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"Show all user resources" button

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It has always bothered me two things about the special user resources page (This one)
1. Why can't it be accessed by normal means? You have to write the specific link to get there. I think a button "All Resources" in every user's page would be a fine way to access this.
2. Why are the older models hidden? I mean, it's a special page showing all of the user's resources, why should it have a limit, after which it displays "more" like in the user's page? This takes away all usefulness of the page, since one can just as simply view these on a user's page. It has also always bothered me that I can't see ALL my (and other users') resources in one place if they've exceeded the limit for displayed resources and have to go to lame lists that are not so easily navigateable.

So if you could give purpose and link to that page, it would be awesome!
Thanks for reading. :)


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Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
I don't really check my own resources unless I need to reply to them. Which usually I just click the link in the user CP since the notification about a new post on my resource is there.

But now that you mention it, it's pretty odd that there is a limit on resources displayed. It kinda goes against the whole idea of a page containing everything the user has uploaded.
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