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  • Glad to see you back (even if I might just have missed your return :grin:)
    Yea, though wouldn't really want to make 3d assets for Wc3 anymore unless they changed their policy regarding anything inside the maps belongs to them.
    Indeed - hence why I don't create anything for maps used on the "new" wc3.
    Yea, I know Valk is still going strong with his map though and he also took part in helping LowPolyWorkshop founder Bogdan to create a game on steam.

    Though they released it as a full game and haven't had any bug fixes in nearly 5 months.
    Hey, will you upload all the stuff from Warcraft Unlimited here? I can't access the site.
    P.S. Am I the only one who can't access it or is it because I don't live in America?
    WC3U shutdown in like late 08? 09? Everyone moved to ChaosRealm
    Quite fine as well.. mostly working freelance as of now, with game development on a back-burner.
    Hehe, a lot of people did. This site used to just be about one map.

    I am also still amused that the other site was running several gigabytes more than what it was actually allowed.
    Yea haha, and I actually began two years before - I was just late to join the Hive - as I stuck with too long.
    Just realized that you actually joined back in 2007 - that explains why it felt like its been ages since we began.
    Big guns, several melee weapons. Ill give you the base models and textures and you can modify them to make something else.
    Ah okay - Well I hope to find some way to do a fairly complete import and then export. Would be neat :smile:
    Hmm, but one can't import the animations from maya to ms3d and to wc3 - or rather have you tried?
    Pretty much the point with it (besides the practice it gives as well of course) :smile: And if/when its released it should also earn some money. Have mostly worked with objects so far and not living creatures, so when that time come it will be interesting. And yea, I heard something about problems with it, so what do you do?
    Maya :wink: (Worked a little with blender in the beginning, didn't like it). Still also some with milkshape, but waiting for the next version with improved fbx converter, should make it easy to do maya->milkshape->wc3
    Sad, well my work is as of yet unpaid since the game needs to be released. So its my website job and study payment that earns my money.. and sometimes what other work I can get from time to time. But glad to hear that you've gotten back to it :smile: Haven't worked much with models for wc3, but I really should try to see if I can convert stuff to wc3 with the program I am working with. Then I could do some stuff for you also. :grin:
    Hehe :grin: Would love to, been busy I gotta say :smile:

    How about you?

    (Oh and gotten way better at modeling as I am working in a game company as 3d artist)
    Besides what I wrote to you last about:

    Terrain fixed

    Then nothing else have changed - My 5 semester exams is eating away all my free time (but at least I'll finish with all 10 :eek: in January, hopefully passing them all). So after that if your still limited in computer use I'll move on to finishing the transformations so on.

    In regards of the spells I think you have a better shot of getting them, since you been in more contact with kave and valkemiere.

    (And yea - first time logging in on Hive in a month or more.. damn study :sad:)
    I'll try my best, but damn it sounds bad that your homeless.. how the heck did that happen? Anyway I'll look at it.. Any specifics on what you want or think I could do?
    Thats exactly what i want, So whatever position the caster is facing it will fire the flamethrower at its facing position and create that shape,

    Also i want it too shoot the flamethrower forwards and make the line move right so it looks like he's controlling the flamethrower and swinging it.
    Wait, so you want the Flamethrower path to be rotated throughout the course of channeling the spell? So when the caster first uses the spell, he will be facing 140 degrees but over the course of the spell, he'll slowly rotate along with the flame thrower until he faces 40 degrees...?

    In other words, will the flames from the spell will still be moving in a straight line, but will gradually shift to the right?
    Did you already test the map?
    For the second spell, I had made the caster face 140 degrees. The flames start there as well but eventually curve to 40 degrees once they reach or exceed 700 units. That's how I interpreted what you wanted.
    Instead of clogging your thread further, I'll just ask you other questions here.
    Is there some kind of duration the flamethrower has? Is the spell channeling?
    The first spell is targeting, right? Is the second spell also targeting or instant?
    Sorry for all these questions. :O
    Robot-dude, you and Baron have been talking about work on your project(s), but could you maybe drop by my profile and leave me a message with your progress so far ? Thank you!
    you would be able to help me? because I have ready models only i don't know warcraft into 3 to lay and your help would be needed for it
    Yea, I read it in the readme.. sadly one of the fews things I have time for at the moment..:hohum: We lost 2 group members from my study group so now we're all working double time :sad:. But well we'll be handing the report over in 2 weeks and then its exam time.. and finally after that I get my summer break... Which should give me the time I really want to have. :smile:
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