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Screen Recording program

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Level 4
Aug 22, 2005
Does anyone know of a good screen recording program that could make a movie file of a cinematic I made? I already tried using one program, but all it did was record a file with choppy audio and a black screen.
Level 2
Dec 21, 2007
Does that cam studios thing record nonstop?
unlike fraps which only does for 30 seconds without you having to pay anything
Level 14
Aug 25, 2005
Cam studios records none stop its purely free and its actually a really good program if you know how to set the setings right.

Set you're setings for cam studio to these never use the defaults it makes bad large and slow videos.

Set Quality to 100
Set key frames to 200
Capture frames every to 6
playback rate to 200
Max framerate bottom of the scale.
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