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An spell, an ultimate and help with an ability

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Eagle XI, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Eagle XI

    Eagle XI

    Mar 9, 2012
    The Inquisitor uses holy power to purify the area around himself for an duration, removing blight from it and units that can otherwise raise will instantly turn to ashes, their corpses becoming unusable if they die within this radius.

    The area does not travel with the hero, its not aura-like. Is like planting a ward but he is the ward at moment of spell use.
    cooldown of 20s.

    Level 1 - Small area, lasts 6s
    Level 2 - Medium area, lasts 9s
    Level 3 - Large area, lasts 12s

    Spell Type: Instant
    Targets Allowed: Self-AoE
    Last Stand
    Hero Ultimate.
    The Brother Captain becomes invincible and spell immune(preferrably controlled via an single undispellable,unstealable buff) on the brink of death instead dying, deals multiplied damage and gains percentage increased attack speed whilst suffering reduced movespeed for the duration.
    During the duration the hero can continue to use any other skills or items(can chug an potion to gain the needed Mana) he got, will regenerate hp and mana normally however he cannot get targeted by beneficial spells(such as Heal) as he is spell immune.
    At duration end the hero dies no matter how much health he had remaining unless he had his mana reserve above an certain percentage amount threshold of his maximum mana.
    'on the brink of death' is when got dealt an otherwise would be killing blow and the spell happened to be not in cooldown.

    Lasts 15? seconds, has cooldown of 180 sec. (that has to persist through death like 'Reincarnation's cd)

    Level 1 - x3 damage, +25% aspd, ms halved (-50%), need 80% of maximum mana to survive.

    Spell Type: Passive
    Targets Allowed: Self
    Guardsmen units deal triple damage when in the vicinity(375 radius) of friendly buildings.

    Level 1 - see above

    Spell Type: Passive or Aura ?
    Targets Allowed: Self i guess