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Need help with Triggering these good spells

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Level 3
Sep 21, 2010
Yo dudes, Powerstone here!

thanx for responding eariler bout my last post. Now i have some questions on how to make these skills and abilities for my DotA map "Age of the Radiant" if u can help me to get started, i would be grateful.

Ok, so below are a few spells and skills for several heroes i came up with; the Lyan Champion (Lion in case u can't say it), and the Phoenix Apotacary.

(Healing Aura Description)
While standing near the presence of the Lyan,
all friendly units gain a bonus in hit points and
hitpoint regeneration, depending of its level.

|cffffcc00Level 1|r- 100 hitpoint bonus, 20% life regeneration
|cffffcc00Level 2|r- 150 hitpoint bonus, 25% life regeneration
|cffffcc00Level 3|r- 200 hitpoint bonus, 30% life regeneration
|cffffcc00Level 4|r- 250 hitpoint bonus, 40% life regeneration
|cffffcc00Level 5|r- 300 hitpoint bonus, 50% life regeneration
|cffffcc00Level 6|r- 350 hitpoint bonus, 60% life regeneration
|cffffcc00Level 7|r- 400 hitpoint bonus, 70% life regeneration
|cffffcc00Level 8|r- 450 hitpoint bonus, 80% life regeneration
|cffffcc00Level 9|r- 500 hitpoint bonus, 90% life regeneration
|cffffcc00Level 10|r- 550 hitpoint bonus, 100% life regeneration

(Call of the Basilisk Description)
Summons a mighty Basilisk to fight for you from its dimensional prison realm. As the ability improves, the Basilisk obtains new abilities and combat skills.

|cffffcc00Level 1|r- 450 hitpoints, does 20-36 Chaos damage, has Lesser Truestrike Aura and Lesser Bash
|cffffcc00Level 2|r- 700 hitpoints, does 45-57 Chaos damage, has Lesser Truestrike Aura, Lesser Bash, and a 10% chance to return 25% damage to melee attackers.
|cffffcc00Level 3|r- 870 hitpoints, does 60-95 Chaos damage, has Lesser Truestrike Aura, Lesser Bash, 10% chance to return 25% damage to melee, and mana burn.
|cffffcc00Level 4|r- 1100 hitpoints, does 100-105 Chaos damage, has Truestrike Aura, Bash. 15% cahnce to return 50% damage. Mana Burn, and burns nearby enemies
|cffffcc00Level 5|r- 1200 hitpoints, does 110-120 Chaos damage, has Perfect Truestrike Aura, Bash. 20% returns 55% damage to melee, Mana Burn and spreads a disease to nearby foes.

(Xavier's Righteous Heart Description)
Grants a 25% chance to release a healing wave, which heals 120 (0.33 x Strength) on the bearer and bounces to nearby allies within 550 range and emit electrical energies that also bounce to nearby enemies. Has a 0.50 second cooldown.

|cffffcc00Level 1|r- 120 healing, bounces 3 times/80 damage, bounces 2 times
|cffffcc00Level 2|r- 140 healing, bounces 4 times/100 damage, bounces 3 times
|cffffcc00Level 3|r- 160 healing, bounces 5 times/120 damage, bounces 4 times
|cffffcc00Level 3|r- 180 healing, bounces 6 times/140 damage, bounces 5 times
|cffffcc00Level 5|r- 200 healing, bounces 7 times/160 damage, bounces 6 times

Also if u know a good tutorial on item recipes with exambles, that would also benefit me. Thanx.
Level 2
Sep 26, 2010
Healing Aura

Hmmm... Unholy Aura gives you an enhanced life regeneration option to edit, but I'm not sure about giving enhanced HP to ordinary units. I would normally suggest changing whatever you want with periodic triggers, activating an invisible ability, but I can't recall any ability or trigger that edits the max HP of a non-hero unit. Upgrades do that sometimes, but you can't undo upgrades, so they'd be useless for this.

Unit transformations offer an option of bonus HP at times, but they're a pain to use with triggers, and wouldn't feel natural if you did, plus you'd have to create two of every unit.

The HP bonus is definitely the difficult part here, mainly because blizzard doesn't seem to have coded the option in.

Call of the Basilisk

Ah, an easy one. No triggers needed for this, just edit the Misha summon ability, and create custom units for each level of the Basilisk you want to summon, complete with whatever custom abilities you want it to have when it's summoned. Use Misha as a guide here, to learn more about how summon units work in the process.

The only thing that might be tricky is the "chance to return HP." If you mean that it restores its own health when it strikes the enemy sometimes, you can set up a trigger to do this. If you mean a kind of randomly-activated thorns aura thing, then this can be done by trigger too. The same if you want him to give the hero HP when he attacks. Let me know which of these effects you want, and I can walk you through the trigger-making.

Xavier's Righteous Heart

Randomly activating a targeted spell? It sounds possible. The tricky part would be hiding the spell itself, so that the hero can't use it manually. If you'd like, I can try this myself, and see if it works...
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