Solar Conquest (ground&space)

Level 4
Aug 30, 2008
Hi all, I'm working on this project from about one month. Well, this is stellar conquest map. There are 4 planets (and 4 moons in next versions). On each planet there are two players that can choose to work together or go to war. Anyway, the resources on the planet are limited, so, you have to reach the space travel technology to explore the solar system, looking for new sources of resources on other planets. Inevitably, you will fight other civilizations (controlled by other players) for the supremacy. You fight on the ground and in the space! Features in the first version:

•4 unique planets, each contains 2 players.
•Space battles.
•Vast and long technology devolpment.
•Planet conquest (control points that enable you to build more civilian buildings, increasing your population and so taxes).
•Space exploration.
•3 resources: Minerals, Vespene and Capital.
•Planet invasion/bombardment.
•Much more, but I don't tell you, for now.
I think that I will release it in the next week. I'm about to finish it, I have to finish the last technologies and to balance researches devolpment and units. Please, enjoy and comment! Video: