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Shadows over Tirisfal 8.1

Previously Darkening of Tirisfal

"The shadow has fallen over the glades of Tirisfal. The Scourge has desecrated the Scarlet Monastery and is now spreading corruption over the land, reaching ever closer to Capital city.
Adventurers from all over Azeroth have joined forces with the citizens of Tirisfal to defend Capital City, while the Scourge has recruited a pile of vile demons, zombies, sorcerers,
and beasts to strengthen their rank. Who will gain the upper hand as the battle escalates?"

  • Classic aeon of strife map with a strong focus on hero design. The cadre of 34 heroes offers those with very basic abilities, as well as those with complex and challenging ability systems, some having a spellbook of up to 15 different spells.
  • Slow-paced, tactical gameplay instead of fast-paced shootouts. Battles can last for several minutes, where the heroes regenerate several times between rounds. The result is non-stop action and an uninterrupted flow of the game.
  • Beautiful, atmospheric environment and an extreme focus on detail.
  • Most likely free of any major balance issues. The map has undergone years of balance testing.
  • Item recipes, tomes to upgrade hero spells, as well as neutral creeps.
  • Shadows over Tirisfal is made for up to 10 players. It is most enjoyable when played with 6 players, as a 3vs3.
  • Intelligent Hero Bots to playtest the more complex heroes before taking them into battle against human opponents. In addition, Standby Bots will take control of a hero when its controller disconnects or leaves the game.
What not to expect:
  • The gameplay is slightly slower than on most aeon of strife maps. This is intended and necessary to make many strategic elements work.
Related Content:

  • Note: The hero WTii is playing has since been replaced by the Tidewalker.


Version 8.0

  • Music is now playing correctly (Reforged related bug fix).
  • The loading screen works again (Reforged related bug fix).
  • Hotkeys no longer show twice in the tooltips (Reforged related bug fix).
  • The last tower in each lane now attacks 25% faster.
  • Quest spawns now show a minimap ping much longer.
  • Forest Troll Warlords are now level 8, up from level 7. Now gains 90 hitpoints per creep upgrade, up from 70.
  • Ogre Lord hitpoints reduced from 1520 to 1320.
  • Gold bounty from jungle creeps now increases faster as the game progresses (15% per minion upgrade, up from 12%).
  • Bow of the Great Huntress attack bonus reduced from 10 to 8 and attack range bonus increased from 125 to 150.

Lord of the Wild
  • The attack speed of the bear and wolf companions each has been reduced by 10%.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Presence of the Gods auras to affect enemy heroes.
Draenei Avenger
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Staff of Teleportation to not disable correctly after reviving in the Damnation maze.
Disciple of Aviana
  • Fixed a bug that caused Gift of Aviana to sometimes instantly regenerate the target's mana to full.
Servant of the Council
  • Strength per level reduced from 1.45 to 1.35 and intelligence per level reduced from 1.5 to 1.4.
Abyssal Turtle
  • Carapace Turret duration increased from 9/11/13/15 seconds to 12/13/14/15 seconds.
  • Turtle Bomb's coatl no longer slows down when the Turtle takes damage, but the damage taken by the Turtle while in the air is now increased by 50%.
Nightborne Buccaneer
  • Reworked and simplified the gem system. Instead of gaining access to unique items, the Nightborne Buccaneer can now sell the looted gems to Lady Srarda for extra gold. Bonus gold is gained if the gems are sold in a bundle that contains all four gem types.
  • Drink and Dance no longer provides a chance to critically hit, but instead a 3/6/9/12% chance to dodge an attack.
  • Hungering Orb mana drained increased from 18/24/30/36 to 20/27/33/40.
  • Drink cooldown reduced from 12 to 10 seconds. It now heals the correct amount (+30 on all levels).
  • Captain's Call cooldown changed from 240/220/200/180 seconds to 200 seconds. Arcane cannon damage increased from 30 to 35.
  • Instead of traveling towards the destination, the pirate ship now teleports to it.
Crimson Agent
  • Bloodletting life drain effect reduced from 30/40/50/60% to 30/35/40/45% and bonus damage against wounded targets reduced from 20/30/40/50% to 12/25/37/50%.
  • Omniscient Ward duration increased from 180 to 360 seconds.
  • Cryochamber now restores 3/4 mana per second in addition to the healing effect.

Version 7.2c
  • Patch-related bug fixes.

Version 7.2

  • Fixed most bugs associated with patch 1.31.
  • Added two new vendors: Snarl Filtheye and Adeline Crow sell miscellaneous items. As of now, they sell Dust of Appearance and Flask of the Titans.

Version 7.1

  • Introduced neutral heroes. Neutral heroes can be picked by either faction.
  • New Neutral Hero: Crimson Agent - The Crimson Agent is a cunning hero, able to move around undetected, gathering intelligence or taking out an unsuspecting foe.
  • Added victory cinematics.
  • Changed the way how bounty for minion kills is split if multiple heroes are nearby. Now, all heroes will gain the full bounty for a minion kill, no matter how many heroes are nearby, but only if minions are killed at a normal rate. For any further kills, the bounty is divided by the number of nearby heroes.
  • Drastically reduced the loading time.
  • Staff of Teleportation channel time reduced from 10 to 8 seconds.
  • The potion vendors now sell Dust of Appearance.
  • New Tier 3 item: Bow of the Great Huntress.

Goblin Shredder

  • Renamed to War Shredder.
  • The War Shredder is now a neutral hero.

Version 7.0

  • New Alliance of Tirisfal hero: Tidewalker - A master of manipulating the flow of mana. The Tidewalker relies on ice magic to disable enemy heroes while taking down structures by summoning the full might of the tides.
  • The heroes of players who leave the game are now given control over to bots if possible.
  • Moved the Alliance eastern base tower and Scourge western base tower further away from the center lane.
  • Tower damage against heroes and summonings increased by 20%.
  • The Advisors now have a tip on available chat commands.
  • All heroes now have a hero glow.

  • Replaced by Tidewalker.
Master of the Arcane
  • Spells are now automatically transfered to the orb when cast while Presence of Mind is active.
  • New Arcane Missiles effect.
Shadow Hunter
  • All Loa abilities are now named after the Loa they invoke.

Version 6.11

  • Replaced the tree models on the Scourge side of the map.
  • Added new environmental models such as birds, forest spirits, and lights.
  • Basilisk's Fang and feedback weapons are no longer orb effects and now stack with other orb effects.

Disciple of Aviana

  • Marble Slam mana cost reduced from 90 to 80. Damage increased by 15%.
  • Gift of Aviana mana restore increased.
Shadow Hunter
  • Dragonhawk's Fire damage bonus increased by 5% on all ranks.
  • Voodoo Doll no longer increases all stats. Duration of hex now increases with rank.
  • Voodoo Dolls can now be dropped.
  • Shellementals now have the correct armor type.
  • Tidal Guardian spell renamed to Tidal Artillery.
Nightborne Buccaneer
  • Drop chance of gems increased from 10% to 15%. Gem requirements for recipes increased, but total time required to assemble a recipe is still reduced.
Ethereal Stalker
  • Psy Blast damage reduced by 20%.
  • Reach through Space damage now properly scales. Damage reduced by 20%, but due to the bug fix, overall damage still increased.

Version 6.10

  • Bot AI upgrade: Bots can now switch lanes and use opportunities for pushing and defending towers. They will now communicate their choices.
  • Beer Barrels and Tomes of Necromancy are now invulnerable until the base tower on that lane is destroyed.
  • Added environmental lights to Alliance of Tirisfal towers and various spell effects.

Master of the Arcane

  • Arcane Missile damage increased by 5. New missile art.

Hand of Elune

  • Elune's Grace passive damage increase has been reworked into an active ability that increases her damage, as well as that of the Mirror Image, for 10 seconds. 90 seconds cooldown.
  • Swapped Master of Illusions and Starfall level requirements.

Version 6.9

  • Starter items now auto-complete when buying a recipe.
  • New Alliance of Tirisfal hero - Disciple of Aviana: The Disciple of Aviana is a swift supporter, able to fly quickly to wherever she is needed most. With her trusty tree companion, she makes a deadly combat duo.
  • Lorekeeper tome vendors simplified. The tomes are now added to the vendor only when the respective hero is selected.
  • Quest bosses now have less health and deal more damage.

Emissary of Moonglade

  • Replaced by Disciple of Aviana.
Goblin Shredder
  • Grenade Launcher now has a target cap of 5 units.
  • Nitrogoblerin damage against nonhero units reduced. Arming time increased from 3 to 5 seconds.
Abyssal Turtle
  • Turtle Bomb speed changed on all levels to the speed at level 4. The acceleration is now faster, but damage taken slows the movement more severely.
Stormbound Revenant
  • Starting strength increased.
Nightborne Buccaneer
  • Captain's Call revamped. It now summons a flying ship to any location. The Buccaneer can board the ship once at any time to move to a different location.
  • The rune left behind by Hungering Orb now also heals the Nightborne Buccaneer.
  • Mana drained by Hungering Orb on heroes increased and on nonhero units reduced.
Version 6.8

  • New Tier 3 item: Boots of Lightning Speed
  • Readjusted many Tier 3 items. Most unique effects are now more powerful.
  • Tier 3 item shops are now better organized.
  • Added fires to the edge of the blight area on all lanes.
  • Improved the "on attack trigger" system. Effects that proc on attack can no longer be abused by spamming stop commands.
  • Readjusted the gold gain. Minions now grant 15% more gold in the early game, but the bounty no longer increases over time. Instead, the bounty of jungle creeps now increases over time, up to a 60% increase.
  • Jungle creeps are now easier in the early game, but become more powerful in the late game.
  • Map performance improved.

Master Beast
  • Summonings now have proper names. They no longer have an expiration timer. Cooldown increased from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Survival of the Fittest replaced with Table Manners. Now increases the maximum health of the Master Beast and all summonings by 25/50/75/100 and teaches the Tea Time ability, which resets the cooldown of all summoning spells.
Lord of the Wild
  • Companions now have proper names.
  • You'll automatically select hero skills when selecting Companion Talents.
Draenei Avenger
  • Redemption and Damnation channel time reduced from 10 to 8 seconds. Players who have their heroes revived by Redemption now see a proper notification.
Immortal Horror
  • Immortality's End and Drain Strength now scale with auto-attack DPS instead of intelligence.
Abyssal Turtle
  • Drain Life now scales with auto-attack DPS instead of strength.
Version 6.7

  • Added a sound and a minimap ping whenever a tower is destroyed.
  • Added voice emotes on hero kills.
  • Readjusted the hotkey layout to Q,W,E,R,D,F.
  • Added new paths that connect the outer lanes to the forests.
  • New music from Battle for Azeroth.
  • Reduced the number of purchaseable runes to 12. Removed the rune vendor Plutoniumbranch.

Master of the Arcane

  • Arcane Explosion now targets an area.
  • Removed the totem talent trees. The totems now unlock one at a time as you level up your Defensive Totem or Offensive Totem abilities. They're now selected with a spellbook.
Goblin Shredder
  • Twin Cannon modes are now selected with a spellbook. They now unlock one at a time as you level up Twin Cannon.
  • Laser Cannon now has a long range and deals damage based on the Goblin Shredder's auto-attack DPS.
  • Nitrogoblerin now has an arming time of 3 seconds and deals 50% bonus damage against heroes.
  • Removed the Alchemy talent tree. The elixirs now unlock one at a time as you level up Alchemy. They're now selected with a spellbook.
Hand of the Lich King
  • Seal of Darkness replaced with Power of the Lich King. Teaches Unholy Infusion and the new ability Shield of Wailing Souls. Friendly units in target area gain a damage and armor buff and 50% of damage taken is distributed among other units with the buff.
Stormbound Revenant
  • Tempestuous Shield now also reduces all damage taken by 20%.
  • Thundercloud size increased by 30%. You can no longer teleport back into the Thundercloud after using Staff of Teleportation.
  • Elemental Shield redesigned. Now applies a buff that lasts 15 seconds and reduces all damage taken. The buff stacks up to 10 times.
Stormreaver Warlock
  • Demonic Minion now uses a spellbook system.
Version 6.6

  • Removed tips and added the Advisors. The Advisors have useful tips about the game, as well as tips specific to heroes.
  • Reshuffled the positions of the vendors in the alliance base.
  • Added a gametime counter to the multiboard.
  • Improved the tooltips of many abilities.
  • Gloves of Power renamed to Kodohide Gloves.
  • Boots of Lightning Speed renamed to Silver Inlaid Boots.
  • New Tier 3 item: Summoner's Gauntlets.

Ironforge Paladin

  • Faldoc health reduced by 10%. Now has the Earthen Skin ability, which reduces damage taken.
  • Divine Beer now also increases health regeneration.
Avatar of the Elements
  • Gift of the Spirits now only heals and has no additional effects.
  • Power Invocation cooldown increased from 60 to 75 seconds. It no longer increases the Avatar's size.
Reptilian Destroyer
  • Renamed to Felborne Butcher.
Dark Naaru
  • Void Seeker cooldown increased from 35 to 60 seconds. Health increased by approximately 25%.
  • Void Seekers now are always teleported when using Staff of Teleportation.
  • Overwhelming Shadow improved.
Netherwing Queen
  • Renamed to Ethereal Stalker. New model.
  • Revamped Astral Shrouding. Now prevents minions and towers from attacking the Ethereal Stalker.
  • Psychokinesis renamed to Reach through Space. Abort range increased on all levels.
  • New icons for all abilities.
Nightborne Buccaneer
  • Piers are now highlighted with a large checkpoint marker.
  • Removed the Coral Ring item chain from Lady Srarda.
  • Tier 1 items from Lady Srarda no longer require a starter item. Total cost and stats reduced.
Version 6.5

  • Added bots: Bots stick to one lane. They can use regeneration potions, buy items and craft item recipes.
  • New map preview and loading screen.
  • New Tier 3 item: Lifebinder Mantle
  • Fizzlesnout and Grglnoth quest rewards improved.
  • Jungle creeps now have less health in the first few minutes of the game, making jungling on level 1 much easier.
  • Jungle creep respawn time has been reduced from 4 to 3 minutes.
  • Fiery Soul (Starter item) effect reduced.

Lord of the Wild

  • Food items revamped. They now replace Healing Salves and Clarity Potions completely. They have the same effect, except they also affect the pet.
  • Protective Instincts now also heals the wolf for 30% of its maximum health.
Version 6.4

  • Added 5vs5 support.
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 items revamped. New Tier 3 items added.
  • Minion bounty now increases slightly as the game progresses.
  • Brigand bounty slightly increased.
  • Hero specific vendors now only appear when that hero is chosen.

Master of the Arcane

  • Arcane Missiles damage increased.
  • Arcane Explosions mana cost increased.
  • Rune of Power armor bonus increased. Cooldown reduced.
  • Strength per level increased.
  • Mental Projection cooldown and duration reduced. Damage taken increased.
  • Mental projections can no longer use the Staff of Teleportation.
Version 6.3

  • New Alliance of Tirisfal hero: Master of the Arcane - The Master of the Arcane makes heavy use of channeling spells during battle. Among them are damage spells, buff spells, and crowd control spells. His special skill is summoning an image of himself, allowing him to act on the battlefield without exposing his fragile body to the enemy.
  • Removed Sin'dorei Runestone from starter items. Added Enchanted Clover: +100 health, +75 mana.
  • Adjusted the recipe components of many Tier 2 items.
  • Revamped the Staff of Teleportation. Now shows a rune clock around the caster that indicates the channeling time remaining. Now teleports all nearby summonings owned by the teleporting hero.
  • Brigand respawn clocks are now more accurate.
Version 6.2

  • Even more bug fixes.
  • Level requirements of hero skill are now 0, 3, and 6 instead of 1, 3, and 5.
Version 6.1

  • More important bug fixes.
  • Passive abilities now have appropriate passive buttons.
  • Improved minion AI regarding brigands.
  • Brigands now grant experience.
  • Tower damage increased.
  • Performance improved.
  • All buff spells now have a proper buff effect.
Version 6.0

  • The great bug fix: Attempted to fix all the bugs introduced with patches 1.29 and 1.30, but some remain.
  • Removed last-hitting. Lane minions now award gold to nearby enemy heroes upon death, regardless of who got the killing blow.
  • Introduced the brigands. These are neutral creeps that sleep right next to the lanes. Brigands drop a gold coin that can be picked up to gain extra gold. Brigands can be cleared solo, but should be assisted by a minion wave when engaged. This encourages players to push a lane, even in the early game, so that they can clear as many brigands as possible.
  • The multiboard design has been improved.
  • Towers along the lanes have been repositioned to remove the asymmetries between lanes.
  • Level skip requirement of all spells has been changed from 2 to 3.
  • The standard damage and armor types have been replaced with custom types. These are Hero, Minion, Creep, Tower, and Summoning. All units of the respective type have those damage and armor types.
  • A countdown clock has been added to various respawn locations.


  • Pandaladin revamped. He is now the Ironforge Paladin, a holy dwarven warrior. New model by skrab.
  • Holy Light, Pandacall, Pulverize, and Divine Beer have had their names and/or effects changed.
  • Sonic Storm removed.
  • New ability: Searing Radiance - Engulfs target unit in an aura of radiating light that deals damage to up to 5 nearby enemy units over time. Whenever the health of that unit is restored by any means, Searing Radiance deals additional damage.
Nightborne Buccaneer
  • Items no longer require a last hit to drop. Drop chance reduced.
Version 5.8

  • Added the Test Mode. The Test Mode is identical to All Pick mode, but additional chat commands are enabled.
  • Readded passive tower regeneration at 60% of the previous value.
  • Readjusted damage and armor types. Among other, towers now again deal extra damage to Unarmored.
  • Lane minions now gain 20 health per armor upgrade, up from 15.

Furbolg Adventurer
  • War Stomp renamed to Ground Slam. New icon. The Furbolg Adventurer now leaps into the air when casting Ground Slam.
  • Ashenvale Furbolgs renamed to Call to the Kin.
Shadow Hunter
  • Loa spirits now appear behind the Shadow Hunter whenever he casts a spell.
Emissary of Moonglade
  • Travel Form is now flying. Cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 90 seconds. You can no longer cast spells in Travel Form.
  • You can no longer cast spells in Bear Form.
  • New Ancient Guardian model by Darkholme.
  • New model by Reflex.
  • New Dragonfire Aura model by JetFangInferno.
  • Summon Dragon renamed to Call to the Flight. The dragon has been renamed to Regastrasza. Its health has been increased by approximately 20% and its duration is now infinite. Cooldown increased from 75 to 150 seconds. Mana cost increased from 180 to 200.
  • Soul of the Red now has a burning visual effect.
Avatar of the Elements
  • New skin by hillbilli boi.
  • The element switching system has been improved. Now, a spell that is on cooldown will stay in the ability menu until the cooldown expires. The element selecters have received new icons. The current element is highlighted among the selecters.
  • Removed memory leaks.
Spirit of Tirisfal
  • Treant Form's Dreamwave Aura has been replaced by Barkskin, which reduces all damage taken by the Spirit of Tirisfal by 1/2/3/4.
  • Faerie Dragon Form's Silence ability has been replaced by Faerie Field. While channeling, Faerie Field restores mana to nearby friendly units.
  • Mana flare duration increased from 50 to 90 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 3 seconds. Drained mana amount reduced from 12/18/24/30/60 to 12/16/20/24/50.
Goblin Shredder
  • Denonate TNT Barrels is now only added once the Goblin Shredder learns Drop Explosive.
  • Rocket Launcher damage reduced by 10 on each level.
  • Shock Cannon damage halved. Mana cost reduced from 60 to 20.
  • Magnetic Pull slow duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds.
Reptile of Death
  • Renamed to Reptilian Destroyer
Blood Lich
  • New Burning Blood model by General Frank.
  • New Bloodboil model by Champara Bros.
Version 5.7

  • Map renamed to Shadows over Tirisfal.
  • Part 1 of the item system revamp: All items that cost 800 gold or less are now located at a single vendor, and now all cost exactly 800 gold. They're now called starter items. The other item vendor in the base sells Tier 1 items, which combine with starter items to create Tier 2 items. Starter items also combine with Tier 2 items to create Tier 3 items. You can type "-recipe" to list available recipes for items in your inventory. As the item system revamp is incomplete, many recipes requires somewhat nonsensical components right now.
  • Item recipes are now always used instantly upon purchase.
  • Removed the mega creep camps and replaced them with the quest bosses. Except for the first 10 minutes of the games, there's a 1 in 8 chance every minute that one of two quest bosses will spawn at the location of the old mega creeps. The team who brings the boss's head to the quest giver receives a quest reward. In the top-right corner, Farmer Agamand grants 500 gold to the team who brings him Fizzlesnout's Head. In the bottom-left corner, Tortugos grants a super potion to the team who brings him Grglnoth's Head. The quest will fail if it isn't completed in 5 minutes. For 5 minutes after failure or completion of the quest, no additional quest boss can spawn.
  • Refined the hero tooltips in the hero selection. The hero's attributes are now rated on a scale from 1 to 10. The Complexity rating has been divided into three Difficulty categories: Learning Curve, Depth, and Micro Management. The Select button now also includes a very shortened description of the hero.
  • Tower damage type changed. Among other, they now deal approximately 15% more damage against heroes.
  • Passive tower regeneration has been removed.
  • Hero damage now deals 10% more damage against towers. All other damage types deal 10% less damage against towers.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Boost of Morale to sometimes affect heroes.
  • Gold loss has been removed from death. Killing reward has been increased from 250 to 400.
  • Fixed potential desync issues.


Nightborne Buccaneer

  • Strength per level increased to 1.5 from 1.35.
  • Captain's Call duration increased from 60 to 75 seconds.
Version 5.6

  • Added additional music: Freehold from Battle for Azeroth.
  • Item owner system fixed.

Draenei Avenger
  • Switching between Light and Shadow abilities is now done via the hero tab (F2) instead with an ability.
  • Added the Avenger talents: At level 10, 13, 16, and 20, the Draenei Avenger can talk to Fael'anan, a new vendor in the northwestern edge of the map, to learn a talent that customizes the spells and abilities of the Draenei Avenger. From a pool of 15 different talents, four are randomly selected and offered to choose from on each level up. If none of the talents are attractive, the Draenei Avenger can also learn a small stat boost.
  • Base strengh and agility increased by 1. Strength and agility per level reduced by 0.1.
  • Smite the Wicked mana cost reduced from 70 to 60.
  • Cull the Weak mana cost increased from 70 to 75.
  • Light Nova mana cost reduced from 80 to 60.
  • Light Nova and Shadow Nova are now point-targeted spells instead of point-blank spells.
  • Added new models for the Avenger's Blessing, Avenger's Curse, and Shadow Lance buffs.
  • Added new cast animations for different spells.
Version 5.5

  • Fixed potential desync issues.
  • Fixed a bug which caused heroes to sometimes not revive (hopefully).
  • Collision size of computer-controlled minions reduced.
  • Multiboard now additionally shows assists, hero level, and towers remaining.

  • New model by Direfury.
Nightborne Buccaneer
  • Diamonds now properly drop from enemy heroes.
  • Panther movement speed increased and collision size reduced.
  • Stranglethorn Steak drop chance increased.
Version 5.4

  • Each ability tooltip now indicates the ability cooldown.
  • Major aesthetic improvements to the terrain.

  • Fixed a bug, which caused the Alchemy talent tree to be unselectable.
Version 5.3

  • New map preview.
  • New loading screen.
  • Added new custom music: NaxxramasWalking
  • Reduced the time until a slain hero revives by 20% on level 1, up to 35% on level 20.
  • Added the Boost of Morale: Computer-controlled minions gain +15% attack speed and +5% movement speed for each dead enemy hero.
Version 5.2

  • The following heroes have received a new custom model: Shadow Hunter, Daughter of the Ancients, Lord of the Wild, Earthcaller, Shellcaster, Immortal Horror, Plaguecaster, Deathknight, Hand of the Lich King
  • Jungle creeps now respawn properly again.
  • Tier 1 items that cost more than the starting gold are now available after 5 minutes. This shouldn't have an effect on the gameplay, but makes it easier to see which items can be bought with the starting gold.
  • Removed memory leaks.

Skeletal Grunt
  • Renamed to Hand of the Lich King.
  • Raise Dead renamed to Skeletal Horror. Model and icon changed.
Version 5.1


  • Removed the Ready! item and introduced the Gatekeepers. Speak to the Gatekeeper to notify that you're ready.
  • Added the option to change the camera height. Type -camera X to change the camera height to X times the default value.
  • Removed the Light and Shadow Towers. The statues now defend themselves.
  • Attack speed on items renamed from haste to attack speed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Beer barrels and Tomes of Necromancy would respawn incorrectly.
  • The heroes of players who leave the game will now be removed from the game.
  • Potions are now affected by healing reduction.
  • The relevant vendors now have exlamation marks over the head at the start of the game.

Draenei Avenger
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Avenger's Mark cooldown reduced from 60 to 50 seconds. Duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds.
Blood Lich
  • Spells can no longer be cast to commit suicide.
Version 5.0

  • Revamped the team bases. The terrain has been changed to fit better with the style of the rest of the map. The buildings spawning the units have been replaced by three Taverns for the Alliance, and three Crypts for the Scourge. These buildings cannot be targeted or destroyed, but instead a Beer Barrel (Alliance) and Tomes of Necromancy (Scourge) spawn in front of those buildings. If they are destroyed, units spawning from those buildings are severly weakened for 6 minutes.
  • Replaced all towers with new models. The Castle and the Citadel, the main objectives of the game, have been replaced by Statues.
  • Replaced lane minions with minions that fit better with the Tirisfal theme.
  • Repair workers are no longer found at the Castle or Citadel. A new vendor is located at the fountain.
  • Game start has been revamped. Now, players can select each hero individually, view the hero descriptions, as well as read all its abilities. After a player has chosen a hero, that hero is teleported to the fountain and given a "Ready!" item. By using that item, the player notifies that he or she is ready. The game won't start until all players are ready. Players cannot leave the base until the game has started.
  • Before hero selection, the game mode is voted upon: All Pick (default), Single Draft (choose one of three), All Random, and Sequenced Pick ("Captain's Mode).
  • Added a new vendor to the fountains. Kelaris the Slayer (Alliance) and Wyrmcaller Indigosa (Scourge) can deploy a powerful flying unit and order it to fight on one of the three lines. They have an AoE spell that makes them very effective in cleaning up large waves of minions. Each faction can deploy their flying supporter only once.
  • New Alliance of Tirisfal Hero: Draenei Avenger - The Draenei Avenger is a complex, agility-based melee hero that walks the path between light and shadow. Each hero skill has a light and a shadow variant. Light abilities are self-sacrificing, while shadow abilities are vampiric in nature. By utilizing the strengths of both schools, the Draenei Avenger becomes a formidable warrior and supporter.
  • New Gathering of Evil Hero: Nightborne Buccaneer - The Nightborne Buccaneer is a complex, agility-based melee hero, excellent at applying pressure to enemy towers. She can loot gems from slain minions, heroes, and towers to craft more powerful items for herself and her team. Due to her fragility, the Nightborne Buccaneer attempts to avoid direct hero engagements, making use of her high mobility instead.
  • Simplified all level 5 spell tome tooltips.
  • The fountains now attack players of the opposing team.
  • Creeps in jungles now award 25% more experience.
  • Denied npc kills now still award experience to the opposing team.
  • Killed npcs award more experience if multiple heroes are nearby - 100/75/50/37.5%, up from 100/50/33/25%.
  • Killing summonings no longer awards experience.
  • Experience required to reach all levels up to level 10 reduced by 10%. Experience required to reach all subsequent levels increased by 10%.
  • Passive gold gain increased by 10%.
  • Increased the camera height.
  • It is now always midnight throughout the game. Night view distance increased.
  • Added a sky, and fog and lighting effects.
  • Gold and items can no longer be traded.
  • All heroes now have only one proper name.
  • Cleaned up all ability tooltops and reworked the hotkey layouts. The two main skills are now always set to E and T. Secondary skills are set to D, F, V, and R.

Avatar of the Elements
  • Tidal Barrage mana cost reduced from 95 to 45. Damage reduced from 25/33/41/50 to 18/24/30/36 per wave. Cooldown increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Gift of the Spirits (Earth) bonus damage against structures reduced from 40/50/60/70% to 30/37/43/50%.
  • Gift of the Spirits (Air) no longer increases attack speed, but movement speed by 2/3/4/5%.
  • Crushing Boulders mana cost increased from 65 to 70.
Wolf Lord
  • Renamed to Lord of the Wild.
  • Owl companion's Circle of Runes magic damage reduction effect increased.
  • Bear companion's Spirit Link duration increased.
Arch Druid
  • Renamed to Emissary of Moonglade.
  • Inner Fire removed. New ability - Divine Beer. Spawns a barrel of divine beer at a location. Units can move near the beer barrel to gain an armor and attack damage buff.
  • Renamed to Spirit of Tirisfal.
The Ultimate Beast
  • Shamanistic Infusion renamed to Uncivilize. Icon changed.
Revenant of Mayhem
  • Renamed to Stormbound Revenant.
Reptile of Death
  • Become Tall and Strong renamed to Felamin Infusion. Now heals 20% more, but over 30 seconds, up from 5 seconds. The healing over time effect is stronger shortly after the spell is cast, but decreases over its duration. Cooldown removed.
  • Renamed to Eredar Diabolist.

Hero Models and Skins

hillbilly boi - Avatar of the Elements skin
dickxunder - Draenei Avenger model
Himperion - Tidewalker model
Heinvers & Stefan.K. - Shadow Hunter model
Ujimasa Hojo - Disciple of Aviana model
Hexus - Daughter of the Ancients model
Tauer - Lord of the Wild model
67chrome - Hand of Elune skin
levigeorge1617 - Earthcaller model
skrab1617 - Ironforge Paladin model
Direfury - Master of the Arcane model
A.R. & Freddyk - Nightborne Buccaneer model
spellweaver - Ethereal Stalker model
-Grendel - Immortal Horror model
Direfury - Plaguecaster model
Sin'dorei300 - Hand of the Lich King model
ACdestinydream - Dark Naaru model
Kuhneghetz - Deathknight model

Other Models

Murcologist1617 - Faldoc Stormkeg model
JesusHipster - Arcane Explosion model
NightSkyAurora - Rune of Power model
HappyTauren - Skeletal Horror model
Herr Dave - Tower models
Mike - Alliance Statue model
Callahan - Tortugos model
Daelin, JetFangInferno - Holy effect models
Chen - Dragonhawk Loa model
NightSkyAurora - Faerie Field effect model
General Frank - Burning Blood effect model
Dreacon - Night Star skin
Mephestrial - Fizzlesnout model
Champara Bros - Bloodboil effect model
Peekay - Elemental Shield model
nGy - Arcane Bomb model
Buster - Waterfall model
Remixer - Mishi's Hut model
Ultimate Terraining Map - Other environmental models
Matarael, Ket, HerrDave, General Frank - Item models
Kuhneghetz - Panther model
JesusHipster, Metal_Sonic, marcus158 - Draenei Avenger effect models
UgoUgo, Rubellu Sidus, General Frank, JetFangInferno - Tidewalker effect models


kola, CRAZYRUSSIAN, Infinitynexus, Destructor[DoR], GooS, mortal, Paladon, KelThuzad, ~Void~, |X.e.r.e.X, alfredx_sotn, Lockheart, UgoUgo, Mr.Goblin, BLazeKraze, D. O. G., Murlocologist, Darkfang, PeeKay, Sin'dorei300, SkriK, -Berz, Static, Crabby_Spider, OgeRfaCes, 4eNNightmare, Praytic, NFWar, GhostThruster, The Panda, Kwah, 67chrome, bigapple90, NightStalker, FrIkY, PrinceYaser, Forgotten_Warlord


Loading screen artwork by Jorge Jacinto.


Music from World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.


Thanks for help with testing and design to Vilation, legoinfanterist, Khaddy42, Imbapiranha, Softmints, Alexen, K.V., StormKnight

Crimson Coast, Darkening of Tirisfal, Shadows over Tirisfal, SoT, Aeon of Strife, AoS, Warcraft 3, Dota, Moba, PvP

Shadows over Tirisfal 8.1b (Map)

22:54, 18th Feb 2010 Ralle: Looks fine to me
Level 15
Sep 24, 2009
This map is good,but DARK NARRU is HORRIBLE man.I hate him and i dont like that a lot of spell is summoning spells.Thats bad in AOS maps.
Level 15
Sep 24, 2009
U see Icefrog in his map swap summoning spells with some Other spells.U can have summoning spells but i tested 3 hereos and all of them have summoning(thrall,skeletal orc and dark naar).CHANGE NARRU MODEL OR DELETE HIM!!!
Level 6
Aug 22, 2008
U see Icefrog in his map swap summoning spells with some Other spells.U can have summoning spells but i tested 3 hereos and all of them have summoning(thrall,skeletal orc and dark naar).CHANGE NARRU MODEL OR DELETE HIM!!!

"Icefrog's map" is DotA. DotA is well known for insane nuking and imbalance, a very unfriendly community and imho has a very poor gameplay.
Summoning may be slower than permanent, stupid nuking, but it really seperates the DotA kids from skilled players. If you can handle more than one single unit/hero, you will love those summons and use them to serve your will.
Naaru may be an issue, but I'm sure there will be some players that like that high complexity.:wink:
Not every hero has summoning spells, you just happened to play 3 with summonings.
I think summoning spells dont fit DotA's gameplay, thats why icefrog deleted them. But the gameplay of crimson coast has much more room for summonings. they are very important, if you try to push a tower, as they can tank the tower for a short period of time.

out of all things you could hate about the naaru, i didnt think you would complain about the model. i think the model fits a naaru quiet nice, given the resources i had available.
Level 16
Nov 30, 2009
From other people's reviews, this seems to be a nice map. Gonna try it.
EDIT: Some heroes are too complex. The Dark Naaru, for example, cannot attack AND move. Some players can tolerate a hero without an attack. However, most cannot tolerate those without a movement ability. Even in WoW, a Naaru can move. However, other heroes are okay for me. 4/5 and Approval for now (If you change the Naaru's model, enable him to move and reducing the number of summoning skills, 5/5).

@MogulKahn: Stop typing with chatspeak english and caps. DotA is a good map, but not every Warcraft player likes AoS. DotA's greatest flaw is the "freak" part of the community. The "freak"s are usually unfriendly addicted. I hope you are not one of them.
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Thx for your review!
I regret that most people dislike the Naaru so much, however some people still like to play him. Making the Naaru able to move would require a complete revamp. I rather add new heroes to the game instead of doing that, so that people who like to play the Naaru still can. All I can do is warn players, that this hero is not for the faint of heart.
The model: Is there a custom model of a Naaru out there? I would love to add it to replace the current one, then.
As for the summonings, I acknowledged that summonings spells are not wanted, and new heroes I will make won't have such spells.
Level 16
Nov 30, 2009
Thx for your review!
I regret that most people dislike the Naaru so much, however some people still like to play him. Making the Naaru able to move would require a complete revamp. I rather add new heroes to the game instead of doing that, so that people who like to play the Naaru still can. All I can do is warn players, that this hero is not for the faint of heart.
The model: Is there a custom model of a Naaru out there? I would love to add it to replace the current one, then.
As for the summonings, I acknowledged that summonings spells are not wanted, and new heroes I will make won't have such spells.

Ask someone to made it. If nobody could, the last option is to use a WoW model of the Naaru (Yeah, the last resort if nobody could make that).

The summoning spell for the Naaru isn't that bad. However, instead of having 2 weak, short timed summons, it's better to have 1 strong summon with a long expiration timer.

Summoning spells is okay, however, having 2 of them in one hero, or having 1 of them in 2/5 number of heroes in each sides wasn't that okay. You can still add some heroes with summoning spells, however, have some time to create heroes without summoning spells before you ever think of creating a hero with summoning spell.

Please. For the sake of most people's brain.

Also, it's spelled Naaru, not Narru
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Level 2
Jan 4, 2010
In my opinion the Naaru is good as he is now.
It´s better to have two summons than one. You can always flee in two different directions or you choose to sacrifice one for a shield and to flee with the other.
The Naaru is maybe not the easiest hero to play(indeed one of the strongest if you can), but you dont have to play him if you dont like him it is as easy as that.

The good part of this map is that it is no so nuke-alike like dota. You dont die so fast here. There are many regeneration items which allows interesting line fights. The heros are well customized and the itemization is great too.

It´s a 5/5 for a great map. Sure better than dota. Dota is maybe the most played map but surely not the best out there. Most played does NOT mean that it is automatically the best available.

@MogulKahn: Stop trolling and using this i-am-11-year-old chatspeak
On the new version try making it a 6v6 instead of 4v4.

in my opinion, in this map everything above 3vs3 is a zerg, with 4vs4 being acceptable. in addition, the effort to change it to 6vs6 would be immense. every game mechanic is geared to 4vs4 maximum. the buff assignment system for example wont work anymore, leading to stacking issues with buffs.

the next version will include new models and skins, among others a nice Naaru model by ACdestinydream, bug fixes and an improvement to the hotkeys (was requested by some people).

the next version is finished when i get the fixed naaru model.
Level 2
Jan 4, 2010
In our last game the NagaHero seemed to be a little unstoppable. With a good amount of Manareg he could spam his spells and push lines with almost no effort.
I would increase the manacost of his "siegespell" (~ 35-50), reduce the life of his waterelemental (~ 100-200) its almost like a tank! and increase the cooldown of it (~ 5-10sec). The rest seemed fine.
And what about a glyhe for save port? like 50%-70% reduced dmg during porting (~ 2-4sec longer port?) uninterruptable but the player cannot cancel it anymore.
Or a glyphe which reduce the porting time by 30%-50% or the cooldown of it by 30%-50% ?
And plz make heroes not targetable for the port :D
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Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
@MogulKhan: stop it right now, going off-topic is also against the rules (well, you're quite familiar with the rules, judging from your reputation).
Also, stop being a Dotard and do not compare a map to the most popular map in it's genre, rate it for what it is worth... (and DotA would be worth a 6.5 to 7/10).

@Vilation: thank you, each one of your 2 posts contained more (valuable) information than all of MogulKhan's posts combined (which isn't really much either, but still a lot more than you).

I've deleted all off-topic messages.
thanks, ap0calypse, it has gotten out of control.

----Version 3.20 has been released.----

In our last game the NagaHero seemed to be a little unstoppable. With a good amount of Manareg he could spam his spells and push lines with almost no effort.
I would increase the manacost of his "siegespell" (~ 35-50), reduce the life of his waterelemental (~ 100-200) its almost like a tank! and increase the cooldown of it (~ 5-10sec).

I agree that the Naga is rather on the strong side, but your proposed nerfs are completely over-the-top. Reducing the elementals health sounds fine, though.

Or a glyphe which reduce the porting time by 30%-50% or the cooldown of it by 30%-50% ?

such a rune already exists, its the "Rune of the Explorer".

And plz make heroes not targetable for the port :D

while it is maddening to be killed with a teleport on yourself by a noob, there are situations where teleporting on a hero is useful. I will change it so that the "victim" of the teleport has the option to forcefully cancel it.
Where's the Changelog? Also, i really want to see an allpick and an AI function. Well, both aren't really necessary (Especially Allpick) but would help.

I dont know nothing about AIs, so if I am to implement something like that, I need help.
An Allpick mode would be possible, but under the drawback, that I cannot guarantee that it runs bugfree. (I didnt trigger some spells in a way that would allow them to work on the other faction)

The map preview is a Blizzard artwork. Dunno about TTW.
Level 2
Dec 4, 2007
Love the map, I have to say it is one of my favourite AoS type maps.

For an AoS the terrain is actually really good since most AoS's are all about the heroes you actually put time into the terrain.

-Keep the Naruu BUT change his AoE darkness thing that drains his mana OR increase the AoE damage of it. (It drains the mana of a unit that can't escape.)
-Also I can't remember if there is a mana cost for Void seeker but if there is please remove it since they are his only means of transportation.

A bug I found.

If you kill One of the dragons and you are bellow 19 and you get a Runeslot. Then when you reach 19 you get another Runeslot. (Not the bug)

This means you have 2 Runeslots. YOU CAN'T buy the Rune of Enslavement AND it still takes up one of your rune spaces.
Level 16
Nov 30, 2009
Love the new Terrain. Also, I've noticed one thing: IT'S GODDAMN HARD TO DESTROY A TOWER WITH A MELEE HERO! Maybe buff their health a bit (So we don't need to run here and there to heal with a regen potion (May I suggest you to use a stacking system on pots? :D))
hm, I think this is not because of melee hero/ranged hero. with the furbolg for example, its damn easy to destroy a tower. which hero did you play?

i dont really want to make a stacking system for pots. this would lead to situations where people would never have to return to the base. (this is the problem with the diabolist for example) i dont like that.

if you say you had to run back to the base to often, thats fair critic. i want to make all heroes able to regenerate a bit, so that this never happens. thats why i gave the firelord regeneration abilities for example. maybe the hero you played was lacking in that. but i cant say more, if I dont know which one you played. :D
So, another update. Changelog is in the original post.
Since you guys are all interested in the Dark Naaru, Ill share my current thoughts...
The Dark Naaru will most likely loose his Mind Control ability. He will gain a spell, that transforms him into a giant void monster for 20 secs, 60 secs cooldown. In this form, he can move and attack, Entropic Storm requires no channeling, but his Void Walker minions are removed during this time.
Level 2
Dec 4, 2007
Love the changes and really like the new abiltiy for the Dark Naaru.

The problem with Illumination of Darkness that I had before was that it was draining mana and when you accidentally drained so much you could summon your void seekers you were trapped and usually died. (This has changed sicne they cost no mana at all.) You fixed it without noticing really.
I replaced the Naaru's ultimate, because it was just too hard to handle. The naaru was so difficult to play, that even I couldnt play him without failing. the void lord form is rather easy to use and it brings the hero even nearer to its paragon, M'uru.

I should make the icon for disabling illumination differ from the one for enabling. you dont see if its active or not.

Personally I don't like AoS's but this one is really good. +rep for good job.

Thanks, man. AoS is my favorite game type. RPG close 2nd ^^.
Level 1
Apr 4, 2010
a few things i didn't like about the map/a few bugs:
1)blood lich has a spell which steals x+y% where y=his int. the problem: his in growth is 0 and his starting int is 1...
2)towers regenerate... gl finishing a game with pros
3)the map discourages buying items by making the shops all over the map... its just annoying
4)its hard to get gold from creeps, especially when the stat gain is so low so your base damage is too low to last hit without items, while it is hard to get items without the gold from creeps
these were the only probs i found with the map, otherwise its just great =) would be cool if you could add more hard heroes, that dark naaru is really fun to play
5)dragon mage is HELLA bugged his first spell is recall so uhh that dark naaru is dead change his first spell please(master of illusions or something)
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Level 4
Jan 19, 2010
Love your map, it's beutiful, the heroes are good and fun to play. Tested firelord and shapeshifter. I think however all the shops should be in the base but that's just my thoughts.

Just a question:
Could you explain briefly how Shapeshifters abilities works?

for map btv.
Dracula555, ??? your post didnt show up until now (at least for me)
well, ill answer it now.
1.) the int scaling of his blood siphon is implemented, so that int items have an effect on him. the spell is not meant to scale by itself.
2.) the regeneration of towers has been reduced in the latest version.
3.) i hear that often, but still i dont like a design, where every vendor is at the same place. i wanted to reduce this annoyance, by allowing the staff of teleportation to be used on vendors. this will be implemented in the next version.
4.) buying a slayer's rune at the beginning (with your innate gold) should help. i recommend that.
5.) erm.. i guess you downloaded a version, which i updated 15 min later. i screwed up on this ^^

@tastywater: thx alot. what exactly do you want to know? how the triggers work or how to play him?
well, ill try.
the hero skills are hidden abilities, that add non-hero abilities to the shapeshifter, when learned. these abilities are point-blank spells like thunderclap, warstomp. when used, these abilities add the proper morph ability to the shapeshifter and order him to use it. the morph is based on robo-tinker. after the shapeshift ends, the script adds the non-hero abilities back to the shapeshifter. another important thing is, that the shapeshifter has innately all morph abilities. they are removed right after he shapeshifts back to normal form. without that, the transformations would bug like hell.

i guess thats it. if you have any further questions, please PM me.
The ideas for this map had piled up in my head over the years. Recently I got into contact with a game designer and had a chat with him about the map and AoS maps in general. So, I suddenly felt the urge to launch the editor again and dabble in some nostalgia :).

When you have all these ideas in your head and you're detached enough from your previous work, it's unreal how fast and efficient you can be. It was a lot of fun working on the map again.

Deleted member 247165


Deleted member 247165

This AoS has a lot of nice stuffs implemented into it.
Detailed and enjoyable terrain which fits perfectly its theme. Heroes with interesting abilities which require some brain to cause combos between them. Items that fit the needs of any role a hero may play. The gameplay is totally fine in my point of view, although, hastening it a bit would not hurt. Overall it deserves 5/5, considering the big improvement you made after Crimson Coast (Yeah, I did some research :p ). Well done! :D
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This AoS has a lot of nice stuffs implemented into it.
Detailed and enjoyable terrain which fits perfectly its theme. Heroes with interesting abilities which require some brain to cause combos between them. Items that fit the needs of any role a hero may play. The gameplay is totally fine in my point of view, although, hastening it a bit would not hurt. Overall it deserves 5/5, considering the big improvement you made after Crimson Coast (Yeah, I did some research :p ). Well done! :D
Thank you!
Hastening the gameplay is something that I have been looking into since I started working on the map again. I reduced the experience required to get to level 10, so that the midgame is entered earlier. I also reduced the revive timer significantly. In the next update, I plan to remove the gold lost on death, and instead add that gold to the killing player. With more gold, you can get to the powerful tier 3 items earlier. I'm trying to hasten the gameplay with 1000 tiny steps :).

I might revert the map back to Crimson Coast at some point, or rather make an alternate version. I feel like terraining again :D.

Deleted member 247165


Deleted member 247165

Thank you!
Hastening the gameplay is something that I have been looking into since I started working on the map again. I reduced the experience required to get to level 10, so that the midgame is entered earlier. I also reduced the revive timer significantly. In the next update, I plan to remove the gold lost on death, and instead add that gold to the killing player. With more gold, you can get to the powerful tier 3 items earlier. I'm trying to hasten the gameplay with 1000 tiny steps :).

I might revert the map back to Crimson Coast at some point, or rather make an alternate version. I feel like terraining again :D.
That's great but the actual terrain you made is pretty good and does not need any modifications.
That's great but the actual terrain you made is pretty good and does not need any modifications.
I like the terrain, but I want to restore the connection to the old Crimson Coast. Making two versions parallel with different terrain is one option. Crimson Coast was more widespread than Darkening of Tirisfal. I've seen it mentioned on several sites, and the people there are unaware that a newer version exists under a different name.

Deleted member 247165


Deleted member 247165

That's the main problem of changing the name of your project. You gotta spread some news regarding the fact that you changed the name but is the same project but modified.