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  • Hello there!
    I got some serius bad news about your map! =O

    The thing is, it's completed! =O
    W8.. That's good news sowwy. =P

    One thing though, what was your mail again? That way I can send it to you. (I cleaned out all mails a week ago so yeh. xD
    Current Credits for Shadowed Day:

    Season Triggers Help: Pyritie
    Road Trigger Help: Just_Spectating
    Road Trigger Help: Soga-
    Road Trigger Help: Huurka
    Contagion Trigger: UreDe4D
    Blight Check Trigger: Huurka

    (This list does not include any model creators, because I haven't chosen which models I will be using. It also doesn't include websites or testers yet.)
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