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Solar Conquest v0.97e

Submitted by TKF
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
-Solar Conquest-

Battle on land and in space for total control of the solar system whilst developing new and ever more devestating technologies along the way.

Begin by securing your home planet through diplomacy or brute force, and then expand your empire into space. You are then up against other spacefaring civilizations in a battle for resources and ultimately other planets.

ESC - Zoom the camera out into space view, you can then view a planet's surface by double-clicking it.
F1 - Opens the Empire controls menu in which you can rename your empire, check income rates and manage relations with other players.
F2 - Opens up the space/planet camera settings


Initial Map creator: Callex
Continued by: TKF
Terrainer: Eleandor

All Starcraft models - killst4r (hive)
Battlecruiser Model - blodmon (hive)
New mining vessel - michel2006
Death Star - Illidan(Evil)X (hive)
Y-Wing - Illidan(Evil)X (hive)
Cruise Missile - Kofi_banan (hive)
Aegis Nexus Fighter - Mr. Bob (hive)
wc3mapoptimizer - Vexorian (wc3c)

The map contained a short list of credits, so I may have missed some

Versions 0.81d and onwards were kindly made by TKF! He deserves 100% of the credit for the changes in these versions.


Changelog from 0.79 to 0.90

Updates v0.79:
-More Detailed Changelog
-The usual bug fixes
-Hostile pirate units in space
-Balance Tweaks
-New & Redesigned Final-Tier Units

Updates v0.80:
-Fixed a major custom value bug that affected nukes among other things
-Replaced the Blackhole ability with an Ion Storm ability
-Fixed a planetary bombardment exploit
-Added an on/off toggle for Desolator Nodes
-Slightly weakened core meltdown explosions
-Slightly weakened Cyborg EMP
-Redesigned the Specialist's demo packs to be leak-free and easier to use
-Fixed a final-tier upgrade exploit.

Updates v0.81:
-New end-game conditions added; when a player loses all of their civilian buildings they have 4 minutes before they are defeated.
-Various nerfs including Ion storm/Cyborg/Core Meltdown
-A little game interface polishing
-Ground-based shield generator added for the final-tier techs.
-Nuclear weapons now leave radiation for a short duration

---V0.81d and onwards courtesy of TKF!---

0.81d by TKF
Orbital strike platforms do now have bombard ability
Added Antarion Mobile Fortress
Added the Antarion final tier tech
Added a couple of new techs
-Interplanetary Ballistics
-Laser Amplifier
Added 5 new economic techs
Buffed mineral regeneration effect
Added some more starting resources for players
Fixed mutagenic multilaunch abuse
Removed 50% evasion from orbital defense satelite - doubled it's hp
Laser upgrades affects Planetary laser defenses now
Hint given to those who build trade ports without trade alliance
Fixed and given the correct repair values to structures
Added Orbital Laser Satellite

0.82 by TKF
Orbital strike platforms don't bombard ability anymore
Orbital strike platforms can bombard randomly with nukes
Added 1 more economic tech
Increases the food bonus from 4 to 6 on Improved Longevity tech
Moved robotics final tier to ground research
Given the Akula rocket attack (had plasma attack by a mistake)
Orbital Strike platform can no longer bombard planets
Resource Swap added to trade ports
Satellite limit raised to 6
Increased the shield gen cover a bit
Reduced the Antarions attack range from 2000 to 1600
Leavers give their resources and circles to their allies
Crystals moved closer to all HQ start locations
Readjusted the north terrain a little at croturnal
You can only build orbital strike platforms when you have the correct tech for it

0.82c by TKF
Found and eliminated the annoying "Everything disappears" bug
Removed the unfinite nuke bug
Added the Resource buy minerals tech to the economic research center
Removed some doodads at Novans 2 starting locations to make a little more room
Orbital laser and orbital missile defenses does 20% more damage
Added Ion Cannon Satellites Superweapon (requires ion tech final tier)
Changed the icon on Ion Generation Technology
Nerfed the cyborg commando evasion from 60% to 40%
Nerfed the cyborg wrist rocket from 600 to 400 damage
Rockets type damage modifier against structures reduced from 250% to 225%
Rockets type damage modifier against structures in space reduced from 250% to 160%
Laser type damage modifier against ships reduced from 160% to 150%
Nukes does now destroy trees in the affected area
Fixed a bug that caused the planetary missile silo to fire infinite nukes
Slightly increased the damage of lazarevs autofire missile weapon
Assigned unique hotkeys for some space vessels
Greatly increased the hp of dry docks
Fixed a ion cannon triggering bug that caused it not to work
Fixed a triggering bug when a player left

0.82d by TKF
Increased the shield generator cover by 10%
Orbital Bombardments will now hit the shield gens within 1750 range
Shield Generators takes some damage from orbital bombardments
Removed laser fence due to fatal error issues
Removed the orbital strike platforms ability to bombard
Reduced the cost of orbital strike platform from 1200 to 1000 currence
Buffed the mutagenic spawns by mutagen warhead greatly
fixed a bug which caused the dummy nuke not to be removed
Added some starting structures for each player
Decreased the starting resources
Added a new economic tech which gives great benefit to players on same planet
Added an additional hint about the F1 key
Removed the reveal effect to enemy players done by the spy satellite
Reduced the speed of assault transports by 30
Increased the cost of medics from 30 to 40 currence
Increased the cost of engineers from 30 to 50 currence and 5 crystals
Decreased the cost of specialist from 700 to 650
Reduced the base damage of Antarion from 4000 to 3600
Reduced the dice damage of Antarion from 500 to 450
Decreased the attack cooldown for Antarion death star from 8.1 to 6.0
Added splash damage to Antarions attack
Added 1 more laser battery to Antarion
Reduced the cost of Antarion by 10%
Planetary Missile Launcher costs increased from 80/1000 to 100/1500
Ion cannon costs reduced from 3000 to 2500 and it's ability is 50% cheaper
Increased the hp of orbital laser and missile defense structures by 50%

0.83 by TKF
Added a new fission ship: Aegis Heavy Missile Destroyer
Added a new fusion ship: Atlas Shield Support Cruiser (requires shield final tier)
Added a new ground defense: Artillery
Added a new tech for the artillery
Added a mode vote at start for all players: Normal Game FFA or United Planets 5 teams
Shield tech costs increased from 1500 to 2000
Removed Starbase
Added dark armor ability to all dark energy ships
Fixed a bug with united stand technology
Mutagenic lifeform can now evolve to Mutagenic beast
Fixed a bug with the purchase crystal ability
Attempted to fix a bug with the ion cannon
Fixed an old bug with the mutagen trigger making it affect only 1 egg
Removes the unnecesary final tier units you can't get when picking a final tier
Reduced the ion cannon cooldown from 120 to 60 seconds
Increased the loading nuke cooldown to 180 seconds
The armed nuke icon now shows how many nukes are loaded
The Planetray Missile Launcher space nuke costs increased from 1600 to 2000
Planetary Missile Launcher costs reduced from 1500 to 1200
Upgrading Kinetic projectiles do now cost 20% less
Added trigger support for single player testing purposes
Minor unit balancing and tweaks

0.84 by TKF
Added a new dark energy ship: Dreadlord Siege Capital Ship
Leavers units will now dissappear (hopefully)
Added long range scanner for the scout (Requires RADAR)
Fixed a bug with united we stand which also make it affect other than your planet mate
Fixed a bug with the ground shield by not blocking mutagenic drop at its location
Reduced the research time increment on all upgrades a little
Reduced the cost of Aegis from 4500 to 4250
Nerfed the Aegis auto rockets damage from 265 to 215
Reduced the Aegis base damage from 450 to 390
Reduced the range of Aegis tactical missile
Doubled the planetary shield generators hp
Increased repair time on large ships
Artillery is now about 20% cheaper
Tech Centres cost 100 less
Nerfed the mutagenic weapon a bit
Bombardments does now deal less damage further away from impact point
Increased the hp of civilian buildings by 50%
Strike platforms may explode on death if loaded with nuke when killed
Ships entering planets will now enter near landing beacon if there are any
Economy on multiboard is now also effected by Credit Saving Economics
Minor unit stats changes

0.84b by TKF
Added Artillery Siege Tank (Requires artillery ballistics)
Remade the Aegis rocket system to prevent abuse of autofire while moving
Added small splash attack to siege mech
Moved asteroid mining tech to economic tech centre
Increased the max shield power of atlas from 12500 to 15000
Readjusted the economy system on leaderboard a bit
You do now only gain 1% interest income of Economy saving tech
Mutagens have now instant appearance ability which makes them come out of stuck places
Fixed a bug that caused scouts to produce mutagens cheatfully
Readjusted the positions of the units in war factory
fixed a bug with the atlas shield causing several to lose all energy
fixed a big with United We Stand tech causing to sometimes give 1+ food to much
Minor changes

0.85 by TKF
Added Battlestation - Module Station
Added a new feature: Modules (Capital Ships, Battlestation)
Added a new space tech: Huge-Scale Construction (Capital Ships)
Added a new economic tech: Advanced Mining
Added a new advanced ground miner
All capital ships do now required Huge-Scale Construction
Added detection ability to Phantasm
Increased the cost of phantasm from 850 to 900
Completely reworked the cyborgs jump ability
Decreased Lazarevs HP from 4500 to 4000
Increased Lazarevs Armor from 6 to 8
Added an new ability for Antarion - Death Laser (one shot kill)
Reduced the Antarions attack splash radius from 350 to 220
Reduced attack cooldown of antarion from 6 to 5 seconds
Reduced Antarions damage by about 20%
Reduced the Goliaths and Aegis attack range from 1200 to 1100
Increased the costs of Biological Warfare- and Nuclear Warfare research by 500 currence
Leavers are now "enemies" of non-aggression treaty players
If a leaver has peace treaty and leaves, non-aggression allies get nothing
Removed permanent invisibility from dreadlord (it wasn't supposed to have that)
Core meltdown ability readjusted for different kind of fission ships
Several minor balance changes

0.86 by TKF
Added a new Final Tier: Trade Federation (Economy)
Added a new module: Bombardment Module
Added a new module: Self-Repair Module
Sabres attack speed is now twice as slow
Sabre does now decrease armor even more and more while attacking
Removed scanner from battlestation
Given a different icon for rocket attacks
Upgrade levels should now be shown properly on all units
Changed Sofisticated Sensor module to Achilles Sensor System
Added 1 extra module slot for Oblivion
Battlestation is now included with 2 basic stingrays when built
Rebalanced the modules in costs
Reduced the range of most weapon modules a little
If you cloak with weapon modules, stealth will disappear
Reduced the range of orbital laser by 50
Ion Cannon cooldown increased from 60 to 90 seconds
Increased the starting resources by about 20%
Increased the speedbonus of Nuclear Reactor module by 10
Readjusted the speed of several space vessels
Increased the cost of spectre from 280 to 400
Nerfed the Dark plating laser reduction ability from 30% to 20%
Engine upgrades now really gives speed bonus (It didn't do that before)
Fixed a trigger bug that caused the nuke silo not being able to launch
Fixed a arming bug that didn't allow you to load more than 2 nukes
Fixed a bug that causes you to drop modules when you cloaked
Fixed a bug that caused interplanetary trade tech to not work at all
Yellow player do now start with techcentre
Several research cost adjustements
Minor balancing

0.86b by TKF
Added War Robot (Titan - Robotics)
Removed Repair Drone
View distance is now greater on planets
Added shield module for Atlas
Increased the planet camera distance a little
Nerfed the bonus given by Trade Federation from 50% to 40%
Trade Federation tech cost increased by 10%
Reduced the cost of cyborg commando a bit and also nerfed it
Nerfed Cyborgs wrist rocket
Fixed a final tier bug that caused ion tech to be available
Each player starts with 2 more civilian houses (total of 6)
Slowed the hatching speed of mutagens when they are very few
Command center do now have 6000 hp
Command center no longer have an attack
Shortened the range of space defense nuke
Increased the build time of tactical space missile from 9 to 12

0.88 by TKF
Added a new fusion ship: Phoenix Drone Cruiser
Added a new mode: All-Out-War (FFA with diplomacy disabled)
Added new economic tech for Trade Federation: Contraband Trading
Contraband Trading allows you to engage trade alliances with enemies
Lowered the amount of visible techs so you can now see them
Radar do now also notice you of orbital bombardments
Fixed a reduced income multiboard bug when a player did research Trade Federatio
Removed a trade tech which didn't work
Fixed a bombardment bug with bombardment module making it way too accurate
Radiation do now more damage
Planetary Missile Launchers can now nuke on same planet without specialist
Increased the coverage range of stealth field
Increased the cost of Aegis from 200/4250 to 225/4500
Increased the attack cooldown of Aegis from 4.0 to 4.4 seconds
Increased the cooldown of Aegis tactical missiles from 75 to 120 seconds
All ships speed is slower in space to increase tactical gameplay mechanics
Orbital Bombardments should now make organic units "SPLAT!" on death
Nerfed all module weapons by 20%
Refineries do now have a add module slot ability
You get a text warning message when you're being attacked on a different planet
Barracks, Marines and Anti Infantry turret is now available at start
Changed the drones explosion effect
Changed icon on few structures
Minor balancing
TKF has been added into the author description

0.88b by TKF
Command Center upgrade -> Artillery Platform, Missile Platform or Large Shield Generator
Added a -hint command for players
Fixed a fatal bug with Ion cannon that allowed it to be used repeatedly without cooldown
Fixed a voting bug when there was no united planets option available
Fixed a bug that caused spell dummies to drain Atlas shields completely
Removed the Player 9 (grey) civilian building on Umos
Fixed a bug that somtimes caused some players to start with 4 workers, while others 3
Nerfed mutagenic beast a little.
Reduced the cost of cybord commando to 700
Increased the cooldown of specialists snipe ability to 8 seconds
The range of call nuclear strike reduced from 4000 to 3000
Increased the cost of command center from 10/300 to 20/400
Decreased the cost of Sabre by 100
Increased the hp of Sabre, Petya and Osa by 50
Fixed a few icons that appeared green
Minor balancing

0.88c by TKF
Fixed a glitch that caused the battlestation to be way to large
Battlesation costs reduced by 20%
Decreased the build time of refinery from 40 to 30
Increased the costs of Oblivion by 25%
Decreased the hp of Dreadlord by 500
Increased the build time of Oblivion from 30 to 44
Increased the cost of Aegis from 4500 to 4750
Increased the base hp of Aegis from 4500 to 5000
Increased the armor of Aegis from 8 to 10
Decreased the attack coolddown of Aegis from 4.4 to 4.2
Increased the cost of Phoenix from 4500 to 5000
Aegis and Phoenix is now classified as super capital ships
Aegis and Phoenix do now have 2 module slots instead of 1
Super Capital Ships take longer time to build
Fixed the correct zoom distance when suffling between landing beacons/starports
Fixed a DISBTN icon for workers
Minor balancing

0.89 by TKF
Added a new super weapon: Galactic Planet Buster Cannon
Added a new command center upgrade: Gattling Cannon
Fixed a fatal bug that caused terrotories to be multiplied by several times
Decreased the research time and costs for techs that leads to space travel
Increased the research time for all final tier techs
Drones are no longer attackable and confuse enemy GTS cannon
Shield generators on ground should now stop the Ion Beam if targeted
Decreased the Ion Storm Area of Effect from 1300 to 1000
Increased the casting time of Ion Storm from 4 to 6 seconds
Ion Storm Final Tier do now required Dark Energy Reactors
Dark Engine upgrade requirements for oblivion increased from 8 to 10
Fixed major point leaks with the Ion Cannon trigger
Buffed the damage done by Phoenix Drones to 480 (It does get reduced by armor)
Reduced the number of drones from 12 to 10
Phoenix Drones can now also bombard planets
Goliath do now have a armor ability which reduces damage a little
Reduced the tech requirements to add command center upgrades
Improved description of final tier techs
Nuke no longer causes radation even if the shield blocked it
Given the correct scaling values for refinery when having weapon modules
Increased the space damage of nukes from 25000 to 35000
Adjusted camera bounds a little to fit the new zoom distance
Reduced Rocket attacks damage multiplier against space structures from 1.6 to 1.5
Trade ports can now also sell crystals
fixed Battlestation "green" icon
Minor changes

0.89c by TKF
Added space age mode to mode selection voting
Added 2 new technologies
Ships with bombarding capabilties do now require orbital bombardment tech
Improved Planetary missile reaction time
You must now research stealth fields in order to cloak dark energy ships
Costs to load the galactic cannon increased from 5000 to 6500
You should now be able to use space flight in groups
Fixed a bug that caused the Galactic Cannon to ignore planet shielding
Fixed a bug that caused the leaver to be permanently hostile to neutrals
Added unique icons for medic and specialist
Reduced the range of orbital laser from 950 to 900
Increased the crystals carried by advanced miner from 2 to 3
An old ally which has left the game, no longer takes share of leavers terrotories
Increased the cost of akula from 150 to 200 (for balance sake)
Changed the armor of orbital space defenses from fortified to ship armor
Scout can no longer attack
Minor balancing

Changelog from 0.90 to current

0.90 by TKF
Added a new ship: Devastator Nuclear Battle Cruiser
Added 4 new techs
Added a new orbital defense strucure: Orbital Plasma Defense
Added another size technology: Mega-Scale Contruction
Dark Energy Capital ships do now require Large-Scale Plasma Weapons
Added a new feature to camera controls (F2): Auto zoom on attack events
Added ships being unlocked info at engine upgrades
Changed the model of Strike Tank to a Siege Tank model
Changed the model of Refinery Vessel to a cooler model
Changed the model of missile turrets to Starcraft missile turret model
Reduced the cost of Sabre from 900 to 750 currence
Reduced the cost of Anubis from 350 to 325 currence
Reduced the cost of Artillery Defense from 1400 to 1000
Increased the cost of Laser Satellites from 1900 to 2350
Reworked the food system. Halved the food produced by territories
Doubled the income and costs of civilian buildings
Command Center modules do now affect military stats
Increased the trade bonus techs from 15% to 20%
Slightly buffed the core meltdown damage done by larger fission ships
Aegis can now bombard planets with it's tactical missile ability
Reduced the number of Aegis extra missiles from 4-5 to 3-4
Several Aegis balance tweaks
Nerfed Goliath's hp from 5000 to 4500
Goliath is no longer considered as a capital ship, but as a Heavy Destroyer
New classes: fighter, corvette, frigate, destroyer, cruiser, capital ship, battlecruiser
Nerfed armor values of most ships
Nerfed oblivion hp and increased its cost from 5000 to 5500
Galactic Cannon do now eradicate planets from the game with only 3 planetcore hits
Several balance adjustments
Tons of minor bugs fixed

0.90d by TKF
Added Commerce Complex (civilian)
Merchant complexes adds more bonus to your trading, but offers no income by itself
Fixed a bug that caused the Galactic Space Cannon not able to target planets
Nerfed the reginery attack bonus against smaller spacecraft
Reduced the base hp of refineries from 1400 to 1200
Removed the tilting angles of Devastator, making it look weird
Changed the icon of civilian building, making it be easier to spot
Civilian structures that is being built no longer gives you income
Added a hint for players that they must use SPACE FLIGHT on space builder
Fixed a bug that causes the radar ping to show enemies on different planets'
Fixed a bug that caused the command center to lose upgrade ability
Fixed a bug that allowed you to forge alliances in All-Out-War mode
You do now gain control over a player that has surrendered to you
Given the force names correct planet names
The north east crystals on Vescer and Umos should now be visible on the minimap
You do now need a tech to unlock Devastators overload ability
Minor balancing

0.91 by TKF
Added a new ship: Firefly Assault Frigate (fusion)
Added a new ship: Spore Light Destroyer (dark, mutagenic destroyer)
Added a new vote mode: Good vs Evil (2 locked teams)
Mineral asteroids are now blue
All orbital defenses do now have 100 more range
Increased the crystal costs of most capital ships
Fixed a bug that caused small fission ships to die when using space flight
Structures being built near command center shield should no longer cause drain
Readjusted the economy values displayed on multiboard
Slowed the income rate of minerals a little
You get minimap ping when someone enters your planet and you have radar
You can now land on your own home planet without Hostile Climate Adaption
Reduced the range of planetary tactical defense missles
Enforced seperated cooldown for Planetary Defense Laser

0.91b by TKF
Readded Repair Drone
Added a new economic tech: War Conscription
Added automated constuction requirements for Mutagenic lifeform
No pooling until 30 minutes of the game has passed
Most ground vehicles do now possess a very minor aa attack
Using autodrops do now cost a bit resources
Players that has surrendered can no longer attack their master
Interest limit is 100000 currence. Max income of interests set to 1000.
You should now lose your platform attachment when command center dies
A defeated player no longer gains interest income
A defeated player will lose all his units when defeated
Range of jump drives reduced from 3500 to 3000
Increased the armor of Antarion from 12 to 15
Pyro marines are now a little more effective against mutagens
Pyro marines can no longer attack air
Fixed a radar text bombardment bug
Fixed a bug that causes GTS defense to attack even if the planet was gone
Fixed a double victory bug
Fixed a wrong planet message when using phoenix drones for bombardments
Fixed a bit on the Atlas shield system
Changed a few icons
Minor balancing

0.91c by TKF
Shades can now create artificial gravity wells
War Robot do now have a fancy laser attack
Removed napalm shells from War Robot
Devastator can no longer use warp when overloaded
Increased the speed of tactical defense missiles, but less duration
Planetary shields do now take damage when blocking
Reduced the AoE and damage caused by empowered reactor meltdown from 35000 to 15000
Fixed a bug with team unbalancing in Good Vs Evil Mode
Fixed the missile autoaquire trigger, should prevent stupid stand still
Fixed a bug that caused pooling to be reversed
Fixed a bug that caused you to get trade income despite not moving
Fixed a bug that caused fission fighters to not regain core meltdown
Fixed removed the double cinematic victory bug
Minor bug fixes and balancing

0.91d by TKF
You can now build space transports (noob friendly)
Space tranports auto unloads when landing on planets
Space tranports can also set gathering landing beacons if needed
Added specialist drop to orbital drop satellites
Improved the Map Description text
Added "-far" command for alternative zoom out (some players can't use ESC)
Added "-cam" to fix the camera view distance
You do know get to know who's on what team in Good vs Evil
Fixed the Novacia fog adjustments when zooming out with F2 camera menu
Fixed a bug with Good vs Evil mode
Fixed a bug that caused spore to be able to attack while cloaked
Fixed a fatal bug that allowed spore to make cheatful jumps in space
Fixed a bug with a victory condition concerning neutral player
Minor balancing

0.91f by TKF
Added psychological events that should reduce leavers
Attempted to fix the repeating neutral defeat bug

0.92 by TKF
Added a new ship: Hyperion Super Battlecruiser
Put the antarion slightly higher up in the tech tiers
Slightly increased the cost of antarion and galactic cannon
Increased the cost of atlas from 250/4500 to 300/4750
Removed the silly player messages when they leave
Delayed the leaving message for 5 min, to prevent chain leaving
Slightly decreased the cost of Vanya, increased the attack cooldown of Vanyas
Decreased the movement bonus from Empowered reactor from 70 to 60
Reduced the flying height for all ships in space from 500 to 200
Made the selection circles slightly larger for larger ships
Titanium Wall costs reduced from 150 to 90 currence
Fixed a bug that caused phoenix drones to sometimes not attack the planet
Fixed a bug that caused trade vessels to generate income by standing still
Minor balancing

0.92b by TKF
Added stealthed ghost transporter
Added slightly more starting ground techs to space age
Changed the name of good vs evil mode to 2 teams (when voting)
If the number of players are unequal in 2 team mode, one player will become neutral
The neutral player will join the first team with a leaver or a defeated player
Increased the cost of Planetary Defense Laser from 2000 to 2500
Delayed victory a bit so players can chat after the game is finished
Obliterated planets no longer occur on camera control (F2)
Fixed a fatal leaver bug that gave multiple leaver messages (overflow)
Fixed a bug that caused Atlas shield to work a few sec after it died
Minor balancing

0.93b by TKF
Added a new ship: Nightmare Capital Ship Killer
Galactic Construction is no longer a final tier tech
Seperated the Antarion and Galactic Cannon into each unique final tiers
Each player do now start with an anti-personell turret
Increased the tech requirements for Antarion
Increased the attack cooldown of Antarion by 20%
Increased the hp of Antarion from 25000 to 30000
Decreased the attack range of Antarion from 1500 to 1200
Removed 1 laser weapon on Antarion
Reduced the cost of Antarion from 1400/28750 to 1350/2700
Weapon and engine upgrades on Antarion no longer applies
Increased the Hyperions Chamber Laser damage from 2500 to 3000
Fixed a bug that caused the planetary defense laser to not disappear
Fixed a bug in 2 team mode which didn't make the neutral player hostile
Minor adjustments

0.93d by TKF
Added a new ability for the new battlecruiser: Plasma Core Beam
Nerfed the hp reduction ability of the Nightmare Battlecruiser
Buffed the Nightmare a little
Fixed a victory fomular bug that made victory appear to early
Done some rebalancing on sabre and osa, decreasing the insane damage
Fixed a bug in space age mode that caused the advanced miners unavailable
Reduced the damage caused by rocket marines
Minor tweaks

0.94 by TKF
Added new space structure: Colossal Drydock
Added 3 new flagships, those requires Advanced Engines Technology
Flagships are heroes which can level and improve during the game
Battlecruisers must now be built at Colossal Drydock
Antarion is now only available at Colossal Drydock
AA Missile Defense on ground do now have Detector
Changed the tech requirements for Aegis Missile Cruiser
Increased the cost of PML tactical space missiles by 50%
Increased the cost of PML tactical space nukes by 40%
Fixed a bug with the Nightmare Battlecruiser
Fixed a bug that caused the stealth tech to be reasearched 2 times
Added "Detector" in description to units with the ability to detect invisible
Fixed minor bugs
Minor ship cost balancing

0.94c by TKF
Rebalanced the flagships abilties a bit
Reduced the Experience gain rate by 40%
Increased the build time of Flagships by 50%
Final Tiers is now being revealed eventually
Added 20 damage reduction ability to orbital defense to prevent unfair rushes
Fixed a critical bug concerning Planetary Defense Laser
Fixed a bug that caused you not being able to bombard planets
Fixed a fatal ion cannon bug that used the camera selection workaround

0.95 by TKF
Added a new dark energy ship: Reaper Capital Ship
Mothership wields powerful photon torpedoes and has 5 module slots
The Excelsior Hero can now also launch drones
Slightly decreased the damage done by drones
Decreased the costs of flagships a little
Greatly decreased the costs of colossal drydocks from 2500 to 900 credits
Flagships can now be repaired by space builders
Fixed a bug which didn't remove spaceflight ability in space
Greatly reduced the pyro marines bonus damage vs mutagenic creeps
Increased the mining speed from green crystals
Increased the starting amount of crystals from 125 to 300
Readjusted the damage settings for most units
The damage upgrades should now increase the units base damage with 10% pr level
Slightly increased the damage of Antarion Battle Station
Slightly reduced the range of all space defenses
Increased the damage of ground structure based AA defenses
Moved the asteroids from mid so the asteroid miners can mine with less risk
Slightly adjusted the costs of a few ships
Slightly tweaked the hp for a few ships
Fixed a bug that was shown to all players when trading with trade center
Fixed a bug related to the victory condition
Lots of minor adjustments

0.95b by TKF
Made significant balancing and tweaking on most space units
Made several major damage adjustments to several ships
All space ships should now be more or less balanced
Due to the ships rebalancing, the weapons modules damage has been halved
Halved the losing condition timer from 4 minutes to 2 minutes
Increased the motherships basic damage in both modes (balance)
Buffed the motherships photon ability
Increased the cost of battlestation by 25%
Readjusted the upgrade costs of rockets, lasers and plasma
Fixed a bug that caused United we Stand tech being unavailable in 2 teams mode
Fixed a minor ending bug

0.95c by TKF
Added a 3rd evolution state to the mutagenic beings: Mutagenic Monster
Mutagenic creatures is slightly more effective against ground vehicles now
Applied "lost" and "left" tags on player names on multiboard
Rebalanced the costs, hp and damage of all troops
Rebalanced the costs, hp and damage of all vehicles
Reduced the hp of transport ships and ghost transports
It's now much more costful to repair space vessels
Cloaked ships do now have current hp
Leaver notices will now be applied almost immediately
Changed the flagships skill adjustments pr level
Fixed a mistyping which made trade federation tech cost 95000 credits
Fixed a bug that caused wrong names turn to grey when there was less than 10 players
Minor adjustments

0.95d by TKF
Added a new ground unit: Laser Tank
Rebalanced all defense structures on planets and space
Rebalanced all unit bounties (Mostly nerf)
Reduced the Firefly damage and costs by about 25%
Reduced the Sabre damage output by about 1/3 due to armor reduction
Nerfed the Ion Storm damage by 30%
Lost and Left tags should now appear properly on the multiboard
Radar does now tell you if the entering forces is hostile or unknown
Asteroid field will now only grant 4 food instead of 6 food
You must now have interplanetary commerce tech in order to form trade alliances
Readjusted the War Conscription bonus adjustments
Increased the costs of a few ground production structures
Reduced the range and damage of the Ground to Space nuke missile
Made a small fix with the F1 feature during the beginning of the game
Fixed a bug concerning the Armageddon Flagship nuke bug
Fixed a bug that made the cloaked ships unable to leave a planet

0.96 by TKF
Added 1 new mobile battle station: EXECUTOR! (Fusion)
Added 1 new ground vehicle: Plasma Mech
Added 1 new type of ship class: Interphased Ships with Disruptor weapons
Added 1 new drydock: Phase Drydock
Added 1 new space defense: Disruptor Cannon
Added 7 interphase type ships to the map
Acolyte, Slicer, Fielder, Driller, Sage, Nemesis and Starfury
Removed the useless sting rocket module and replaced it with disruptor module
Nerfed the plasma cannon module
Added new technologies along with the research for the new ship technology
Done some recalculation and rebalancing of all ships again
Redesigned the ship armor classes to distinct between each engine category
Ship armor is split into: Fission > Fusion > Dark Energy > Interphase
Laser good vs Fission ships, Plasma vs Fusion, Disruptor vs Dark etc...
All engine upgrades has same upgrade costs now
Also reworked the weapons counters against different armor types
All structures does now have titanium armor instead of fortified
All space defense does now have different armor
Rocket and Laser attacks is strong vs 2 and weak vs 2 armor categories
The rest is strong vs 1 armor and weak vs 1 armor category
Readjusted the military points on multiboard to represent the real power
Added several units which was not calculated for military points
You can now toggle autodropoff option on the transport ships
Added radar warning against hostile orbital satellite drops
Doubled the costs and efficiency of asteroid miners (To reduce spam)
Increased the costs of Spy Satellite
Reduced the range, damage and costs of the space nuke missile
Nerfed the Command Center shields and also reduced its costs
Given the correct costs on drops from drop satellite compared to real costs
Added hostile defense on the south side of Vescer to make terrain more balanced
Added hostile defense on boths sides of Crotur to make terrain more balanced
Added hostile defense on the north side of Umos to make terrain more balanced
Made a fix to the sabres armor reduction which made it way to slow
Fixed a bug concerning the Devastator Core overload ability after a warp jump
Slightly buffed the orbital laser (due to new weapon counter balancing)
Made lots of lots of minor adjustments and fixes

0.96b by TKF
Added a new Mobile Battle Station: Novarion (Interphase tech)
Sage, Nemesis and Starfury should no longer be able to land on planets
Mobile Battle Stations does now require final tier tech
Battlestation will now only start with 1 weapon and 1 repair module
Buffed the Nightmares plasma beam damage output
Ground to Space laser does now do full damage to all ship types
Fixed some minor spelling mistakes

0.97b by TKF
Added crystal industries civilian building upgrade
Added defense field module for capital ships
Increase battle station costs from 2500 to 3500
Removed the Battle Station limit of 1
Swapped the tech requirements of Osa and Petya
Planetary Defense Laser is priority target by bombardments now
Given Petya Frigate a long range missile ability
Added orbital bombardment to Goliath Cruiser
Changed the Armageddons flagships missile ability
Reduced the research time of several techs
Reduced the health of gravity well from 20000 to 2500
Reduced the damage done by space rift ability (Starfury BC)
Fixed a bug that caused the Planetary Defense Laser to fire prematurely
Fixed a leaver bug
Fixed a victory bug

2.5 years stall on updates

0.97c by TKF - 27 May 2015
Added Phase unit type hero
Redesigned drill beam based bombardment with a beam strike planet
Redesigned Nightmare Plasma Beam planet bombardment with a continous beam
Orbital strike platform can now bombard with nukes, but very inaccurate
Precicion Bombardment will now always hit an enemy target on planet
Added a new bombardment tech with 33% increased hit chance
Added a new economics tech with 1 food bonus
Opening a portal do now take 30 seconds longer
Petya (fission 4 ship) is now short range bomber with bonus vs high hp targets
Firefly (fusion 4 ship) Get a big damage bonus when entering a planet
Increased the starting credits a bit
Increased the cost of preparing ion storm ability
Mutagenic warhead does now spawn a mutagen hatchery with 5 minutes lifetime
Limited the numbers of asteroid miners pr player to 6 now to prevent heavy lagg
Selling/Buying crystals will now change its market prices, also globally
Lowered the range of launched space missiles by 25%
Greatly nerfed the space nuke and doom star explosion by 60%
Nerfed the tactical missile damage by 55%
Reduction of costs on some techs
Lots of balance tweaks
Reduced the interests bonus cap from Credit Saving Economics tech to 250
Also decreased the costs of Planetary tactical missiles
Fixed some bugs regarding mutegenic spawning hanging up

0.97d by TKF - 30 May 2015
New Game UI (by unwirclich at wc3c.net)
Enabled Player 12 slot for selfproduction AI for neutral hostile
Increased the credits income by 25% for every income cycle
Ion Cannon also create a beam which can be ordered by the satelite
Some nerf of crystal income
Blue crystal mining slowed down
Asteroid crystal mining slowed down
Crystal Industries (civilian) now changed to auto trading/selling crystals
Crystal Industries do now sell/buy crystals every cycle, affecting market less
Doubled the amount of resources you can sell at trade ports pr click
Selling crystals 1 time will temporary reduce market price by 10% for 10 sec
Selling crystals every 3 times will reduce market price by 10% over long time
You will now be defeated in 1 minute after losing all civilian buildings
When a player is leaving, his real name will be visible under allies (F11)
Slightly increased damage of tactical missiles
Fixed a fatal bug that allowed you to open portal to dead planets
Fixed minor bugs

0.97e by TKF - 31 May 2015
Added game timer and income timer on multiboard
Increased the damage done by orbital bomardments to ground shields
Fixed a bug that allowed you to have multiple reaver flagships
Fixed a small bug where your first space worker flew to space
Fixed a bug that made ground bombardment shields not able to block ion blast
Fixed a bug that allowed continous beam to ignore ground bombardment shields
Fixed some smaller bugs


0.97c by TKF - 27 May 2015
See changelog tag!

0.97d by TKF - 30 May 2015
New Game UI (by unwirclich at wc3c.net)
Enabled Player 12 slot for selfproduction AI for neutral hostile
Increased the credits income by 25% for every income cycle
Ion Cannon also create a beam which can be ordered by the satelite
Some nerf of crystal income
Blue crystal mining slowed down
Asteroid crystal mining slowed down
Crystal Industries (civilian) now changed to auto trading/selling crystals
Crystal Industries do now sell/buy crystals every cycle, affecting market less
Doubled the amount of resources you can sell at trade ports pr click
Selling crystals 1 time will temporary reduce market price by 10% for 10 sec
Selling crystals every 3 times will reduce market price by 10% over long time
You will now be defeated in 1 minute after losing all civilian buildings
When a player is leaving, his real name will be visible under allies (F11)
Slightly increased damage of tactical missiles
Fixed a fatal bug that allowed you to open portal to dead planets
Fixed minor bugs

0.97e by TKF - 31 May 2015
Added game timer and income timer on multiboard
Increased the damage done by orbital bomardments to ground shields
Fixed a bug that allowed you to have multiple reaver flagships
Fixed a small bug where your first space worker flew to space
Fixed a bug that made ground bombardment shields not able to block ion blast
Fixed a bug that allowed continous beam to ignore ground bombardment shields
Fixed some smaller bugs

NOTICE: 0.97b version was over 2.5 years old since last update, I've just updated it from 97b to 97d version here on hiveworkshop, with new UI, Neutral AI able to replenish lost units, unlocked some halfdone features such as beam bombardment feature and some small changes and fixing the mutagenic bug

Space, Solar, Conquest, Future, War, Warfare, Battle, Sci-Fi, Battlecruiser, Spaceships, Planet

Solar Conquest v0.97e (Map)

15:15, 01st Jun 2011 -Kobas- Status: Approved Really unique and epic wc3 map, from now on, it's highly recommended. 16:16, 10th Aug 2008 Rui: The reviews suggest that the map is OK. I have removed the "Altered Melee" type, however. This doesn't...
  1. foamy125


    Aug 30, 2007
    You should so make the GTS have a a laser attack, cause it'd just look so much more amazing if it did. :p and add a little variation to the game, maybe not full blown techtrees for each individual planet, but maybe strengths and weaknesses, like one planets natives might have better laser tech while another has better armor, and maybe special units for each planet.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
  2. Warhunter


    Jan 5, 2008
    I found an bug... you have maybe fix that now.. but i can build and walk trought the buildings on some planets.
  3. DarkKnight


    Jan 11, 2006
    Foamy, I said almost exactly the same thing, and it'll come when the new terrain is finished, and about those buildings, that should be easily solvable by using movement blockers.
  4. foamy125


    Aug 30, 2007
    what makes you think i pay attention the the posts before me? 0.o :p
  5. DarkKnight


    Jan 11, 2006
    Better to do so, some people can get... agressive if people post something that has been posted before (Yes I know, there are strange people in the world XD) and I prefer to evade, and let other people evade, problems...
  6. Discohydra


    Dec 16, 2007
    I've been hearing reports of lag, from other players that i've played with, Once one person made a trade port. Everyone started to lag. again from the trade ports.

    I've also notice a 50-30FPS drop when using laser fences.

    And trade ports can be built on the planet?!?!!? (This is most likey what caused the leak, because my ally said be built one, but i didn't see it in space.)
  7. callex


    Feb 16, 2005
    Yea somethings really lagging, i'v been chasing it for the past three versions but I seem to be making one step forward, two steps back... the prime suspects right now are the laser fences and the trade ports, probabally both. I'll redesign the trade/laser triggers and see if it helps the lagg, and i'll also fix the trade port on planet bug.
  8. Discohydra


    Dec 16, 2007
    Just some ideas

    I've also noticed some lag when launching somthing into space, And may i suggest Something?

    (Here comes a broad spectrum of ideas @_@)

    Ground based IP(Planetary)BM launcher, Like that satalite but can be used to defend against fleets as well as nuclear strikes?

    Ground flight aircraft (not spacecraft of just normal aircraft to help defend from space attacks, Planet area only unless carried to another planet)

    Space carrier, Can carry other craft to other areas, Such as space builders (Quickly) or Normal aircraft (Not spacecraft), this is meant to be a dropship for units otherwise unloadable by dropships.

    Make a few uninhabited planets? (IF POSSIBLE)

    Add a feature that could give use to ground units, so players just don't bum-rush you with a million fighters?

    Add a fourth control point to each planet so when you ally with the other person on your planet that they dont screw you in population?

    Add any other ground based mechanical units?
    Tanks: Laser, Rocket, SAM (Added already, Good job on that one), Ballistic shell. Anything really, Its the future!

    Artillery: Rocket-based (MLRS), Ballistic (Howitzer), Interplanetary (Orbital laser gun). Anything again. Your map, Your rules :cool:

    Anti-air: this area is cruical, Since the main way right now to get to other planets is to go by spaceship. Which most defenses cant attack effectivly.
    Flak (Area of Effect damage), Missile (Done already, and done well.), Autocannon (Add this as a kickass short range defence?)

    Planet only aircraft Ideas: Fighter, Bomber, AWACS (Mobile radar).

    Thats it for now. Good job and good luck.
  9. DarkKnight


    Jan 11, 2006
    You gave me an idea, how about some sort of satalite, wich you can only build within ** range of your planet (A planet were you controll all the critical points) and this satalite is a orbital lazer, meaning it can shoot onto the planet (can only attack buildings) in case someone wants to go to your planet, take over a controll point, and build something, as soon as he builds something, a kickass beam (with hellish reload time) will shoot down, oh and to avoid spacecraft spam, stronger anti-air guns?
  10. hookah


    May 1, 2008
    awesome map.
    maybe units should cost more minerals.D
    u should change zoom out from esc to f2 or something like that if u can cos if u are in a building and u press esc it will cancel production...
    orbital strike satelite should be only able to build if u researched out space tech tier 3 as its useless before it.
  11. DarkKnight


    Jan 11, 2006
    Yea, that's true, it's especialy annoying if you started buiding something that takes a hellish long time (not that I remember a building taking so long though) and you press escape to zoom out, KABLOOM gone is the building o_O
  12. callex


    Feb 16, 2005
    Finally tracked down the cause of that lagg. I'll get back to work adding new stuff now!
  13. Discohydra


    Dec 16, 2007
    Hmmm, I have an idea for adding onto the robotic final tech.

    2 new soldiers.

    Cyborg: A mechanically enhanced marine with better regeneration, and more damage.
    Battle droid: A completely cybernetic solider, While being weaker than the cyborg, IT can be used in drop pods.

    And also a new idea,

    Customizable drop pods: While being time consuming to make, They can be customized to fit any 3-4 infantry units into a drop pod, EXCLUDING the cyborg.

    And a new concept:

    Planet to planet orbital guns: This guns will fire on planets Creating a random explosion on the planet, These guns can be awfully sloppy, and hit your own troops on the planet, Due to exploitations in building technology, There guns only deal 20% damage to buildings.

    Planet to planet cruise missiles: These missiles will be expensive, for the fuel to get out of the planet, and the fuel to reenter into the atmosphere, there cheaper the missile, the more likely it is to break up in the atmosphere, But this is much different than the satalite, whereas you only had nukes on the satalite, This silo has selectable missiles/payloads. There is a load for every WMD known to man, Nuclear, Biological, Radioactive, Chemical, And just regular High explosive missiles. Each having its own advantage and disadvantage.

    And also, As a final note.
    This map has great potential, This is one of the many maps lost in the sea of DotA games. This map is better than any future map I've ever seen that retains the RTS theme. Good Job.
  14. DarkKnight


    Jan 11, 2006
    I think it's mainly becouse you can go on land and space, and the way it happens. BTW, maby add a random chance (of what, 0.1%-1%) of a ship being destroyed or damaged in the atmosphere.
  15. Sir.Laggalot


    Jun 30, 2008
    I know making escape the key to leave the planet is convenient but it really is a problem, I use escape to cancel upgrades and buildings I don't want all the time, and it does get to be a pain. I also know that creating triggers that use other keys is hard, I would suggest using an arrow key, up or down.

    Another thing I'd like to see, is a key to go-to the location of the last alert. When you're getting attacked it's some times hard to find where when you control multiple planets.

    I'd recommend talking to, the creator of "Battle for Orion", slith about your tech tree and possible changes/additions. His game had a beautiful tech tree that encompassed the majority of research and science that we use today and onward. This combined with ships that require certain technologies might help prevent rushing.

    I know that most games I can start off by making 3 marines (or 2 and a rocket) and rush my planet mate, kill him or ally him at gun point. Then rush constantly for the space tech, and get a dropship with 4 pods on it to an enemy planet before its two humans even begin to fight let alone develop space tech.

    More teching would improve the game and add a strategy element to the tactics the game already has.
  16. Death_bringer_2


    Oct 6, 2007
    Honestly, both of those sound like bad ideas.
  17. Sworddragon


    Jul 21, 2005
    Very fun, played it several times and noticed a few things.
    I think, someone told me this, that if you build close to the planet it'll be built on the planet.
    Also, it seems there is a crash issue involving landings, or something near that.
    Everytime I get to nuke age a fatal error occures, ending the game.
    Beaming technology would be interesting, basing it off an ability and selecting somewhere on the planet.
  18. DarkKnight


    Jan 11, 2006
    Well, it's not like startrek ^^, if you want realism, first try to find out how you could rebuild all the atoms on a place a couple of miles down? However, waypoints would be interresting (in other words, teleport buildings) wich will send you from one point to another, with a bit of delay (as it takes time to take appart a human or whatever and scanning them, and then rebuilding them)
  19. Discohydra


    Dec 16, 2007

    Honestly, It wouldn't be that hard to make the arrow keys do it, Wc3 world editor was built for making the arrow keys do some things. I wouldn't see why JASS couldn't do it as easily either.

    And yes, I agree with your argument, We need a better tech tree. Because. Honestly. The current one only allows you to buy the ability to rush for only a good $1800, I'd say thats a bargain.

    I say you should have to research the drop pods and colony pods. That would reduce my tactic of a 32 marine rush at the start >.<

    There should be more planets, But i see that you seem to have maxed out the map space >.< Thats too bad.

    And we need 4 control points on every planet, Because if you ally the person on your planet, If you dont have the center point, Your screwed for economy. (this is the reason why i need more planets, Im sick with just playing with 5 people, Maybe just 1 more, So i can have a 3v3?)

    There's a lot this map is capable of. Better than any space map i've seen. With most future map, all you see is just lasers and smaller iPods.
  20. DarkKnight


    Jan 11, 2006
    Naah, instead of 4 controll points, 5, one on each cournor and one in the middle, to feed up competition a bit =3, so that you actualy have a bit of a reason to wage war after peace.