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Spell help:

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Search the ability named "Spell Shield (Rune)" in Object Editor, Abilities Tab
You'll find it.

Its benefit is to block any incoming spell.

Yes, i do modify it by using the object editor. But when u use it as an unit power, it gets to target an area (and i just want it to target a simple target --self-)

Like ROAR for yourself. Cause it is suposed to be like this:

Active the Souless Will to protect this unit from an upcoming enemy spell. This lasts for 6 seconds.

I mean. Is there a way to change the casting to instant cast?
Level 5
Aug 16, 2010
You mean an instant self-cast? You can do it the old fashioned way: dummy abilities.
Create a self-cast dummy ability which does nothing (other than the cooldown and mana cost of course). Then have a dummy cast the actual ability on your unit.
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