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Last Activity:
May 25, 2013
Feb 16, 2005


User, from England

callex was last seen:
May 25, 2013
    1. Smashplayer
      Callex please work on Natural Selection again.. This map is so awsome and u could make it even better. ;/
    2. msomg123
      I like your anti-mineral cheat in Cruiser Command ^^
    3. Ginufe
      Man i really like your job what you did :D!
      The maps what i see there are my favourites when i was a kid .___. lol
    4. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      Lol at the avatar :)
    5. efsfdison
      The new update of solar named Solar Conquest - Evolution is completed
    6. TKF
      I'm resigning from the current projects.
    7. efsfdison
      the beta of Solar Conquest Eclipse has been completed by szszss last week,pityfully it is based on Chinese,do you want a copy?
    8. TKF
      I'm working on 0.96. I don't know when I finish it cuz I got a lot of things to do before releasing next version. But it will be sent to you soon.
    9. efsfdison
      Actually i dont need the latest version,the new solar is based on 0.81c
    10. Siwarone
      I'm a bit of a random person but...Any chance I could get that unprotected version of Natural Selection? It seems like an interesting system and I'd really appreciate it.
    11. efsfdison
      Can I get the formal access for the update of Solar?
    12. efsfdison
      Greeting,we decided to update Solar ourselves,based on 0.81c.Also the loading and the preview will be remade.would you like to have a see on them?
    13. efsfdison
      expecting the Solar v1.0,that would be a revolution^ ^
    14. TKF
      Hoi callex, As for me I only have some time on the weekends, so updates is going very slowly. I did update once again this weekend. This time I did both maps.

      How are you doing?
    15. TKF
      Callex, clear your inbox please. I couldn't send you the latest version. I don't know if you have changed email but sent it through email if you still have the old address.



      In case you didn't get the email:

      Link 2: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/157951/

      Changelog is in my latest post in thread.
    16. TKF
      Ok, a credit issue has occurred and I was forced to change the credits of the cruiser model to Blizzard. I understand you are extremely busy, so when you got a few min sparetime, I've sent you the 0.83d version.
    17. GIANT_CRAB
      wth? sheep?
    18. TKF
      I've sent you the 0.83c version, latest revision!
    19. TKF
      Awh stupid limit of 500 messages!!! I've resent the 2nd pm and you should have it by now.

      Well I've sent you 0.82d by now.
    20. TKF
      Have you retired from wc3? Active in SC2? You haven't logged in for weeks as far I can see.

      Atm I've planned to quit mapping solar and cruiser command in wc3, so if you have interests of mapping them let me know so we don't do it seperately. If you want to I'll send you the latest unfinished versions.
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    Current Project:
    Cruiser Command
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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