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  • Greetings Supermj,
    I have observe your Terrains and its very good. really very good. I decided to recruite you as our Lead Terrainer. You are going to edit, replace, and beautify Terrain for the project.Terrain is the number one demand for our project. If possible we ask your little-little-little time for the project.Though I do not expect that 100% of the time you would be working for this project. We will give you time to make it.
    Our goal is to make 100% Epic maps for people to enjoy anytime they want. If you are asking, "What would I do?" You would just simply provide us terrains for the campaign and Hero Defense Map that needs to be edited, replace, and beautify in our projects to be used in the Project.
    If you have any more questions, please feel free to Private Message / Visitor Message me. You would not regret in joining this project.I tell you my friend. With your help it would be 100% Epic , 100% fun.

    For the Glory of the Hivest!

    Admiral Jack
    I saw your grid tile, i had a project, which really needs it, but it still need some modifications though, i wanted the squares to be a lot bigger, and i want it to be transparant(so i can see the skybox below the units) (i can give you transparant tile skin, you just need to add the white grids :D), is it possible? xD i can show you the original image of what i wanted.
    Hey Supermj, do you have any federation models not available on THW? I've been looking around, but no avail. I've only seen a few, but they share the same Explosion blp, so only one per game.
    Hey mj, you good in terraining. Did't you ? Could you help me to improve my map terrain ?
    Eh, I'll have to remake my account on Bnet. I'll tell you when I do.
    jeez, i need trigger help, my triggers are fucked up, gimme a hand? btw, i found out how to color text in wc3, its awesome
    Thanks! Soundscapes would be good, but most people turn off Unit responses because of the annoying Blizzard defaults [I find them annoying anyway]. I also have no experience with audio software.
    What I'm currently working on is a per-tick resource system. After that's done I need to change a few things, get a camera system working and generally clean up the map.
    Then I'll be in Beta!
    Icons, I've uploaded all the icons I made to Warcraft 3 Creations if you want them.
    The WEU function that I used was this:
    set udg_location_var = GetUnitLoc(FirstOfGroup(udg_p_Planets_Group[6]))

    Thats the JASS of it anyways. And I don't think it leaks.

    I've un-WEU'd my map now. That is, it can be opened in standard WE now. I'll PM you with the link to the updated file. I have to revise now however, so I may be slow in responding if you send me a message.


    EDIT: the un-WEU-ing doesn't seem to have worked entirely right. :sad:
    Hi supermj,

    Leo had once told me that you are good with terraining.

    Perhaps you interested to make a cinematic with me ?
    I don't know whether you received my PM...
    I'm making a space strategy game and I'm using the triggers from your solar system model [and most of the models]. I would be happy to share the resources I'm making for it with you. So far I just have the reworked triggers [I consolidated the orbit system into one trigger and some other improvements and adjustments] made icons for all the ships and some other stuff which I won't talk about now.
    I will [hopefully] have a new saturn model soon [the planetgiga models are strangely corrupted for me and I can't find another download location]

    Anyways, the offer is there if you want to take me up on it.

    Oh no! I just re-did the castle and some balancing issues! I just spent like 50 min doing it! Do you think you can just copy your changes? mine are more major than just balancing, I even did some of tha undead t though...
    ok, u can upload it now, its updated, do ur thing brah, then when done with that, ill ask septimus to add cines for when someone gets a quest done.
    lemme add one more thing in the map, then i need u to do the triggers for the quests, i have em down of what they are, btw, the cines in now! check it out. (i already balanced em, but u can edit the castle!)
    Well, the beta test was successful, the worst things people said were that they didn't like the undead kings rape age, and that middle part in between the humans and undead is to small. Also the dragons are very powerful (u were right mj, XD)
    Soon though we shall either re-make this map and make it bigger (i can save everything and then copy it on there when needed) or we can start uber ing this one, adding little things for the public, or the the last thing is to start on the next game in the series, (heres the link Thats it, o ya, we also need a loading screen, perferbably we vote on one or use one that i had origanaly planned (its in my album and its the one with the orc, human, and tauren.) Get to it!!
    I meant steal from yourself... that view (from an economic way) no one is suffering the consequences... But now you had to just go and steal mine... thanks...

    (jk, lol)
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