[Spell] Cloak of Flames-ish.



Level 4
Nov 10, 2010

I need help with planning a spell. The idea is that I want a spell that converts the percentage of lost hitpoints into a bonus percentage to damage, attackspeed and movement speed. It will also create a "cloak of flames" (shield, immolation etc) effect on the target, and give it a red taint and increase size by roughly 12%.
When activated, the spell will give back the lost health over 5 seconds. The damage and AS/MS bonus also lasts only 5 seconds.

SO, if you activate it at 25% hitpoints, you get a 75% damage bonus, and get the same amount of health healed over 5 seconds.

Any ideas? I think I can sort out the size and color, but how to make the spell recognize how much health is lost (in percent) and add it to damage, is beyond me. Will I have to use hashtables for that?