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Tooltip Help!

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Level 4
Oct 6, 2007
Hey I am making a map called The Anime Rampage And my tooltips of the skills kinda Suck. I Keep on seeing This For example heres the Storm Bolt tooltip in WE:A magical hammer that is thrown at an enemy unit, causing damage and stunning the target. |n|n|cffffcc00Level 1|r - <AHtb,DataA1> damage, <AHtb,Dur1> second stun. |n|cffffcc00Level 2|r - <AHtb,DataA2> damage, <AHtb,Dur2> second stun. |n|cffffcc00Level 3|r - <AHtb,DataA3> damage, <AHtb,Dur3> second stun. In the game it appears to be perfect it shows the damage and everything. What does <AHtb,DataA1> damage Mean And how do you do this with your own spells? :confused:
Level 10
Jan 21, 2007
Those are uncostomizable codes of string that call a set value, or something to that effect, it's not that hard to type a number in though just reaplace "<AHtb,Dur1>" with "2" or "4.5" or whatever the integer happens to be.
To understand tooltips you have to change the viev that the raw codes of the spell are displayed.
all things you know will change to the name they are used by Wc3 (for example Cooldown will be "cool1" /"cool2"..)
These values can be used in strings this way ->
Your Example :
- AHtb is the Stormbolt spell
- DataA1 is the damage you set

Of yourse you could write "100" instead of this but you would have to change all tooltips when configurating the spell.
If you create a new spell of Stormbolt it has another name (thats the reason the tooltips wont workt correctly for this spell anymore ) - your new spell yould have the name "A000:AHtb" or sth like this . To use you values you have to use this name (E.g. The range for level 2 would be "<A000:AHtb,Rng2>"

"|n" begins a new line

cffffcc00Level 1|r will display the text "Level 1" in another colour (to understand colorcodes you could read a ton of tutorials here )
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