus.

You might also change the data of it, but I think it' s going pretty well.

Alright, Laterz!
Level 5
Jul 14, 2004
Perpetual Motion.

Angry takes aim and shoots, bouncing a bullet off one target's helmet, dealing 10-20 damage. The bullet ricochets off towards the next closest unit, friend or foe, moving up to around 200 towards them. If it hits, it bounces off their helmet, moving to the next closest enemy, though not straight back to the enemy it just came from, and if it hits them, onto the next, and the next.... It eventually ends when either everyone's run out of range, there are only two survivors left standing, or it misses someone.

Level 1: 5% chance of missing each segment after the first, 10-20 damage per hit, 100 distance can be travelled between targets.

Level 2: 1% chance of missing each segment after the first, 15-30 damage per hit, 200 distance can be travelled between targets.

Level 3: 0.5% chance of missing each segment after the first, 20-40 damage per hit, 300 distance between targets.

Hard to do, but I can see tactics of stationing your own units to link chains with it.

More once I get sleep.
Level 5
Jul 14, 2004
Perpetual Motion.

Angry takes aim and shoots, bouncing a bullet off one target's helmet, dealing 10-20 damage. The bullet ricochets off towards the next closest unit, friend or foe, moving up to around 200 towards them. If it hits, it bounces off their helmet, moving to the next closest enemy, though not straight back to the enemy it just came from, and if it hits them, onto the next, and the next.... It eventually ends when either everyone's run out of range, there are only two survivors left standing, or it misses someone.

Level 1: 5% chance of missing each segment after the first, 10-20 damage per hit, 100 distance can be travelled between targets.

Level 2: 1% chance of missing each segment after the first, 15-30 damage per hit, 200 distance can be travelled between targets.

Level 3: 0.5% chance of missing each segment after the first, 20-40 damage per hit, 300 distance between targets.

Hard to do, but I can see tactics of stationing your own units to link chains with it.

More once I get sleep.
Level 4
Apr 12, 2004
finish this madness

You may have alrdy choosen and posted elsewere, but i think you should read though all the suggestions, and choose what you want to use. we got a huge amount of ideas amasses here including a great deal from myself and a lot from other. the only one to hear he was choosen was UV - polease write who got spells in (and write they made ideas from spells in credits)

I owuld make more spell, but i have other fourms to seek out info in the fishy map :lol:
Level 6
May 5, 2004

Maybe but we still continue giving ideas to help Joel Steudler. Even if we aren' t chosen, I' m glad I could help a bit. Now for Choopy:

Choppy swirls his axes over him, causing him to fly to a short distance, avoiding obstacles. Though as if he dashes on a tree, the spell ends and Choppy is confused.

Level 1: 400 distance.
Level 2: 600 distance.
Level 3: 800 distance.

Drilling Axes
By a fantastic turn of wirst, Choppy puts his axes in a unit' s body, then turns his axes in it to open its wounds and inflicting serious damage to that unit.

Level 1: 250 damage.
Level 2: 350 damage.
Level 3: 500 damage.


Choppy uses his axes as balances, and throws himself forward, cutting everything to pieces, even trees.

Level 1: jump of 450 distance, 335 damage.
Level 2: jump of 550 distance, 450 damage.
Level 3: jump of 700 distance, 600 damage.
Required Level: 1.

Ultimate: Chop Typhoon
The hero turns on himself to create a powerful tornado of axes, slicing everything getting in its way.

Does 550 damage per second, lasts 12 seconds.
Required level: 6 or 7.
Note: You should find a MK model swirling around for this, or take a tornado model turning around him, maybe...

I' ll add more later. See ya!
Level 4
Apr 12, 2004
*sigh* here i go again
TO EVERYONE SUBMITING IDEAS - Darky has already mentioned he wants new and inovaticve ideas, namely things outside of the WC standerd engine (like stuff that needs JASS)
Also i really don't care if My ideas are picked or not but I'd like to know witch way it went, even if all i get is a- "cram it you dumb fool, non of your stupid ideas were picked"
this may seem old an rude, but just for the sake of not having to search everything I'm gonna post all my posted ideas on this one-

Tsunami- Create a tsunami that crashes down on the feild doing to following effects-
-Making it immpossible to see for 5-7 seconds
-Rusting all machines
-Turning ANY ground below to area of tsunami to shallow water
-Displacing many units
-150 damage to ALL units in area

Trigger Happy- The gunner that uses this will imidiatly have a short chage period in wich to player that controls the gunner presses the zero key repidly. After the chagre is over the gunner will fire as many rounds as the zero key was pressed rounds on the targeted enemy.

La'Summon- (An increse on normal summoning, even if you said you didn't want it)
The player is givin a chose of 10-15 elemental bullets-
Forest-Dark Green
Oceen-Dark Blue
Ice-Light Blue
(etc etc I'll edit to post will more)
The player will selecet 3 of them and target an enemy,
each combo of 3 bullets creates a different summon, and the target it enemy is hit but 3 slow moving colored bullet. When they hit then enemy, it kills them and the summon come out of body
-Can not be used on heros-
-Can not be used on Creeps over level 5-

Cursed Sword- A swords man releasees his sword from hand, turning him and the now floating sword into 2 different models. the sword will hit 3 random units (yours or enemys) and kill them insantly The sword AI will tell it to not target heros if possible
-sword an not on creeps over level 8-
Meanwhile, the swordman that realesed it turns into a punching unit with a small percent form of bash

Knock Out- Used on the swordless swords man, it is a 3% chance to do the following-
-Send a unit falling back
-a 5 second stun
-a 20 second that type of stun you can move in

Potshoot- The gunner chagres unit, during this period the player will press the zero key rapidly when to chage is over damge will be callculated like thi-
Number of times zero key pressed x 3 +30
(this damage will be armor peircing)[/b]

Hurl Fowel- Units throws a duck at the enemy, the duck thrashes wildly in the enemy's face dealing 3 damage a second for a random amount of time

Hot Potato- The unit (preferably a morter)
Fires a VERY explosive bomb at an enemy, the enemy CAN however, catch to bomb with the g key and throw it back at one of your units. you continue throwing the bomb until some1 trips up and then the following effects happen-
-A lagre (1500 radius i was thinking) exploshion happens
-All units in the blast take 700 damage
-All units 1-500 or so outside to blast take 200 damge
-All ground in the blast is lowered by 1 layer of ground
-All ground into the blast becomes desert like
-Tree in to blast die
-Trees 1-500 outside to blast turn into a sorched tree model
-grounf outside to blast looks sortched

Impale- Some meele unit rashes and stabs his weapon into the beely of some enemy unit, dealing 500 damage, but can get weapon stuck in enemy, when weapon stuck player has to following options-
-press p rapidly until unstuck
-press o to make unit forget weapon and turn into a punching unit

Suigin's Blessing- A targeted area in covered with water, turning all grond into DEEP water, out of the water riases the Watter godess Suigin (addapt it to greek name if you want, i don't know it) Suigin will randomly to one of the following-
1. create a huge downpour with the following effects
--all amphibius units heall 5 hp a second
--all ground turns into shallow water
2. bless the water She is standing on, makeing a foutain of health in the middle of it
3. Send All enemy units in an are flying back
--dealing 150 damage
--stuning them for 5 seconds
--Moving them back 300 of so

Poisin vapor- creates poisinus cloud all over a certain area, poinsining units and doing to following-
-makeing trees into dead-looking model
-remove grasss from ground

Expand- Make an enemy unit stedy bigger and bigger (while caster channels) this makes the enemys stronger, but slowier, and after a while it explode, making water damage to all units around it

Gysers- Make serveal water turrets spout out on random points on the ma[, causing 200 damge to all it hits, and making terrin shallow water

Slurp- Make a unt (specifically a murloc) Stick a touge out and grab an enemy unit, then you have the option of
-eating him
-spiting him onto the ground
-attempting to charm

Bear for ALL-Ale is thrown into the crowd randomly cuaseing any of these effects-
-100% damage increse
-90% miss
-35% evasion
-sight -400
(the spell applys to all units)
Level 6
May 5, 2004
Okay, okay

Napalm AirStrike (preferably for a Mortar Team)
Calls a BomberJet to drop many bombs toward the ennemy, that will explode in the air, releasing a boiled liquid that burns anything in the area where the missiles exploded.

Level 1: 5 missiles, 30 damage per second, lasts 10 second.
Level 2: 8 missiles, 45 damage per second, lasts 15 seconds.
Level 3: 12 missiles, 60 damage per second, lasts 20 seconds.
Required level: Either 1 or 3.
Note: this may be an Ultimate. This spell only works with any ground unit.

Fury Shot (Mortar Team)
The Mortar Team turns into random directions (North, West, East, South) and shoot powerful projectiles toward the random direction the unit has chosen.

Level 1: 125 damage each, fires 3 projectiles in each direction. AOE: 100.
Level 2: 175 damage each, fires 5 projectiles in each direction. AOE: 120.
Level 3: 225 damage each, fires 8 projectiles in each direction. AOE: 135.
Required level: 1.


Contradiction (For any hero)
Causes an ennemy unit to do whatever he wants, going everywhere and attacking the targets he wants. The unit is no longer controlled by the player, and may even attack his own allies. While it is in madness, the unit is invulnerable.

Level 1: Lasts 15 seconds.
Level 2: Lasts 25 seconds.
Level 3: Lasts 40 seconds.

More to come soon.
Level 3
Jul 21, 2004
An Axey Idea

An idea for the guy with two axes....or u could do it with a guy with say 2 hammers or 2 swords.

right...the idea is he throws his 2 weapons at an enemy making him stand still while he waits for the weapons to come back. Meanwhile the weapons Hit one target then split off opposite sites hitting other enemys dealing less damage each time.

I hope you understood that cus i certainly didnt. :p
Level 6
May 5, 2004
Other Spell Idea for Brine

Brine' s Ultimate:

Yiojin Murathin Mana: 225.
Calls the spirit of the God of all Seas and Oceans to possess Brine' s body for a limited amount of time, giving him a different shape, the shape of a strange creature.
Required level: 5.
The Yiojin Murathin looks like this:


The Yiojin Murathi has 2 levels.

The Yiojin Murathin can use those spells:
Oceanic EarthQuake
Calls upon the power of the deep water, opening a breach into the earth' s crust, causing a massive earthquake raising a very powerful tidal wave, and crushing it toward the selected area, dealing major damage to all units in the AOE.
Note: to use this spell, you must first select a water spot nearby the hero; then choose an area where the tsunami will crush.

2 Levels.

Boiling Water
Concentrating only upon the water' s symbiose, the hero is able to change the molecular structure of it, and making it boil, inflicting damage to the living beings currently in it.
Note: it must be cast nearby a water spot; all units will suffer damage. It can be cast on a deep water spot, as well as on a water spot units can walk on.

2 Levels.

Soaring River
Causes a river of deep water to surge from the hero toward a designed point at a certain distance. All units that were where the water surged will be engulfed in water and disappear into it (they die).

2 Levels.

Ultimate: Raging Elements
This causes a tempest to rage upon the target area, provoking small earthquakes, each dealing damage and slowing units walking upon it; it also causes lightning to surge from clouds, dealing extreme damage, and if cast on a water spot, it causes tidal waves to crush in random directions. Tornadoes are also formed, dealing damage and throwing units in the air, causing even more damage to them.
Note: the earthquakes, lightnings and waves are formed in random spots of the target area. They will not target especially ennemies, and they won' t always touch them. They go in random directions.

1 Level.

The Yiojin Murathi' s spells will grow with each of its level.
Oceanic EarthQuake: Level 1: 325 damage, AOE: 200.
Level 2: 435 damage, AOE: 300.
Boiling Water: Level 1: 15 damage per second, lasts 30 seconds, AOE: 250.
Level 2: 20 damage per second, lasts 35 seconds, AOE: 325.
Soaring River: Level 1: 3 seconds casting delay, 400 distance max.
Level 2: 5 seconds casting delay, 550 distance max.
Raging Elements: Random damage between:
Earth: 1-25
Water: 2-20
Lightning: 1-45
Wind: 1-5; throw damage: 5-35 varying if thrown toward a tree.
AOE: 900.

The Yiojin Murathi possession will last:
Level 1: 60 seconds.
Level 2: 80 seconds.
Level 1
Jul 25, 2004
For any axe guy:

Axe Shield

Throws three to seven magical axes that rotate around hero. When an enemy comes in range, an axe will fly towards the enemy, dealing damage.

For Murloc:

Power of the old gods.

A huge area of effect channeling spell that randomly superbuffs your units and supercurses enemies. If units are killed in the area, they become Spawn of Cthulu, under the control of the caster of the spell.
Level 1
Jul 29, 2004
How about a Bio-electric Bolt? Does damage to all baddies within a radius of the Merloc and double damage in water. :twisted:

Level 4
Jul 23, 2004
OK, for this skill you'd have to make an upgrade whitch cannot be reasearched and has a lot of levels. Whatever it does is up to you.

The ability (for Brine) Would cause moderate damage to an enemy unit. If the unit is killed, Brine eats its brain, absorbing all its knowledge and increaseing the upgrade by one level (two for heroes)

Or you could just have multiple upgrades that are increased randomly.
Level 1
Apr 1, 2004
Maelstrom (kinda got this idea off The_Raven lol)

A whirlpool that sucks enemy units into it in a spiral pattern and then instead of killing them throws them to a random point in the map. Therefore, 6 units wont be instantly killed...

Tooltip - Brine conjures up a giant maelstrom to fling his enemies across the map. deals 100 initial damage to all units caught in the storm. Lasts 10 seconds.
Level 3
Jul 31, 2004

Aura of the Depths:
Slows enemy units movement/attack speed around hero
-slow increases each level

Brine casts his rod into water and pulls out a freindly murloc/naga/fish-thing to help him attack enemies.
-creeps increase in stength every level
-speed of cathing increases per level

Brine summons up a wall of water to deal a moderate amount of damage to nearby enemy units, riding the wave surf-style, gaining speed for a few seconds. When the wave stops, all units hit by the wave suffer an accuracy decrease (or brine becomes harder to hit)
-damage increases per level
-distance brine can surf increases per level
-evasion/accuracy penalty increases per level

Brine raises water around him, dealing small damage to buildings/units at an interval, slowing enemy units. Not a channeled ability, brine could move after starting flashflood in an area.
-increase in radius per level

Brine dives underwater, moving invisibly (except to air units), losing his attack but gainjing speed

Blades of the Deep:
Imbueded blades from a lost age are power in brines hands, increasing his evasion and giving a small critical-strike/damage bonus

-Critical strike to the max
-bloodspurts form head (for effect)
-target is stunned
-Using floating text, words in bloodred appear above target "Headshot"
-attacker is slowed for a sec
Drift Net:
-Mortar blast of ensanring nets in an area
-nets fall at random points, ensareing ALL targets that are hit within 80-120 range of afaling net
Accelerated Evolution:
-unit with evolution gradually changes
-random increases to points/abilites happen every 15 or so seconds
-lasts for 3 minutes
-random points of unit change, increase in size
-random color changes in unit
-all changes are permanent until death of unit
-can only be used once until hero dies and is reborn
-hits an area over any terrain
-leaves marks in terrain
-burns all trees, all targets r burned for long amount of time
-"heats up" water so thaty units in water take damage
Fish Pimp Slap
-demnoralizes target by hitting with a fish (animation of fish slapping up against target is A MUST)
-target takes damage and a 2 sec stun
-target is either enraged and deals increased damage/steadlily declining speed or target is put in its place as a bitch and runs away ^(`,') SLAP!
-possible attachment of ghetto slam in floatin text/appropiate pissed quote

Im new so i thought i would voiuce some ideas. Sounds cool, cant wait to see how it comes out!
Level 2
Aug 5, 2004
Here's a spell for Brine (requires modelling)

name: Bite-Attack

Spell: Brine spins around, throwing pirahnas (flesh-eating fish) Each pirahna deals about 7 dmg. per second and lasts about 5 secs. After he has spun around, he gets confused for 7 secs (slow movement, slow attack speed). 100 mana (if Brine's main attribute is Intelligence; 130 mana)

Upgrade 2:

Pirahna dmg: 8 for 5 secs
confused for 6 secs
130 mana (if intelligence attribute; 160)

Upgrade 3:

Pirahna dmg: 10 for 5 secs
confused for 3 secs
100 mana (if intelligence attribute; 130)

You are prolly much better finding out damage/mana/etc. by yourself, cuz i'm a n00b in spell calculating..

The whole spell is kinda like the Warden's "Fan of Knives" so it may not b what u'r looking for.
Level 3
Jul 3, 2004

heres a spell idea for the murloc hero call it whatever u want

u could make a spell that when the hero targets an area he shoots out a splash of water that deals AOE damage to that targeted area then sends out 3 more splashes in random directiond and they hit the ground doing the same as the origanal splash make it repeat itsself about 5 times

some big water splahes at the target area when the water hits it (like when a naga building is destroyed) and having the little splashes look like they are bouncing will be cool
Level 1
Jun 28, 2004
Ideas for brine:


Submerge: I know, you don't want WC3 abilities, but he needs the amphibious abilities of the naga, and really should have this.

Swamp poison Again, I know you don't want WC3 abilities, but, I just finished all the spells below, and this is all I can think of. The name is quite self-explanitory.


Gill aura: Makes all friendly units around brine become amphibious. If they leave the aura's AOE, they drown. Each lvl increases AOE

Whirl: Makes all units in a target area spin around. IE; if they are on the north edge of the AOE, they move to the west (or south, see below) edge of the AOE. Each lvl increases AOE. At lvl 1 or lvl 2 they move 1/4 turn. (north-west, west-south, south - east, east-north) at lvl 3, they spin completely (north-south east-west, ETC.

Liquid confusion: Makes all enemy units in the target area have thier controls reversed, meaning if they are told to walk north, the arrow-pointer-thingy appears to the south, and that is where they move.

NOTE: liquid confusion and whirl should work on BOTH FRIENDS AND ENEMIES

ULTIMATE; RAISE THE OCEAN!: Makes the ground in the target area turn to shallow water. If there is a building there, it is damaged over time, and cannot do anything (research/upgrade, train units, receive gold/wood, etc.) while the water is there. Buildings also cannot be built where this water is. Has no effect on units.
Level 2
Jul 2, 2004
Brine abilities and spells.

Hero abilities:
Mambo On Number 5:Brine curls up into a ball and starts bouncing around randomly dealing aoe damage everytime he lands then bounces up again. bounces 5 times increased bounce range and aoe damage each bounce.extra effect in aoe on number 5?

Fish eat Fish world:Brine fish's out a random item(fish) from the water which can be consumed for varying effects. a few ideas:
-puffa fish: extra health limit and spikey shell for limited time.
-blowfish: heals 500 hp but 20% chance to deal 100 damage to user instead.
-Mexican singing fish:plays a song of your choice when used.

In rod we trust:Brine grabs his trusty rod and swings it around for a few seconds dealing damage to nearby enemies then throws it at an enemy dealing damage.

The love below:Brine dives into the water then waits a few seconds gathering up speed then shoots up out of the water dealing aoe damage to nearby enemies.

Normal abilities:
Fish stick: Gives a 10% chance to accidenntaly catch a fish on attacking. the fish then fights for you. (only works in water, unless you plan on having ground fish in the campaign)
Surfin U.S.A.:Brine mounts his fishing rod and uses it as a surfboard increasing his speed in water and damaging any enemy he touches.
Hope u like my ideas
Level 8
Jul 3, 2004
TOOLTIP:Choppy dashes at speeds faster than a dolphin. When an enemy comes into range, he delivers <calculate below> crushing blows (cooldown between each blow is .25 sec) that each deal <calculate below> damage.

Level 1 - 165 mana (175 if str. is main attribute)
75 damage per blow
2 blows
30 second cooldown

Level 2 - 145 mana (155 if str. is main attribute)
100 damage per blow.
3 blows
25 second cooldown

Level 3 - 125 mana (130 if str. is main attribute)
150 damage per blow
4 blows
20 second cooldown



Level 2
Jul 29, 2004
How about a spell "Negativity Wave". It uses mana burn's model but it jumps from units to units like chain lightning. Each jump consumes mana and damages the unit just like mana burn and increase in level of the spell but the units got hit will start to take damage overtime like being casted "parasites" and finally dies with murloc spawns if you like.

Just the basic idea, want to see some other good ideas to add to the spell for opening up new possibilities.
Level 3
Jul 3, 2004
what abou a spell for the guy with the two swords or the one with the axes call it whetever you want

first the hero spins around thike a blademaster and all nearby enemy units will get sucked in slowly like a spiral and take damage when a unit gets to the center they will take heavy damage and get flung back by the swords/axes and take damage when they land if they die when they land the will exlode in a big explosion of guts and bones and deal AOE damage to nearby units

the sucking in effect shuld be able to be escaped with move orders but the units will exit verry slowly and also maybe the more move speed they have the slower they get sucked in and the less they have the quicker they get sucked in.
Level 1
Aug 25, 2004
flopydisk said:
what abou a spell for the guy with the two swords or the one with the axes call it whetever you want

first the hero spins around thike a blademaster and all nearby enemy units will get sucked in slowly like a spiral and take damage when a unit gets to the center they will take heavy damage and get flung back by the swords/axes and take damage when they land if they die when they land the will exlode in a big explosion of guts and bones and deal AOE damage to nearby units

the sucking in effect shuld be able to be escaped with move orders but the units will exit verry slowly and also maybe the more move speed they have the slower they get sucked in and the less they have the quicker they get sucked in.


Eeh, I want to put an obscure take on that. I mean, it sounds like a rather confusing concept, simply because, meh..there are typographical errors (sorry flopy), but the in general concept sounds interesting enough.

I'd have to call it something simplistic, since I'm doubting unique Dwarven names are what is desired.

Iron Whirl Still as he suggested, for the dual sword or dual axe user.

Spinning is nice, suction is nice too. A whirlwind type attack that would draw in surrounding units. or four. If mass hoards are approaching, you're still a little out of luck.

Now, the variables of damage would have to be heavily based on location. I have yet to decide if this is even possible in any form of scripting, but, if you attack someone with the backside of an axe, they're not going to get sliced open, which would mean less damage, and since it's blunt, it could pose as shock also. So, the option of direction would be wonderful, yet unlikely. Elsewise, first one direction, then the other, would be far more feasable.

If breakable weapons is in play, that could also effect the damage. Drawing in the enemies and attacking them according to their location would also bring about damage, and, from the striking of a fast moving whirlwind type attack, throwing them back would make sense as well. The ground damage should be minimal.

Base attack, outer range to inner, being like (for example) loss of 6 HP, to inner, loss of 13 HP, and being thrown back, loss of 2 HP. So altogether, a total damage could range from 21 HP (three attacks, one being sucked in, one at the closest distance, and one falling back) to 28 HP where an additional attack is brought in. Based on weight. BIGGER enemies move SLOWER. Heavily armored units obviously being the slowest.

Anyways, I'm rambling. It's too early in the morning.

Time based attacks. Level I being weakest and least amount of time spinning. I do suggest downtime. Spinning in circles can make someone -really- dizzy. So, the user of the attack would be extremely vulnerable to attacks for a certain amount of time. Downtime based on Level. And I still agree with the -mild- possibility of escape according to whoo..dex? I think I've been playing too much Final Fantasy. Whatever gauges the speed of a unit.

If this posts in some obscure location beyond where I desire for it to be posted. Sorry. >< This forum is a little new to me.
Level 9
Aug 27, 2004

The guy with 2 swords could have an attack like:
A chance to, instantly kill a unit (1% max) deal extra damage, (50% chance) Attack 100% faster for 3 seconds (25% chance)
Im not sure if thats possible to have 3 spells in one... ah well if its not, a man can dream, a man can dream....
Level 9
Aug 27, 2004

This would be.. (cough annoying to make cough)
Cant think a hero this would fit but most likely choppy.
summons a skeleton from a corpse,
The corpse evolves to a slighterly better corpse warrior with increase hp by a bit and a bit more dmg.
Then he evolves to a zombie again increasing stats but new animation.
After the zombie phase he turns to a militia more stats new animation.
Then to a footman more stats new animation.
Then to a knight, more stats new animation, horse.
Then as the last form of a dwarven high class knight with 2 swords and an armored horse.
Forms upgrade every 10 seconds.
Final form lasts 30 seconds.
The final form cannot be resurected.
If a unit dies and is not in its final stage, the next time its summoned it will have 25% less hp for all forms.
Does not stack.
Spell cooldown is 135 seconds minimum.
The units damage carries each form.
The unit will take damage every couple of seconds second in forms , 1 - 2 - 3
From then on the unit has no spells or takes damage.
The unit is not immune to magic in any stage.
Level 10
Jul 29, 2004
i havent read all of the pages, cos there were so many but, my spells,



HE jumps up in the air and then when he hits the target wich is deep water, he then sends out tons of water dealing splash damage 2 all the units around him, a bit like starfall cept the water hits random targets on the ground, he only dmgs flying units in the middle, use the water elementals attack 4 instance, as the missiles.

Fish Attack:

Can be used as n item, where Brine consumes a barrel of fish, then he shoots them at random points in the target area, giving a buff that's called stench and damaging, the tricky part is giving him n spitting animation, and all the fish has 2 come out of his mouth + every fish come like this= fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, like a machinegun, hey why dont you call it fishgun, and then the fish barrels is ammo.


Brine blows himelf big, then he creates a bubble that gets bigger and bigger whilst brine gets smaller and smaller, he then sends the bubble, wich is slow, at the target, then the bubble burst and sends a ton of smaller bubbles out that gives damage and does, bubble stun.

Bubble protector:

He makes a bubble like in the last spell, and then enters it, it'll slow him down, but every projectil will be send back at it's caster, even arrows and magic, this'll also give him a higher mana regen, but unables him 2 attack, whilst in the bubble he gets a new ability, that can make him levitate if ex, melee units would come(only melees and time can burst the bubble).


Brine barfs, and corrupting n area 4 a time, giving the walk oners, stench, and a slight dmg, the ones getting hit by the barf when it's a projectile(very very very low range) will be stunned by the smell stun.

Gosh, man i feel sick.
Level 2
Jun 8, 2004
hmm, dunno wot hero 2 give it 2, not sure if its good 4 this campaign but oh well. Apocalypse: loads of dragons, shadows and winged demons fly overhead, all across the map, they attack move from where they r created (anywhere u want them 2) and attack move to another selected point. The creatures can be killed, but have very high health ie.2500 each... Its an ultimate (obviously).

Breath of Death: The Murloc spits out a randomly chosen devoured unit (the murloc must have devour), firing about 1000 in a straight line damaging units on its way. The thing that wos spat out then becomes the players unit. every level, the damage increases, and the health of the spat out unit increases slightly (in level 1 the spat units have 50% health, lvl 2 they have about 75% lvl 3 they have 100%.

Belly Flop: the dwarf dives into the water, making a huge splash and knocking down trees and units. the spalshed units are knocked down (playing death animation) for a few seconds, then rise back up, dripping with water, and with reduced movement speed and attack speed. u could make a funny sound to go with it "kamikazee!!!!" or sumthin :D:D:D:D:D
Level 3
Aug 30, 2004
I have many things to say...

first:hi I'm new here
second:how do I get an avatar?
third:my spell ideas

For mortar:
Anti-magic bomb/missile:(AOE)a bomb hits the selected area damging emeny units .emeny units with buffs take a bit more damage.etheral and summoned units take quite a lot more damage.damage and/or AOE increases with level.

For anyone:
Boomerang:Character throws his weapon like a boomerang.the weapon goes to the targeted point.hesitates a moment.then comes back.
it lightly damages units next to it.but damages units it collides with more(if possible.)speed/damage increases with level

will think of more later

P.S.mana cost is your choice :)
Level 9
Aug 27, 2004

Another spell as if you dont have enough to choose from already... btw you dont...

Ok brines ultimate:
Must be near water.
Brine jumps high into the air directly into the water.
Brine summons a creature from the depths and the creature replaces brine. You cannot use brine while the creature is alive brine cannot move attack or do anything. The creature gains 5 hit points extra a second (not regeneration!) and regenerates 6 hit points a second. However if the unit is killed brine takes damage equal to the maximum amount the monster had.
If you monster is not killed over a course of 30 seconds the monster will die and brine will only take 10% of its maximum hp. If brine dies from summoning this unit he is replaced with a skeletal murloc with 1 hp. if the skeleton survives for 30 seconds brine regenerates with full hp and mp.
At level 1:
Monsters attack power would be equal to 110% of brines.
Monsters hit points would be equal to 45% of brines.

Level 2
Attack power would be equal to 120% of brines.

Monsters hit points would be equal to 50%

ect ect ect.

Choppies ultimate:

Choppy goes into a blind rage killing all units around him (ALL UNITS EVEN ALLIES but does not effect boss or very powerful units.)
Kills a maximum of 3 units at level 1
Then kills 6 max at 2

Dual sword dwarf guys ultimate:

First he goes invincible and cannot attack.
He then deals 25 dmg a second for 2 seconds.
He then becomes venurable.
the first unit to attack him will die unless its a boss. In the case of a boss the boss will lose 50% of its maximum hit points.
After (or if) the unit dies its replaced with a skeleton that summons more skeletons then that one summons more ect.
The skeletons have 1 hp but have 10 dmg and attack at a ratio of 1.00 cooldown.

when a skeleton dies its instantly resurected.
this works 3 times then the skeleton cannot be resurected at all.

Everything i can think of now
Level 3
Aug 30, 2004
more ideas

for anyone:
Cleave:an extra strong attack that Increases damage.if the targeted emeny dies to cleave the hero who used this gets a free attack on every other nearby emeny.damage increases with level,

Throw:hero picks up targeted unit and can throw him a distance.if thrown into water the unit will drown(unless its an amphibian)if thrown at an emeny both units are damaged and stunned.range increases with level.
Level 1
Jun 28, 2004
I have an Idea for one of the dwarves.

Blinding Rage: this is a passive ability, however, it is a bit different than most. Whenever he kills something, his attack power goes up by a VERY SMALL amount. (based on how much it is now) for example; 1% increase at lvl 1, 2% at lvl 2, etc. This effect is permanent.

NOTE: in order to prevent people from making too powerful, you would probably have to make a max increase that can occur (10% total increase at lvl 1, 20% at lvl 2, 30$ at 3, etc.)

NOTE #2: You would probably also need to make killing freinds useless, as that would mean anyone could train extra men, kill them, and thus make him more powerful.
Level 3
Feb 10, 2004
a ratehr silly idea for brine.

Dimensional Periscope: Brine can plant a periscope in any water mass explored or unexplored from anywhere. Creating a small periscope that reveals there surrounding area.
Level 4
Jun 28, 2004
Murloc spell

Cant think of a good name

a fish jumps in and out of the ground in a line (like its going upstream) also make it homing and when it hits it's target it splits kinda like a fan of knives but with little fish and that does spalsh dmg.
Level 12
Aug 10, 2004
Smack- Smacks Enemy with a large humourous fish (more model oriented)
Egg Sack- Passive ability that if your hero dies it releases a lot of eggs, after 15 seconds the eggs hatch and turn into Small murlocs, after another 15 seconds the murlocs grow into large murlocs, and if any of them survive they combine to become the hero again (altered Pheonix egg/Earth wind and fire)

Drunk hunter- Gains an altered wander and shoots in random directions, if you direct him to shoot at an enemy the shot would be very in accurate. But overall the shots are very strong

Throw sword- Make him throw the sword making his attack half as much until he gets his sword back

Mortar Big
Altered Fishing- Shoot a large rocket into the water blowing up anything that is submerged

Mortar small
Sun + Magnifying glass- He shoots a thin stream or laser that hurts anything in its path. if its active for too long he gets hurt and its disabled for 10 seconds + cooldown. Only works during the day
Level 1
Sep 9, 2004
Brine:Tidal Wave of Doom!(Ultimate) Have a tiny wave come out and do enormous amounts of damage to ANYTHING in its path. <<----Stupidest Spell

Axey:Slow-Mo Axe Combo(Spell) He throws his axes at a hero and runs with his axes which cut the hero and then he punches the hero and catchs the axes and chops the hero doing massive damage...ok kinda went insane with that spell...may also have chances of messing up and other things like cutting himself he also does all that in slow motion (maybe)

Angry:Furious Confusion(spell) He becomes Furious and doesn't pay attention so he stuffs so much gun powder in his rifle that it almost explodes doing spalsh dmg to enemy units. :twisted:

Angry:Angry just got Angry (Passive)after taking so much dmg Angry becomes well...Angry and turns on Rage which makes him shoot extremly fast and take a little more dmg
Level 3
Apr 25, 2004

Meat Tank:
Caster gains double size and curls up into a ball and rolls around the feild knoking units backwards as he colides with them dealing minor damage.But if he takes a certain amount of damage he is de buffed.


Water spout(ultimate):
brine summons up all his strength and starts to spin on the spot as he gains speed a water spout starts to appear on the caster wich flings out fish at nearby enemys dealing moderate damage
Level 1
Aug 20, 2004
25 spells 4 u !!

These are my some of my idea's :D:D:D

Darky hasn't explained in detail about da environments were our units stands and whats da main goal of every unit,like saying angry is a specialist in attacking flyin creatures.

anyway,pls look at da 25 skills/abilities given below.

i have rated them myself from 1 to 5 !!

1) Shark-o-phobia *

2) PAMELA da mermaid *

3) Slime-Shot ***

4) Scale-Strike ***

5) Vitamin M **

6) Stone fish **

7) Puffer-puffer **

8) Tongue of Madness **

9) Bag of Squid *

10) Worm Bait ****

11) Powder of sleep ****

12) Union Strike *****

13) Chinese Nightmare **

14) Black-Bird-Down **

15) Oliphent Smoker **

16) Chinese fireBall **

17) Alien ball of death ***

18) catapault mine ***

19) Da Manhatten Project ***

20) Vitamin D (devour) *

21) Chamelon trap *****

22) Soul harvester *****

23) Octoroloc ****

24) Red Pigmi ****

25) Silk worm ****

BRINE the murloc

Slime-Shot (3)

Murloc spits a ball of slime that makes enemies slip here & there ,this also slowly eats away enemies health.Enemy units cant attack at this time or cast spell !!

wax -- lesser radius and for 10 sec and at da end stun for 2 sec

Oil -- medium radius and for 15 sec and at da end stun for 5 sec

Teflon -- larger radius and for 20 sec and at da end stun for 8 sec

++ enemy units slips as if there were on ice !!

-- can be some kind of aura or also some kind of murloc blight that acts like some greasy surface .

Worm Bait (4)

Murloc sets an bait ( like goblin mines ) which can be laid anywhere and if any enemies touch it they would be instantely wrapped up / Cocooned ,and this eats up enemys slowly .Da enemy can only be taken out of da wrap by murloc creatures only.

if enemy destroys da cocoon da unit within it also dies.

but if da unit dies when it is in da cocoon it is transformed into a naga !!


++ Now Murloc Hunts !!

Scale-Strike (3)

Murloc sheds his scales which flies in all directions(like of fan of knives) hurting all units but enemy units will be infected with "icthyosis scalosis " disease which reduces their move speed and stops health regeneration for many secs and at da end a slimy worm is dropped from all da infected enemys which can be eaten by Murloc's and gains 50 health per worm.

Vitamin M (2)

Murloc sheds his skin into a ball and this skin can be eaten by all Murloc's 2 get health ,skin grows back in 60 secs but during this time da murloc armour will be 1 points down.

Bag of Squid (1)

Murloc can shoot a thick black ink which blinds da enemy land units for many secs and murloc escapes.

Tongue of Madness (2)

Murloc shoots his tongue like a chamelon and can attack enemy's from far distance ( air units too !) with such a force that enemy is stunned and loses 150 health instanetly . da unit is injected with a poison that after sometime make da creature turn mad and attacks anything near 2 it .

da unit may do anything - run all around da map , kill workers, attack heros or may go and cut wood or dig gold.

unit cant be controlled !!

Stone fish (1)

Murloc sets an invinsible stone fish bait which can be laid anywhere and if any enemies touch it they would be instantely gets stonned ,that is they cant move or attack while its enemy's can cast spell or attack it.

lasts for 30 sec

Vitamin D(devour) (1)

Muroc devours a enemy unit and gains hp while it gets digested and in da end it produces Slime-ball (like vitamin M) which can be consumed by other murlocs 2 get Health.

Puffer-puffer (2)

creates a flying puffer fish which has a timed life and flys slowly but explodes on death releasing "puffer gas" which stops using magic for sometime and also eats 3 Health per sec .lasts 10 sec.

Chamelon trap (5)

creates invinsible chamelon which can be sent 2 eat enemy workers !! .chamelon devours da worker and murloc gains HP and in da end produces Slime-balls which can be eaten by murloc 2 get health.
chamelons cant be controlled !! they can be created and sent 2 da enemys townhall.

can also hide in trees and catch unsuspecting enemy units.

excellent scout plus trap !!

have timed life . if da chamelon dies before completing devours da enemy unit cames out with da health left !!

level 1 - one chamelon ,life 100 sec , devours 3 health per sec .
level 2 - two chamelon ,life 200 sec , devours 5 health per sec .
level 3 - two chamelon ,no time limit ,devours 3 health per sec .

can use Bull frogs , Praying Mantis for da same

Soul harvester (5)

Murloc opens is third eye or brings a staff or any gem whatever it is , it shoots a powerful beam that sucks out 25 health and 15 mana of da enemy hero per sec and giving murloc a permanent increase of 10 health and 5 mana per sec and also +1 intelligence,agility and strength every 2 sec.

At this time enemy hero can't move or cast spell ,someone else has to break da spell or da hero will die. Even if da spell is broken da affected hero is crippled for several secs

affect heros only !! ( gift from Lich King , da eye provides lich king a fair share of health and mana )

Octoroloc (4)

Murloc summons a mighty Octroloc ( octopus+murloc) that can catch 8 enemy units in AOE and squeezes them taking out health and throws them all in various directions .

can be used to clear out an approaching enemy army and all units throwed are crippled for several secs,units caught by octroloc cant cast spell or attack !!

Red Pigmi (5)

Murloc creates a tiny but deadly 5 amazonian red frogs which can hunt down enemy hero and if one frog finds da hero it pierces into da body of da hero and da rest of da frogs comes to that spot quickly and they also pierces into hero.

each frog damages da health by 150 .

da moment first frog pierces into da hero da hero is visible to da murlocs and da hero is poisoned severly and cant regenerate health for several secs



Shark-o-phobia - (1)

murloc stings an enemy unit injecting this phobia which makes da unit run all around da map cause it thinks it is being followed by a shark !!

time 45 sec

PAMELA da mermaid - (1)

murloc cast a "pamela "spell onto any hero and that hero will see Murloc as pamela and comes 2 him and stands there for 15 sec while we can shred him !!

but if da murloc hero moves from da position da spell is lost.

BLASTY(Big Mortar Dwarf)

Powder of sleep - (4)

blasty shoots a rocket high above da enemy area (mainly above townhall )which explodes and releases sleeping powder ,all enemies in AOE sleeps for some secs. (even if they are attacked !!)

also towers stop attack and workers stop working till da effect moves out.

Chinese Nightmare - (2)

shoots a rocket that explodes producing a rain of different creeps (spiders,snake,lizard) that attacks enemy units, lasts 10 secs

Union Strike - (5)

1) shoots a rocket that temporarily stops enemy buildimg units from creating units ,
all towers stops attacks -lasts 20 secs

2) All workers (peaseants,peons,acolytes & ghouls,wisp) go on strike !! and a temporary stop on all buildings being built - lasts 60 secs

Angry (Rifledwarf)

Black-Bird-Down - (1)

Angry shoots a poison dart that stones air units and drops from air like a stone and loses 150 hp cause of da fall, da unit is stonned for several secs.

Oliphent Smoker (3)

Angry draws his BigFkGun and fires powerfull bullet that smokes everything in AOE .
all units below 300 hp in that area is smoked instantly and all other are badly hurt !!
in da smoked units place there stands their skeleton.

cooldown 180 sec

Blasty & Bombur (Mortar Team Together)

Chinese fireBall - (2)

shoots a bright red canonball with spikes that spins along da ground wildy and moves randomly so fast that all units are stunned and reduces health coz of spikes flying from da canonball and in end it explodes damaimg more units.

Alien ball of death - (3)

shoots a big silver ball that sucks da most powerful enemy unit in AOE (wont suck heros) and uses da enemy units energy 2 fuel da powerful bomb inside and explodes damaging all nearby units

Catapault mine (3)

places a mine that catapaults any enemy unit that steps on it and da unit is thrown directly 2 some pre-determined position set by da mortar team ( like middle of towers )

Da Manhatten Project (3)

shoots a ball that on landing releases a powerfull blast that causes a ripple effect badly damaging buildings in da line and throws all units up and gets stunned for 5 sec .Every unit in AOE loses 250 health and will be covered in fire (cloak of flames) takes out 10 health per sec for 15 sec


shoots an silkworm egg that hatches instantely 2 bring out a mammoth green coloured cute looking silkworm that uses its silk web to catch 5 enemy units (air units too !! ) in that AOE and swallows them all.

wont take heroes or creatures above level 5 or units with health above 400.

if da worm is killed by da enemy then all units swalloed by it dies with it else after da timed life they will pop out.da worm can wiggle away and as da worm walks da units inside it get hurts .

can be used to move small enemy units to a different location or as a temporary jail.


My fav is Union Strike coz theres nothing much irritating as your own labours go on strike !!

and i love 2 see Octroloc,silkworm ,wormbait and Catapault mine in action.

Will show u all more ideas if i get a good response. :D:D:D:D:D
Level 1
Sep 19, 2004
Proposion for the Angry dwarf as ultimate or normal skill depending its effect.

Angry dwarfs anger it transform for short duration of time like comic book dust cloud that you can control and when move near enemys it suck em in and throw away short after doing damage and probably stunning em as effect of getting beated.

Axey could have skill scalpering enemy with his axe humilating it so it does dmg, recom that it would be variety effect like 1-3 rolled on dice to dmg and then causing enemy to flee as humilated for short duration un controllable.

Blasty & Bombur if those are one hero? i would recom already made proposion to make little dwarf skin have like cannonball helmet as bigger one shoot it towards enemy causing enemys in area (if its shot like artillery flying over enemy) area effect dmg, moving enemys away in shockwave kind effect and then Bombur return back next to Blasty, not very original but i think it would work anyway.

would be great to see more of skill in general that does variety of damage instead always same 100, adding little luck and less math to look enemy HP to finish him off.

I got no much info of what sort of gameplay map is, so i can only make guesses, but so far what read it seem to have little humor on it.
Level 5
Sep 21, 2004
Spell idea :p

Well i dont have a name for it but heres my idea for brines ultimate…
He casts a wave water stuff at an enemie and it bounces from one to the next turning them into fish wish flop along to the nearest water.
Duration is longest on first unit struck and progressivly less on each succesive unit.

Level 8
Jan 24, 2004
I havent read all 94 replies (at this time) so I dont know if some one allready hass come whit this idea, elses I whas just thinking on a surf attack for Brine.
It comes a big water wave that he starts to surf on and then he surf right in to hes enemies and deals damage.Or creates a big water wave in an area of effect that deals heavy damage (ultimate). Or creates a flood in an area of effect... :wink:
Level 8
Jul 16, 2004
You could try an ability for brian tital wave you could group together a lot of water elementals or something to look like a tital wave :shock: to drow his enemies!
Level 1
Sep 18, 2004
choppy -
1. Throw Blade: throws axe so that it flies straight, and returns after hitting first unit. At first level it can be aimed through another unit by moving choppy to the far side of another character. Ricochets to hit an extra enemy for every level.
2. Mighty swing: Choppy spins axe with such speed that he takes off like a helicopter, lands dizzy.
3. Choppy cuts into the ground with such force, that a huge rift opens in the ground in front of him then filling in, burrying everything in a straight line whichever way choppy is facing
1. Charge!: Angry runs up and headbutts enemy units, stunning them and giving them minor damage
2. Berzerker fury - Angry enters a fighting rage and gains 20% likeliness to hit and damage, but looses ability to choose which unit he targets (targeting becomes random). Damage of each hit increases with level.
1. He assembles a remote helecoptor unit that can be used to scout at first level, at 2+ it can be given a missile attack. At the end of it's life, it crashes spilling helicopter fuel all over like a molatov cocktail.
2. He has the ability to "steal"/ take possession of technological units and items (meat wagons, siege engines, goblin zeppelins, already set goblin land mines, goblin shredders) and reemploy them for his own use, regardless of original owner. May also "board" technological units giving hero bonuses to the mechanical unit it wouldn't already have. Example: Bombur jumps aboard steam tank, and when it is attacked, the steam tank takes Bombur's defense score added to its own to determine if an attack was successful.
Short Round:
1. Human cannonball; Can climb into the mortar cannon, and launch himself head first at his enemies, ramming them with his helmeted head.
Long round:
1. Picks up canon and slams it down on the head of a chosen enemy. Making a gong sound and stunning and damage as well as a chance of knocking the enemy unconscious.
Level 1
Sep 29, 2004
Graviton Implosion
*A dwarf* harnesses the newly found power of gravity and creates a ball of energy for about 20 sec, enemy units are sucked into the ball which makes it bigger, after 20 secs the ball explodes(flings the units tha were inside, away) and deals say 25 dmg per unit that was sucked into the ball it could deal more dmg per unit as the lvl grows or more time
Level 8
Jul 16, 2004
Bombur could have an abilitie land shark gun he shoots of a shark that swims through the soil and eats his enemies (cue jaws theam)! Brian could have an abilitie where he summons a whirl pool that sucks up his enemies!
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