Spell Help Please

Level 3
Sep 21, 2010
What up yall,

Im currently working on my newest project, Shadow Gate Chronicles, and ran into some ability snags. Wondering if any1 could lend a helpful hand here.

Eldoron Race Spells

1. Consume Magic (not Devour Magic)- Drains an enemy unit's mana and converts it to hitpoints.
2. Heroic Aura- Gives bonus damage and armor to friendly units.
3. White Flame- Releases a homing magical missile that hits several organic enemies one after another.
4. Rainbow Strike- Ultimate, channeling. Releases several waves of magical missiles with splash damage.
5. Bane of Wounds- Heals friendly units in target area. Doesnt affect caster.
6. Autumn Burden- Makes the target lose health over time and reduces attack rate.
7. Arcane Fire Adds bonus splash damage at the expense of mana.
8. Fatal Arrow- Deals massive instant damage and causes additional damage over time.

Ork Race Spells
1. Warcry- damages and stuns nearby enemy units
2. Blood Rage- Causes caster and nearby friendly units to enter a state of bloodlust temporarily gaining 50% attack and movement speed.

Shadow Drow Race Spells
1. Frenzied Slash- Locks a target enemy unit in close combat inflicting a series of swift attacks and and making it unable to defend or move for a short time.
2. Carnage- Adds massive bonus damage for a short time, and converts inflicted damage into health for the Butcheress.
3. Touch of Shial- Turns a friendly unit into a spidery creature with Bash, Cleaving Attack, Hardened Skin and Resistant Skin. The creature loses health over time and can't be healed.

Thx again (sorry for this list, kinda required though)
Level 16
May 1, 2008
Moin moin =)

1) This depends if it should be a channeled ability or not.

2) Make a dummy aura that has no effect. Now modify "Inner Fire". Trigger1: when a hero learns the ability, create a dummy at the position, add inner fire, set inner fire level to level of learning ability and cast inner fire on the lerning hero.
Trigger2: Pick every units near the heroes that have the dummy aura ability, create a dummy at picked units and cast inner fire on them.

3) Can't you change the missile art of chain lightning and use something like a normal missile and this jumps from target to target. I saw something like that, should be possible.

4) Sounds like this ultimate from rexxar .. how is it called "stampede" or something?

5) Should this be just an instant heal one time? Then make a dummy castable ability for the hero is area of effect. When it's casted pick every friendly units inside the range without the caster and heal. If this should be a heal over time you can modify rejuvenation, and do it like step 2, with pick every unit, create dummy, add rejuvenation to dummy and cast.

6) Already said!

7) This means what? =O

8) Already said!

Ork Race Spells:
1) Already said

2) Use battle roar and modify the speed without armor and damage.

Shadow Drow Race Spells:
1) and 2) I hope you have knowledge in MUI GUI or vJass
3) Just make an ability that targets a unit and replace it with one of your units that have bash and so on...

Greetings and Peace
Dr. Boom