Rise of the Naga

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My Naga Campaign It still has some bug to workout but please this campaign take place after Illdin disappears with Lady Vashj as the new leader Please give me any feedback you can so I can better the campagin

Rise of the Naga (Campaign)

My review "Illidan" not "Illdan" "lands" not "lads" "...leader of the Naga. She..." First Chapter -Make a loading screen (same to all chapters) -Recheck the grammar (same to all chapters) -Krallen's portrait needs to be fixed -Krallen needs more...
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Mar 28, 2015
My review

"Illidan" not "Illdan"
"lands" not "lads"
"...leader of the Naga. She..."

First Chapter
-Make a loading screen (same to all chapters)
-Recheck the grammar (same to all chapters)
-Krallen's portrait needs to be fixed
-Krallen needs more suitable abilities, icon and title
-The Pool of Tides has the building description of the orc Great Hall (same to all chapters)
-The Sea Mill cannot be built on water. It also has the description of the orc War Mill. (same to all chapters)

Second Chapter
-The mission's objectives appear during the opening cinematic
-Give suitable names for the teams rather than 'Player 1', etc...
-Fix the portraits of the Pandaren warriors
-Make Vashj stronger than Krallen. She is his commander after all
-The Pandaren ranged units are named 'Troll Headhunters' and the other unit is called 'Tauren'
-The Orb of Frost vanishes the moment we touch the Circle
-The Snap Dragons have Submerge ability even though we don't need it
-The Sirens display three abilities but can only use one. Make the other two vanish

Third Chapter
-The heroes' items do not pass from one chapter to another
-The mission's objectives appear during the opening cinematic
-Most of the Pandaren buildings have the names of Orc buildings
-We have access to two upgrades that none of our units can use
-Why in the first chapter we had upgrades in the Pool of Tides and now these same upgrades are on the Sea Mill?
-30 minutes is too long to wait for a third chapter, especially when the enemy only launches attacks occasionaly and weak attacks

-The idea seems promissing, but I must say that the quality of the campaign is not great. Sorry if I sound too harsh
--Improve the grammar. It had so many mistakes I couldn't register all
--Improve the terrain as it is too simplistic
--Improve gameplay and the description of the missions
--Explain the plot better. Why were we arrested by the Pandaren right after we destroyed a base of the undead? Why do we need to defend our base when we could have simply escaped through the river, since all of our forces are aquatic?
--Make Krallen an actual character. Give him an actual personality rather than just being an obedient servant to Vashj
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Mar 28, 2015
ok THanks for the feed back I might keep holy light and the aura I will chage every thing do't worry

Nagas don't worship the Light, so a naga having holy spells doesn't make sense.

As I said in the Descriptions it's not Perfect yet Idk what abiltys I could give to Krallen

A mixture of Warrior skills and Water-based spells, maybe.

I suggest you research naga bosses on WoW in order to come up with abilities.


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Jul 29, 2008
One way to get people to try it out is to offer some 'eye-candy'; put up plenty of good screenshots of the campaign levels, the custom race, the custom models & icons & abilities & what-not, etc etc. Show us your Naga in action! : )

Also personally, I love to see 'techtree write-ups' (with or without pictures).
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Mar 28, 2015
Well I made a Healing Water Spell

That could work in a way, but try to be more creative towards all abilities.

Make the Naga race more unique, rather than make it exactly the same we play on the Frozen Throne. New units, new upgrades, new buildings, etc.
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Nov 29, 2017
I was looking for some naga campaign for a long time, and I must say that despite of a lot of spelling mistakes, and terrain modeling, I feel like this campaign has some future if worked properly.
The tech tree has many errors, for example the war mill can only be constructed on land and not water, the first level of the main building can research pillage but no unit can use that ability.

You should also check the custom models and custom portrait, despite using very unique models for the pandaren and the naga hero, the main naga hero (paladin) shouldn't use paladin spells and his portrait runs all over the place.

You should practice on your terrain design, the second mission feels really stretched, and eventually becomes boring.
Also the third mission can be completed without having to wait the 30 minutes, you should change the difficulty of the AI or reduce the timer.

Despite all this I can see some future in the campaign and I hope you continue to work on your campaign.