Runes brainstorming

Within the next couple of versions of Pirate Tag I am going to implement runes that spawn around the map which you can walk into and gain a positive effect from. To start out with I am going to be implementing 4 different runes, but I need ideas!

So far the only 2 runes that I am 100% putting in is:

-Speed Boost Rune
Gives the one that picks up the rune a temporary speed boost.

-AoE Stun Rune
Stuns everyone close to the one that picks up the rune.
So please come with any rune ideas you might have, the more the merrier. Start brainstorming!
Level 23
Jun 14, 2005
Well you could have the Speed Boost Rune, and a Slow Rune, but have the same model, and have them both named Speed Rune or something, so that when you go to pick up one of the two runes you have no idea of knowing which one you are picking up.
Level 16
Oct 30, 2004
I'll quote myself from the other thread:
Speed bonus (must have :)),
Disguise (turns the land hugger into a pirate for short amount of time, but he isnt really caught, if the land hugger runs into a pirate while in disguise he gets caught),
Slow speed (negative powerup, slows you down),
Shield (you cant get caught for short amount of time),
Invisibility (you turn invisible, you can still get caught if you run into a pirate)
Well you could have the Speed Boost Rune, and a Slow Rune, but have the same model, and have them both named Speed Rune or something, so that when you go to pick up one of the two runes you have no idea of knowing which one you are picking up.

I think I will make it so there is just one rune and then pick a random effect with triggers so that you never know what you are going to get.

@Mini-Me - Thanks for reposting that, I totally forgot about it.
Level 19
Feb 27, 2007
Do re-post them, easier for me to browse through :)

And RedBlade how would that Black Hole Rune work? I don't quite get it, people get sucked in, but to what? And what happens to them?

Water Wave

When this rune is picked up, A giant wave comes up from the sea and carrys along youre land hugger\Pirate, untill the wave hits the other side of the island.
Un-natural Growth

Three Trees grow up behind youre land hugger\Pirate, and after 10 seconds (Or whatever) the trees fall down.


Youre land hugger\Pirate gose invisible for ### seconds.

Trick rune: Polymorph

Turns youre land hugger\Pirate into a frog\sheep\crab\w\e for ## seconds.

Island Erruption
Creats a volcano in the center of the island for ## seconds and stuns whoever get hit by a rock for ### seconds.
Level 24
Feb 22, 2006
Disorientation Rune:
Makes the user walk in the exact opposite direction of ordered (still the same distance)
Chaos Rune:
Swaps every player with another random player.
Illusion Rune:
should be self - explanatory.
Fire Shield:
Gives you an immolation that burns down trees.
Omniscience Rune:
Reveals the map for 5 seconds.
Apocalypse Rune:
Makes meteors strike the ground on random areas of the map, stunning people they hit.
Level 9
Jul 27, 2006
Capitan's Rune
Calls a ship that picks up the user and removes him from the island for a short time. Land lovers only.
Downside: You might get tagged when returning to the island. ( some waits for you to get dropped off )
Rune of Return
Causes a Pirate to be ruturned to Land Lover form. Cannot be used unless there are 3 pirates.
Entangling Rune of Protection
Causes your Pirate/Land Lover to entangle to next Land lover/Pirate that comes in a certian range of it.
Thats all I've got for now, the first to will probably be a major element if added and it would be cool if one of the Rune of Return's spawned each round?
- Hope this helps...
Level 9
Jul 27, 2006
You could also add more islands ( not rune related but slightly on topic ).
The islands could have different themes and you could alternate between islands each round?
Adding more islands would mean having to increase map size a great deal and I don't know if that is worth it, atleast not yet, the map would need to be more well known so people would accept the longer download time.

Thanks for all the rune suggestions though some is very complicated, which is good but for now when I introduce runes I want them to be rather simple, they should just do minor effects, not a whole rescue team :p
Level 9
Mar 30, 2007
Beserker Rune (Land hugger only) - Enlarges the land huggers size (like bloodlust) formidablly, and throws him into insanity for ## seconds, increasing his speed, making him invincible, and allowing him to send ANYONE he comes in contact with flying (a short distance).

Dig Ruin (Land hugger only) - causes the Land hugger to burrow into the ground, making him invisible/invincible, but disables movement. After ## seconds the Land Hugger pops back up.

Ice-blaze Rune - Causes the user to create an ice trail behind him, which slows the movement of anyone who comes into contact with it.

Mine Rune (Land hugger) - Creates a mine at the point where the rune is obtained for the user. If someone passes over the mine, it explodes and stuns them for ### seconds. Users cannot be effected by their own mine. (Mine is also invisible and lasts for ### seconds)

Monkey Rune - Makes the user constantly eat bananas, making him immune to the effects of other runes, and leaving behind banana peels that trip who ever goes over them and stuns them for ## seconds. Lasts ## seconds.

Storm Rune - Creates heavy winds that slow moving units down, and push units that are not moving. A tornado is also created, which picks who ever crosses paths with it (even the user of the storm rune) and throws him a short distance, stunning him for ## seconds. Lasts ## seconds.

I just made all these up while i typed. Hope these help.
Level 10
Mar 31, 2007
Runner runes
these runes can only be picked up by runners
note: runes should be random

Fire rune: This rune allows the player to burst into flames, making it invulnerable for a short time.

Sun rune: Gives the player some health and immunity to spells for a short time.

Moon rune: Makes the player invisible for a short time.

Death rune: Kills the player and traps him for a short time.

Tagger runes
These runes are for taggers only

Lucky rune: If you are a tagger and you get this rune, you automaticly become a runner who is nearest to you.

Catch rune: Gives the tagger 50% extra speed.

Spy rune Makes the tagger look like a runner for a short time.

Boo rune: This rune scares the tagger so badly that taggers loose 80% of there speed, runners are able to kill you in one shot(if possible in the game)and taggers do 0 damage for a short time.
Level 9
Jul 27, 2006
Rune of Masking
Gives the user a mask ( attachment suggested ).
If the user is a pirate he dawns the mask of a landhugger, causing him to attract landhuggers. ( Issues an order to nearby units to move to the users periodicaly )
A landhugger will dawn the mask of fear, he will scare off any pirates that try to capture him. ( A pirate who is about to tag the user will either stop or run away ).
Lasts for ## seconds.
Level 19
Jul 19, 2006
Pirate Ward
This does good things to Pirates, bad things to Ground Huggers.
It's just named Rune, so people will get super confused
Ground Hugger Ward
This does good things to Ground Huggers, bad things to Pirates.
It's just named Rune, so people will get super confused